Tried Hunter out on his first solids this week :) He’s still 99% breastfed but giving him 2 teaspoons of organic baby rice cereal in the evening to get him used to taking solids. You would think it’d be extremely exciting… but nope, he just took to the spoon and cereal (the texture of baby food) like he’d been doing it for ages! Just ate normally, didn’t really blink an eyelid, and it was all rather non-eventful. LOL. I guess I was hoping for some sort of fireworks and excitement! Maybe it’ll be more exciting (ie. seeing cute reactions from him) when we go onto different types of fruit/veggies/etc..

Breastmilk + cereal… not too appetizing looking ;)


Cute at the 7:10 mark :P

At the same time, we also started on his first sippy cup. I just filled it up with a bit of (cool boiled water) and he sits in a reclining position. It was also quite un-eventful!! The 1st time he was a bit confused with it, as he’s never held a bottle since I breastfeed directly. But after I put his hands on each handle and showed him how the spout goes into his mouth, he took to it easily and would eager stuff the spout into his mouth whenever I give him the cup now.

For me??

*stuffs into mouth*

Holding handles + spout in mouth = WIN!

His 2nd attempt at using a sippy cup

We decided on the Graco blossom 4-in-1 seating system as his high chair – a bit of a splurge but it was the best we could find. It had stellar reviews and was ranked #1 high chair by Babble. It looks like a throne for a baby, LOL! I was also after the Inglesina (may have been because they have a gorgeous turquoise colored one, hee) but Chris vetoed it as he preferred this Graco one.

This Graco high chair is super sturdy, and I love the way he sits comfortably in it, not to mention it’s easy for us to maneuver and use. It just feels really nice, and he’s really safe and secure in it. He really likes it too, which is the main thing :)

Graco blossom 4-in-1 seating system

The really nice thing about seeing your child sit up, drink from a cup/bottle and eat solids is that they suddenly seem like a big boy. It was like one minute he was lying down and just like a baby, and the next minute he’s sitting up and feeding himself his drinks like a little toddler. It’s just amazing how quickly babies learn and grow… and so wonderful to watch.

Oh these precious moments and memorable firsts, watching your child grow up…. :)

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We went out on a little morning/day trip to the Singapore Botanical Gardens, Hunter’s first time there :) The Gardens are really gorgeous, and make for a lovely morning walk.. it’s not too hot either, but does get humid as we near midday. Tons of shade though, since there’s so much greenery around.. and it’s especially nice sitting in the pavilion overlooking Swan Lake and enjoying the breeze :)

To be honest though, Hunter spent 90% of the time asleep ;) Then when he woke up, he was amazed with all the sights and sounds and stared all round… then fell asleep again when we adjourned for lunch, haha! No stamina. Going to the Botanical Gardens makes such a nice family outing though.. we want to make a weekly trip out of it, errrr if we can get up in time.

At the Singapore Botanical Gardens

Pretty trees and greenery

Hard to believe this is in the middle of the city

Happy chappy

I loved these flowers when I was a kid

Gorgeous colours

In the Orchid Garden

Bright orange orchids

Happy as a clam in the pavilion overlooking Swan Lake


Completely fascinated with a pet parrot that someone had with them

A cheap & cheerful local lunch at Mr Prata

Highly amused with…… a water bottle! Who knew they were so hilarious?

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Hunter ‘walking’ by the pool :P

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Had a big mummy meet up with a bunch of yummy mummies in SG. It was actually much calmer than expected, considering we had 3 young babies there. Actually Hunter was the loudest because for some reason, he hated the place! Between the stuffiness/heat and the dim lighting, he was all cranky and cried. THE ENTIRE TIME. It was agony! Then, the moment we stepped outside, he stopped crying and was happy again. What the….. My ears were ringing from his crying and I nearly went insane with his fussing.. so just as well he calmed down before we all went shopping, heh ;)

Anyway, we ate at a “gourmet British pub” called The Queen & Mangosteen. And so I ordered, what else? the Fish and Chips!! How can I go to a Brit pub and not order fish & chips? ;) They were excellent. Lovely meaty fish encased in a thick but well-cooked batter. I adored the dip that it came with, and the dish is enough for a light lunch.

It’s a lovely pub but needs to seriously re-think their air conditioning. The heat in there is awful in certain spots, so everyone else at the table was fine, but I had full-blast of the hot air blowing in. It would otherwise have been a lovely relaxed lunch with the girls!

(Note: some pics stolen ruthlessly from the girls :P )

Stroller brigade! Hunter’s is the poor manual kind ;)

The Queen and Mangosteen, a gourmet British pub

My Pimms & Lemonade – delish

Potato & Leek soup, “not good”, apparently

Mini burgers that looked cute, but had no cheese!

My fish & chips. Excellent

This is what Hunter looked like the entire lunch

Cam-whoring in the baby change room

Complete LMAO!!! at little N’s expression… cannot.. stopppp.. laughing……

A more normal shot of everyone ;)

“Well HELLOOO there pretty girl”

“Tee hee hee!”

“Hullo ladies. Wanna see some of this? Do ya??”

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Hunter met his Nanna (Chris’ mum) for the first time, ever! We went to the airport, and the look on his face and reaction was rather hilarious. His eyes opened wide and he was initially really overwhelmed/shocked with the sudden swoop of attention and kisses, and spent the next few mins studiously studying her face. And then it was all good and he was smiles & giggles and loving the attention ;)



Then it’s all smiles

Meeting Nanna for the first time in his life.. :)

We’ve spoon-fed him about 3 times so far.. basically whenever I remember and there’s enough time to do so at his evening feed (as more often than not, we’re in a mad rush to get home in time to put him down for bed). He’s taken to it pretty eagerly and opens and closes his mouth around the spoon fine, and swallows fine. We’re going to mix some of that baby rice cereal I bought into breastmilk next week to see how he takes to it. I think he’ll be alright, so am quite excited.. heh.

Open up!


Being spoon-fed (with breast milk only)

For dinner last night, we were treated to a luscious Beef & Guiness Pie that Chris and his mum whipped up. I’m quite specific on pies and really only like the ones at La Renaissance in Sydney, but this homemade version is EVEN BETTER I reckon. The beef was incredibly tender and the flavour was divine. I love the shortcrust pastry (was surprised by this, I thought I’d only like the puff pastry kind) and it was even yummier served with thick gravy and truffle mashed potatoes. Mmmm….. aaahhh….

Mother and son bonding over cooking. Hunter watching and learning ;)

Beef & Guiness Pie…. cooked from scratch

Served with a truffled mash potato and peas

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Yee Cheong Yuen Noodle Restaurant
31 Lorong Liput, Holland Village


I was keen to try out Yee Cheong Yuen Noodle Restaurant as I’d heard they did a fab Ipoh hor fun, and were around the Holland Village area for yonks. We were there with et all, and she pointed out that it wasn’t very popular nowadays as the quality had gone down etc, and that they’d shrunk their premises and yet were pretty empty. It definitely was surprising that, despite being right smack on lunch hour, only a handful of tables were filled.

I think the main reason they aren’t as popular now is due to the prices. It’s a very simple place, but the set was around $20 for 2 people. That’s really expensive compared to food court prices (that always sell the same Ipoh hor fun)!! They can’t compete with the hawker food prices opposite the road from them, and they’re not pretty/cool enough to compete with the funkier expensive places next to the.

Food-wise, I thought the food as nice but nothing spectacular. Just average. The Ipoh noodles were lovely and silky, and the gravy was smooth and tasty without being too salty. Apart from that, however, everything else was just bang-on average and okay. The food is definitely not bad, but considering all the tasty cheap food outside, I’d rather get that and pay less than half the price!

Yee Cheong Yuen Noodle Restaurant

Deep fried wontons – these were pretty good. Lovely and crisp

Plate of char siew (roasted bbq pork), roasted chicken

Veggies cos we are really healthy ;)

Wonton soup

With the big Boss Man

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