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A bunch of people emailed/msged me saying that the video wouldn’t load properly. It’s cos it’s being hosted in China.. so unless you Pause it and let it load all the way, it stops and starts ’til you wanna punch your computer screen ;) So I uploaded it to Facebook instead and I think that will work!

The weather in Shanghai has been delightfully HOT as of late. Hellooooooooo summer! Apparently this year summer has come the earliest, with temperatures climbing into the 30’s. It reminds me a lot of Singapore ;) It’s simply fabulous, because we had a really long and freezing winter, so summer is very much welcome. Plus, HELLO little skirts/shorts and little tops! No more bundling myself up in mega jackets and thick jeans – which equates to way more/frequent washing loads than it should. I’m lovin’ it.

It was particularly hot a few evenings ago, so decided to throw together a quick Salmon Pasta Salad. The decision was also based on whatever we had lying around in our fridge at that time ;) The only ingredient we needed to purchase was Kewpie mayonnaise. You can use regular mayo, but I prefer Kewpie because it’s Japanese (and I love all things Jap) and is much creamier and tastier. Other than that, you can pretty much chuck in anything you want, season with salt and pepper and some fresh parsley, and you’re set!

Since it’s a cold dish, it’s best eaten with some hot, freshly baked herb & garlic bread with Parmesan cheese. In this case, it was Chris’ famous herb & garlic butter (TM) that he mixes up in a tub and we keep it in the fridge so we can use it all the time. Works well for cooking, for garlic bread, whatever! I bought some freshly-baked “soft butter bread” from the bakery and slathered it with the butter… then gave it a generous sprinkle of Parmesan cheese before grilling in the oven for 10 mins. Ooooooooooh YUMMILICIOUS!!!!!! The butter melts in whilst the Parmesan stays a bit crunchy. I could die quite happily eating this stuff. Give it a go, you’ll LOVE it!

Homemade Salmon Pasta Salad

Homemade herb & garlic bread with Parmesan cheese

Star, having collapsed on the couch for a snooze after running around like a nutter

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(Link to video here)
(Alternative link on Facebook, might be faster)


Yeah… so this is me on the Culture Matters talk show, on Channel ICS. Whilst I know I made some valid comments, I know I also said a lot of weird crap. My excuse is that I was only advised of the topic once I arrived, and wasn’t given any preparation or briefing prior. It is DAMN hard to think on-the-fly and try and sound coherent whilst speaking off-the-cuff, when the camera is pointed STRAIGHT at you!

I think I look really skittish and awkward, because I’m not exactly used to being filmed, not to mention I dislike the way I act/look/sound on video as it is. I also wasn’t very friendly-looking the whole time ‘cos I was so busy thinking of something normal to say to remember to smile :P Hee! I think I am my own worst enemy though – aren’t we all?? Overall it was fine. I enjoyed my time there, and I really loved chatting. I’d do it all over again :)

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HAMILTON ISLAND @ WHITSUNDAYS – goodbye, farewell…

A little-known fact… Chris bought the ring back in Feb when he was getting it made, but obviously I didn’t know. Anyway, about a month or two ago, I was chatting with a girl friend about engagement rings and we were looking through the designs that caught our fancy? Guess which design I picked out? The EXACT one that Chris bought me :P Great minds think alike, hehe! It does mean a lot to me ‘cos it’s really nice to know that the guy I’m marrying knows my taste to a tee :)

Anyway, after The Proposal, Chris was really keen to still head out to our “celebratory dinner”. I wasn’t particularly in the mood to eat.. considering we’d only just pigged out on cheese and wine, and my stomach was doing total flipflops in excitement over the proposal :P Chris was insistent, so I decided I’d just eat light and have an entree or something.

Set amongst tropical landscaped gardens and overlooking the Reef View pool, The Pool Terrace Restaurant is chic but casual. Lit by candlelight, it’s was a lovely restaurant for us to just enjoy and bask away in our ‘newly engaged’ status :) Again, I was surprised at how fantastic the food was.. I selected the Tasting Plate which was basically “surprise” dishes consisting of whatever the chef thought was best and freshest. The food was great, but the portions were too small for the price IMHO ;)

Which meant I of course had to steal some of Chris’ :P He’d selected the Eye Fillet steak served on a bed of croquette potatoes, asparagus and porcini mushroom suace. Topped with a delicate truffle butter. That steak was friggin’ AMAZING. It was fat and thick but was absolutely tender and cooked perfectly.. was actually better than the steak we had at The Steakhouse earlier in the trip :P

Dessert was Sticky date pudding with pistachio ice cream which didn’t look too exciting on the menu, but I’m damn glad we’d ordered it because it was AWESOME! Warm and fudgy and moist.. beautifully matched with the pistachio ice cream. Too bad the resturant’s not in Sydney too!

The Pool Terrace Restaurant

Our 1st photo post-engagement, ‘cept it’s so flashed-out and we look so tired!

My tasting plate

Some kinda tart, and some risotto/truffle ball

Super tender beef with a strawberry

Smoked salmon and seaweed, and scallop at the back

Eye Fillet steak served on a bed of croquette potatoes, asparagus and
porcini mushroom suace. Topped with a delicate truffle butter.

Sticky date pudding with pistachio ice cream


Picture-perfect view from THE BALCONY, the next morning

I could stand out here for hours…….

Chris’ video of THE BALCONY :)


And that’s the end of it… A wonderful holiday that I’d anticipated would be something that would totally rejuvenate us and it was all that and so much more :) It’s been an absolute whirlwind of craziness since we’ve returned, with engagement celebration dinners, hanging out with friends.. and of course, an engagement party coming right up!

But THANK YOU so much for all your well wishes and thoughts. It means a lot to us and really put a smile on my face reading through your comments :) It’s nice to be able to share this with you, and also quite nice to be able to talk about something for a change, since my blog is pretty much about nothing interesting except for a few food pics here and there ;)

And do I have anything planned yet? The answer to that (very frequently asked) question is… NO! Nothing at all – not even a date, or a venue, or bridal party, or theme colour, or anything at all. I’ve never been the girl that dreams of her wedding and has got everything planned/imagined.. so it’s all quite overwhelming for me and to be honest, I just wish everything would be over and we were already married – that’s kind of the part I want the most, and not really months and months of planning/stress just for one day. Pressure, much? Eek!!!


HAMILTON ISLAND @ WHITSUNDAYS – a day of sun, surf and sea

After (yet another) hearty breakfast, we headed out to the jetty to catch our boat for a day trip out by the beaches, for some sun, surf and snorkelling. Little did we realise that the boat (which I envisioned to be a chic little yacht) was actually a feisty red jet boat! There were about 20 of us and we had the TIME OF OUR LIFE on that thing. It was absolutely awesome, by far the favourite activity/event I’ve been on in quite a while. It was like a roller coaster ride, and the wind was so strong our faces felt half-blown off afterwards, haha. The best bit was a MEGA bump bump bumps the boat did, every time we rode a wave and came crashing back down. It was the best adrenalin rush, and absolutely fun. I want to do it again!!

We stopped first at Whitehaven Beach – rated Most Photographed Beach in Australia. With crystal-clear aqua waters and over 7km of beach stretched along Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven Beach boasts bright white pure silicia sand – so absolutely fine and delicate. It’s a gorgeous place, and very few people were then whilst we frolicked, which was great! I hate crazy tourists running amok – I like to be the only one doing so, haha ;) We wandered around, pranced around in the ocean, kicked a ball around, and generally had a lovely outdoorsy time enjoying the beach and surf.

BREAKFAST…. oh yummy

Pretty yachts

Waiting for our boat

All smiles

Our cheery red jet boat

All ready to speed off

Glorious weather

INSANE bumper jet-boat ride ;)

Aaaaand we reach!

Beautiful turquoise water

On Whitehaven Beach


My superman ;)

Hurray for beautiful beaches!

Gorgeous super-fine white sand

The bushwalk/trees is just meters away

Cute picnic area

Peeling off the clothes to go for a swim!

…but not before kicking a ball around

Gorgeous view

I lack hand-to-eye coordination ;)

Chris doing a cartwheel

Us :)

Standing around doing nothing in particular..

Feeling rather small in a biiiiig beach

Slooooowly and bravely getting into the water, it was kinda cold!


Chris’ video of the beach……. with me jumping around like a maniac, for some reason

After that, it was off to Chalkies Beach for some snorkelling!! I bought 2 snorkel sets for the occasion but silly Chris forgot to bring 1 of the masks, d’oh. Was so excited to go snorkelling but because it was by the beach, the water wasn’t clear enough and the sun went behind some clouds.. so everyone gave up in about 15 mins, LOL. Chris and I persevered and were last ones out of the water, but it wasn’t that terrific. I wouldn’t bother doing it again, or at least next time go right out to sea to snorkel instead of trying to do it by the beach! We did see coral and fish but nothing amazing. Hence why no photos ;)

When we got back to the hotel, we ate MORE food at the free markets (WOOOOOOO!!!!!) and then lounged around by the pool. Then we decided to go on a bushwalk, along the famous trails at Hamilton Island. We brought along our wine and cheese, with the intention to bushwalk to a secluded area that overlooked a small beach, and picnic there. Little did I know that Chris had popped in the engagement ring box into the paper bag, and I had held onto the bag for a few mins without realising it was in there the whole time!

His intention was to have a wine & cheese picnic in a private area, then propose. How romantic! Except it was not to be… When the shuttle neared the area, we saw a big group of people dressed as pirates (!). Chris kept complaining that they would be there and annoying us, and I didn’t see why it was such a big deal. He said afterwards he was really annoyed because he couldn’t propose when there were silly rowdy pirates around :P Then on top of that, it started to drizzle… AND I fell fast asleep in the shuttle…. so we ended up taking a round trip and he woke me up when it reached the hotel, haha.

So we ended up having our “picnic” in the hotel bar, which was very nice since we were under cover and warm when it was raining outside as the sun was going down.

Chilling in the pool

Waiting for the little resort shuttle to take us to the bushwalk area

Having drinks & snacks at the hotel bar

But of course, it was after our little indoor picnic, when we went back upstairs to our room at sunset, where the VERY BEST part of the entire holiday happened……. :)



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I made my Today Tonight debut last week, haha. First heard when I got an SMS telling me about it, then when I got back, my concierge called me over and said “Ooooo… I feel silly for saying this now, but I saw you on telly!”. Then over the course of the next day, my neighbours and friends mentioned it too. I never knew that so many Aussies watched Today Tonight ;)

It’s a nice/funny eBay piece, starring our PR manager. And I just randomly played the role of sitting at my computer and talking to him. Not very exciting and I didn’t get any notice so had dirty hair and no makeup :( But at least I appeared only briefly and with no close-ups. Haha!

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I ‘discovered’ something today, because I must live under a rock or something. Windows has a program called “Movie Maker”, that lets you edit your own movies. Coolness! Took some videos of the ferrets when we brought them to the park for a play, so here’s the movie above.. and photos below:

The ‘lil cuties!

My 3 loves


“Pick me up, mommy!”

Little ferrets

Random ladybug

Rainbow bird

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