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Nam Kee Chicken Rice & Restaurant (南记鸡饭餐室)
201 Upper Thomson Road


Ahhh… Nam Kee…… This place brings back such memories for me, and is near and dear to my heart. It’s not to be confused with “Wee Nam Kee” by the way, which is another Hainanese chicken rice place. This one is just plain ‘ol Nam Kee and has a coffee-shop decor but with air conditioning, and is MY favourite chicken rice place in all of Singapore :)

It’s particularly special to me because it goes waaaaay back in our family. My parents actually went there when they were dating! And subsequently still visited when they were married, when Mum was pregnant, when I was a baby, through my childhood, every time when we returned to Singapore to visit, and it’s my must-go place whenever I dropped into Singapore for the past decade or two. It’s even more special now as Chris likes the place too :)

The folks at Nam Kee have watched me grow up from a baby, and now they see my OWN family and baby :)

We never deviate far from our ‘standard’ dishes every time we’re there. It is always the dishes below, though sometimes with the yellow-custard round tofu dish swapped for the stir-fried veggies instead. They do cheap food that’s absolutely SPECTACULAR and always the same. It has been consistent for decades which I like. Our dependable source of chicken rice, always tasty, and always feeling like home.

Inside Nam Kee

Condiments – scoop ’em out quickly before they swoop in and take it away!

I like my Hainanese chicken with the white skin, though I don’t eat any of it (I have an aversion to chicken skin, even when it’s deep-fried. I find it soooo weird and gross?!?!). The chicken here at Nam Kee is so tender-soft, silky, and is heavenly dipped into their homemade chilli sauce. It is consistently done perfectly and IMHO the best Hainanese chicken in Singapore.. and believe me I’ve tried virtually all of them ;)

The silky, yummy Hainanese chicken

Chicken rice with dark soy sauce mixed in. It’s hard to stop at 1 serve!

We usually get some sort of veggies/tofu with the meal, so we can still claim we’re “being healthy” ;) The dish is nice, nothing amazing.. but then again, when are plain stir-fried veggie dishes ever amazing? Still, it does the job, and for a non-veggie lover such as myself, I still find it quite appetizing.

Stir fried veggies and seafood

The Sweet and sour chicken chop is another MUST-HAVE at Nam Kee. It rivals their Hainanese chicken, in fact. Tender chicken, lightly crumbed and fried and served with deliciously rich, tangy sweet and sour sauce. Ohhhhhh it is heavenly!! The mix of the flavours, the tenderness of the chicken.. mmm. Only downside is that 1 plate is nowhere near enough, so you’ll be left salivating for more.

Sweet and sour breaded chicken, absolutely divine!

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Happy 6 month Birthday, Hunter!

Celebrating at Marmalade Pantry

Luscious desserts

And so HALF A YEAR has sped by. We have a fast-growing ‘lil boy on our hands and we couldn’t possibly love him any more! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of ‘Firsts’ for him, and he also had his Grandpa and Nanna come visit for 2 weeks, which meant unadulterated attention ;)

He gets more alert and fascinated with the world around him, as each day goes by. He’s spent most of the past month sitting upright by himself, and I reckon that makes a world of difference between looking like a little boy VS a baby. He doesn’t like rolling over (and rarely does so), but is rather insistent on sitting upright all the time, and will fuss if he’s laid reclining or on his back.


  • Eating – We started off with solids just recently. Not a whole lot, just a few tsp during his evening feed before bed. He took to it very well because I guess he’s been watching us (and likely has our greedy genes), so he figured out the spoon and sippy cup (with water) after the first try. Now we’ll be starting off on pureed food like carrots, sweet potatoes, etc etc. A whole new world awaits us! :)

    I have to admit though, I still find breastfeeding wonderful because it gives a great bonding experience AND is super easy. I travel so light with him when I’m out.. I basically only need 1 spare diaper and that’s it, which means I can go out with just my regular handbag when I have lunch/shopping dates with friends. Not anymore! Over the next few weeks and months, he’ll be taking more proper food and soon I’ll need to carry around all his baby food, water bottles, etc. And for this reason alone, I wish I could go on breastfeeding forever ;)

  • Sleeping – He was going down easily at around 6:30PM every day, then mid-month he really resisted his bedtime and would wail/fuss before falling asleep. I suspect it was a bit of a growth spurt as it was for a week or so, and now he’s back to going down easily (ie. put him in his cot awake, and he shuffles around for a few minutes then puts himself to sleep). I’m praying this lasts and no growth spurt anytime soon… ;) On the downside, he now wakes up between 6:30 – 7:30 AM.. which is just a horrific time for me. Why can’t he sleep ’til 8AM like he used to?! Arggghhh. But since he sleeps a pretty solid 12-hour stretch overnight, the doctor said he can’t really sleep much longer :X

    Nap-times are still smooth.. still on the 3x 45-min naps a day. He goes down fine for all his naps – the morning one in his cot at home, and the 2 afternoon ones in his stroller when we’re out. But I’m still hoping he does 2 naps a day for longer periods, and make things easier for me!

  • Playing – His muscular action and hand-to-eye coordination improved this month. He now directly reaches out for a specific object that catches his eye, and now passes objects between his hands, looking around for it if it drops. Movement-wise, he easily sits up unsupported and steps with his feet when we help support him standing upright. He also can scooch along the ground by pushing his feet backwards and ‘swimming’ forwards. Quite funny to watch :P

    He’s also learned Peekaboo, as the initiator! Previously he would just laugh if we played Peekaboo, but now he knows how to start the game and uses his teddy bear to cover his eyes then yank away… then laughs maniacally ;) A source of endless entertainment for him (and us!)

    Hunter went on his first swim this month.. in a proper swimming pool! He actually likes it, much to my surprise. He’ll kick around and paddle and seems quite content.


    Dipping his toes in

    Splish splash!

    Our lil water baby :)

    On a sad note, he was diagnosed with tongue-tie this month. Thank you to those of you that took the time to write/comment/email. It makes me realise how thoughtful people can be, even with random online people who have blogs :)

    It’s hard to believe half a year has already passed. It’s going to be full steam ahead from now on, and I am so grateful I get to see him develop further every day. We are very blessed to be parents and really can’t ask for more :)

    Just you and me…


  • 5 months
  • 4 months
  • 3 months
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    Little tidbits of photos/videos from the past day or so… Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, everyone!

    My happy dumpling once again… tongue-tie all forgotten!

    Check out the tongue, ladies. I can now French-kiss ;)

    Tempted – these Louis Vuitton sunnies match my outfit perfectly, no? :)

    Recently, Hunter’s learned how to play “peekaboo”… as the initiator!
    He covers his face with Teddy, then yanks it away and goes “Ack!”.. his version of the word “Peekaboo!” ;)

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    Hunter had his first doctor’s visit in Singapore this week. We picked The Olive Tree Clinic because it came highly recommended by many, and because it’s really convenient (right in the middle of the city!). I like how it’s in a baby-oriented shopping mall, so there’s lots to see and do before/after ;)

    The doctor was a lovely lady that was gentle and professional, and very knowledgeable. She gave me a great sense of security when she asked all the ‘right’ questions and really seemed to thoroughly know the ins and outs of baby development at various ages.

    Hunter had his 6 month vaccination and got the all-clear for his development. The GOOD news? He is “off the charts” for Height now! Actually, he is in the 95th percentile according to USA baby charts (which we’d been using in China).. but turns out Singapore uses a different charts for their babies and according to their charts, Hunter’s off the scale for height. Of course, this doesn’t immediately translate into him being the tallest human in Singapore when he grows up ;) But what it does mean is that he is very likely to be above-average in height as an adult – which is WONDERFUL news for me, because I’m always attracted to tall guys specifically because I want to have tall children, teehee! Mission accomplished. He’s in the 95th percentile for Weight which is okay- still within normal range, whew. The doc was surprised at how easily he could hold his weight, but my gut feel is that he will be a “late walker” due to his heftiness.

    The BAD news? It’s actually pretty bad: he was diagnosed with Tongue-tie. You can do an online search for it if you really want to know.. but it happens from time to time in infants. I was completely floored when she checked and announced “Oh, he has tongue-tie”.


    Remember when I had a HORRIFIC time breastfeeding the whole first 2 months? I knew something was wrong because the pain I had was above-and-beyond normal for sure (and I know I’m no chicken, since I could handle labour/pushing and surgery recovery drug-free). In fact, I spent days and hours obsessively surfing the net in those 2 months, desperately trying to find a reason or explanation as to why I was going through hell. And I DID narrow it down to Tongue-tie and I ASKED THE DOCTOR ABOUT IT when we were in China! I specifically asked him to check, and his reply was “It’s too early to tell, but you can check again when he’s a few years old.” There is limited (English-speaking) quality health care in China and even less so of specialists, so I had no one else to turn to and just suffered my way through…

    On top of that I was thinking his speech was a little ‘off’ because whilst he can be quite vocal, he just makes a few noises and never babbled vowels, as babies his age should be doing by now. And the reason is his Tongue-tie, which prevents him from doing so, the poor chickie :(

    Oh how I regret not INSISTING! At that time, I was a new Mum, afraid and just feeling quite lost with all the pain.. so I just sucked it up and plodded on with breastfeeding. The doctor here was quite shocked I stuck with it.. as most women just give up due to the pain of a baby with Tongue-tie. But back then, it wasn’t an option for me to just ‘quit’ breastfeeding, as it was the ONLY option for me as I refused anything else.. so I guess when it comes down to it, you just do what you gotta do.

    Now I realise that it’s true when a parent knows their child the best.
    And I also realise the sacrifices a mother can and is willing to make for her child….

    At Olive Tree clinic

    2 days later, we went to a specialist doctor at Gleneagles Hospital for the proper assessment and day surgery. Hunter had “moderate tongue-tie” and the doc said that it actually can be diagnosed at 1 week of age. I am so angry Hunter never was, despite me SPECIFICALLY calling it out :( The problem with leaving it til so late (ie. now when he’s 5 months old) is that the older and stronger they get, the harder it is to hold them down for the procedure. So he was on the border-line case where if we had left it for another month, the doc would’ve needed him under General Aesthetic, which isn’t great.

    The procedure is simple, but horrific for us (as family) to watch. The nurse holds him down in a vice-grip, which of course he didn’t like so he started crying :( Then the doc holds his mouth open and puts in a sort of pincers – to pinch the frenulum for 10 seconds.

    10. longest. seconds. of. my. life.

    I was told to “Look into his eyes” the whole time, so he had some comfort.. but after about 2 seconds I couldn’t handle it and hid behind Chris, propping myself up on him and trying not to have a nervous break down. When I peeked around, I could see Hunter locking eyes with Chris, all frightened and crying, with all this stuff stuck into his mouth :( Really awful.

    After 10 seconds, the doc reached in with medical scissors and snipped it. THAT part I didn’t watch, or would’ve puked for sure. Even Chris said he was close to it :( And then a bit of gauze was quickly stuffed into Hunter’s mouth and Chris held it there for a few mins until the blood stopped.

    My heart was… dunno how to describe it. All lurching and squeezed and weird. I think it broke into a million pieces, seeing those tears and hearing those pathetic lil wails. And I had to breastfeed him immediately afterwards, as breastmilk helps soothe. It was one of the most stressful breastfeeding episodes ever.

    Stemming the cut to stop the bloodflow

    After that, it was back home. By then, he was actually over it and happy and fine. I think I had a much more difficult time than he did ;) He was a little glum and had a lot of trouble falling asleep that night (1.5 hours of inconsolable and frantic crying) though. Now he’s OK and eagerly practicising movements and noises with his “new” tongue. I pray that his speech development has not been affected and pray that all will be fine now with no infection/complications.

    Sigh. My heart still feels all weird when I think about this. And I feel so guilty we didn’t get it diagnosed and fixed much earlier. But I am so grateful he seems to be OK now.

    Cuddles to sleep at home

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    We give Hunter a pacifier to fall asleep and once he’s asleep, it’s fine if it falls out (ie. he continues sleeping). But if he’s still drowsy and it falls out, he’ll start calling out for it and fussing until we stuff it back in.

    So I’ve been hoping and praying that soon, he’ll have enough hand-to-eye coordination to 1) find the dropped pacifier in his cot, and 2) stuff it back into his mouth.

    I have no idea when they’re meant to “learn” this skill… but Hunter isn’t doing so well at it, *LOL*. He gets so overly excited at the thought of having the pacifier in his mouth that he gets really jerky and his arms flail all over the place, so he ends up unable to stuff it properly into his mouth! I know he’s managed to do it a couple of times by himself at night, but I reckon it’s more by fluke that him properly learning how to do it ;)

    Any one with kids that can tell me at approx how many months old they can properly self-pacify themselves? :)

    Pacifier FAIL ;)

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    10+ years ago, Chris and I were living in college in Australia. Remember those days? I think some of you do :) (don’t we all feel so old now?!) Anyway, living there too was another couple that got together during those days and subsequently got married, just as we did. And even more co-incidently, the guy is from Australia and the girl is from Singapore!

    They were really fortunate had had twin boys a year ago, and were celebrating their 1st birthday. Their twins fascinate me because when Hunter was born, I thought he looked so similar to them! I guess it’s the similar mix of genes or something.. but I reckon they have such similar skin and hair colouring, not to mention the same pillowy white arms and legs :P It’s fun seeing them now because it’s kind of like a window as to what Hunter will look and be like when he’s older!

    Us with our college friends (who are now parents of the twin boys)

    TWINS!! I think they have such similar build and colouring to Hunter

    Father and son making strange faces

    One of my fave outfits of his

    And just a quick message from Hunter….

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    Tried Hunter out on his first solids this week :) He’s still 99% breastfed but giving him 2 teaspoons of organic baby rice cereal in the evening to get him used to taking solids. You would think it’d be extremely exciting… but nope, he just took to the spoon and cereal (the texture of baby food) like he’d been doing it for ages! Just ate normally, didn’t really blink an eyelid, and it was all rather non-eventful. LOL. I guess I was hoping for some sort of fireworks and excitement! Maybe it’ll be more exciting (ie. seeing cute reactions from him) when we go onto different types of fruit/veggies/etc..

    Breastmilk + cereal… not too appetizing looking ;)


    Cute at the 7:10 mark :P

    At the same time, we also started on his first sippy cup. I just filled it up with a bit of (cool boiled water) and he sits in a reclining position. It was also quite un-eventful!! The 1st time he was a bit confused with it, as he’s never held a bottle since I breastfeed directly. But after I put his hands on each handle and showed him how the spout goes into his mouth, he took to it easily and would eager stuff the spout into his mouth whenever I give him the cup now.

    For me??

    *stuffs into mouth*

    Holding handles + spout in mouth = WIN!

    His 2nd attempt at using a sippy cup

    We decided on the Graco blossom 4-in-1 seating system as his high chair – a bit of a splurge but it was the best we could find. It had stellar reviews and was ranked #1 high chair by Babble. It looks like a throne for a baby, LOL! I was also after the Inglesina (may have been because they have a gorgeous turquoise colored one, hee) but Chris vetoed it as he preferred this Graco one.

    This Graco high chair is super sturdy, and I love the way he sits comfortably in it, not to mention it’s easy for us to maneuver and use. It just feels really nice, and he’s really safe and secure in it. He really likes it too, which is the main thing :)

    Graco blossom 4-in-1 seating system

    The really nice thing about seeing your child sit up, drink from a cup/bottle and eat solids is that they suddenly seem like a big boy. It was like one minute he was lying down and just like a baby, and the next minute he’s sitting up and feeding himself his drinks like a little toddler. It’s just amazing how quickly babies learn and grow… and so wonderful to watch.

    Oh these precious moments and memorable firsts, watching your child grow up…. :)

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