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So I got a new laptop!

Or rather, Chris bought me one, because he is super sweet :) I’ve been planning to get one for awhile, but hadn’t gotten round to it. My current one was in a total state, kept stalling for no good reason and on some days, would be totally unusable. I also wanted a big upgrade on specs, and a nice widescreen.

So after our Singaporean meet-up lunch with about 40(!) other Singaporeans, we headed off to the digital mega mall(s) in Shanghai. And this is where we spent the next FIVE HOURS. We went from store to store, checking out all the various laptops, comparing specs, and comparing prices. It was hard work! Finally, I’d narrowed it down to the following 3:

Vaio NW25E – I really only liked this because it “looked cute”. Sad but true, and at least I can admit it! It’s *pink*. I mean, what more can I say?! Sadly, the specs fall short and so many computer geeks told me “It’s a piece of crap. All fluff and shit insides”. It’s what I’ve heard time and time again with all the cute Vaios, and so finally, I decided to give up on having a pink laptop.

Lenovo G550A – This one was sleek, with excellent specs. Not much else to say except that it got the tick of approval on everything. Only thing was that it’s local-made, and Toshiba has by far a better name/reputation, which was why we went with the below.

Toshiba L585 – The PERFECT laptop. Suited all my needs, great specs, and a decent price. It’s also a sexy gunmetal silver, and shiny :D It’s the perfect laptop for me to use at home – because I plonk it on my laptop table by the couch, so I need something with a large screen and good specs.

So 5 hours later, after walking ’til our feet were sore and talking until our throats hurt, we finally decided on the Toshiba laptop. And Chris decided to buy it for me. Yayyyy! Though, now that we’re married, our finances are the same, so it doesn’t actually matter who pays – I pointed out :P

By the way, Windows 7 is excellent. I LOVE it! And my new Toshiba is the bees knees. It’s lightning fast and so swish.. I’m loving it.

Some specs:

CPU: T4300 (2.1GHz)
Hard disk space: 320GB
Monitor size: 16.0″HD
Graphics card: ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4570

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