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10+ years ago, Chris and I were living in college in Australia. Remember those days? I think some of you do :) (don’t we all feel so old now?!) Anyway, living there too was another couple that got together during those days and subsequently got married, just as we did. And even more co-incidently, the guy is from Australia and the girl is from Singapore!

They were really fortunate had had twin boys a year ago, and were celebrating their 1st birthday. Their twins fascinate me because when Hunter was born, I thought he looked so similar to them! I guess it’s the similar mix of genes or something.. but I reckon they have such similar skin and hair colouring, not to mention the same pillowy white arms and legs :P It’s fun seeing them now because it’s kind of like a window as to what Hunter will look and be like when he’s older!

Us with our college friends (who are now parents of the twin boys)

TWINS!! I think they have such similar build and colouring to Hunter

Father and son making strange faces

One of my fave outfits of his

And just a quick message from Hunter….

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Chris is away in Seattle for 1.5 weeks.. the first time he’s gone on an international business trip since Hunter’s birth and BOY IT HURTS! He misses out on both Father’s Day and Hunter’s 5th month birthday tomorrow. :( I know Hunter especially misses the mad giggles and antics he gets up to with his Dad. Chris comes back (early) on a Monday morning, so we can’t wait :)

Anyway, it’s also a shame that Chris is away because Cookyn Inc threw a Wine and Cheese party, 2 things that Chris particularly loves. And boy, it was fun! We were treated to delicious wines (2 white, 2 red) and of course, lovely food that was thoughtfully paired with each wine. I seriously LOVED the food. Especially the dish with the fresh figs (pics below) – my first time eating fresh figs and now I see why my Mum loves ’em so much.. they’re tasty!

Their Wine & Cheese parties are a great idea for afternoon tea with friends. I reckon they’d make a fab Bachelorette party, or for a birthday celebration :)

The mecca of foodaholics beckons…

Our sons getting acquainted with each other (and Hunter being decidedly unfriendly!)

Mommies and babies :)

Feta and sundried tomato pesto crumble on crackers

Mozzarella bufala with fresh figs, parma ham, truffle oil and aged balsamic

Chorizo, Saucisson, Iberico ham, coral salad, plum
tomatoes salsa, preserved baby onions and Grissini crackers

Chef Mervyn puts the heat on

Parmiggiano, Brie de meaux, Savarin, Mimolette, Manchego

DIY angry birds cupcake, LOL!!!

OH, and of course all the food was paired with wine..

Patiently waiting for us whilst we wined and dined ;)

Future iPhone addicts

The beautiful garden

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A lovely girl friend opened her home and hosted a 12-person (plus 2 babies) farewell party for Chris, Hunter and I over the weekend. I was in a bit of denial the whole time, because it feels so strange that we’re actually saying ‘goodbye’ to some dear friends that we’ve met, shopped, partied and eaten with over the past 2 years in Shanghai. Farewells are just depressing, and it feels like we have them so often!! I think I’ve had about 5 farewells in my life, every time I moved countries. Sigh.

What I loved about the party was that everyone brought some food.. and it all turned out perfect. Delicious food that was all homemade, which really impressed me :) We did Triple chocolate fudge cookies that I mixed together at home, then baked it there (so it would be super fresh). I love the smell of cookies baking in the oven, especially when they’re triple chocolate, mmmmm…..

Being at my friend’s place also meant we could kick back and relax and chat… for over 7 hours!! It was a lovely way to spend a weekend lunch and was so bittersweet. We will really miss our friends here :(


‘Lil bear

Raw veggies. Words fail me.

Homemade cous cous, this was divine!

Homemade mushroom quiche, soooo creamy

Homemade chilli and cheese, OMG OMG OMG…

Homemade corn bread, which I went wild chowing down on

Homemade (haha, just kidding!) fruit. So colourful!

Our custom-made cupcakes bearing our initials :D

Father and son

Hunter playing with my girl friend (he loves charming the ladies!)

The triple-chocolate fudge cookies I made :)~

My freshly baked cookies!

Mmm.. moist goodness

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My girl friend and her husband threw a BBQ party to rock in summer.. which is fast approaching in Shanghai – woohoo!! FINALLY, too, because winter has been dragging on for seemingly ages. Winter is depressing in Shanghai – cold, dreary, rainy. And now that the weather’s so lovely, we’re suddenly thinking “Oh Shanghai is sooo nice, we should keep staying here!”. Funny how the brain so easily forgets the other 10 months of the year here when it’s either freezing cold or sweltering hot ;)

We’ve actually never had a BBQ party in Shanghai before, it’s just always been a very Australian thing for us. So it was absolutely delightful to have sausages, burgers, grilled prawns, etc! The burgers were particularly terrific :)~

Me with some of the girls at the party

The nibbles table. We brought that pear tart (which I adore!)

Grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus and cheese. OMG yum…

My burger. It was awesome!!

3-month old Hunter VS 5.5-month old lil girl… they were the same size, LOL.

Lounging on the couch

I got mah cuddles!!

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(pic from SmartShanghai)

And so Brawl on the Bund rocked round again over the weekend. In June, we attended as well and had a lovely time, and so decided to go again. Also, my Aussie girl friend was competing as one of the boxers! Impressive, huh? Boxing IS super fun though, I adored boxing class earlier this year before I got pregnant.. though I’m not sure I’d get up and fight in front of hundreds of people ;)

Because NONE of my nice evening dresses fit me….. I ended up wearing pajamas. Yeah, no joke. I wore my soft nightgown from Peter Alexander! It’s very very soft, super stretchy, and I figured China people walk around in their flannel pajamas all the time, so it seemed only apt I wear my pjs too ;)

Chris and I (at 8.5 months pregnant)

In comparison, this was at the previous event when I was 2 months pregnant.
OMG THE ENVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous lobby at the Hyatt hotel

Cute cocktails, of which I couldn’t have any :(

Me and the girls :)

The ballroom was converted for the event and all decked out for the diners. We had great seats right next to the ring – woohoo! My only complaint (and this is true with a lot of banquet dinners) is that there were no canapes or nibbles…. except for the bread basket. So I ended up eating 3 bread rolls to stave off starvation. D’oh.

The boxing was very fun though – crazy and exciting to watch. It’s amazing how these guys have just 3 months to train, because they’re excellent! Though I think their body fat must be around the 3% mark which is a bit scary.. and for that reason alone, I don’t think I’d ever do it :P

Pretty table setting

Hungrily awaiting our food………..

Awesome singer (he’s from Brown Sugar club)

The girls boxing! My girl friend won :D

The food was…. alright. Nice but nothing mind-blowing. To give Hyatt credit, it’s hard coughing up nice food for such a large crowd, so I think they did pretty well, especially helped along by the great (and super attentive) service.

Chicken ballotine, mixed herbs, new potato, chive mayonnaise

Tian of grilled vegetables, green beans, baby carrots, french vinaigrette

Pumpkin soup with coconut milk, and lemon grass

Wild mushroom risotto with black truffle

Beef tenderloin in puff pastry, semolina cake, green beans wrapped in pancetta, red wine jus

Floating island, red fruit jelly, florentine

This is our very last formal shin ding before we become 3, so we’ll definitely remember it!

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My domestic goddess of a girl friend had a house party at her place last weekend, fitting in around 12 people! I would like to do the same, except our place with explode with that many people in there ;) Dinner was absolutely fantastic Mexican food, which I really think is right up there as my #1 favourite Western food (alongside French cuisine. Yes, both are vastly different but I love both!). I especially love the DIY kind, which was what she had.. because you’re given free reign to squash in as much meat, and dollop on as much sour cream and guacamole as you want. Ahhh…. simple pleasures.

Cuddled up on the couch. Me & belly at 32 (and a bit) weeks!

Chips with homemade guacamole…. *slurps*

Smoked salmon with homemade hummus on crackers, yum!

The boys mingling

Relaxing over a few drinks

The Mexican food station….. oohlala!

Homemade Mexican rice. This was super duper good combined with……….

Homemade chilli! Awesome comfort food, and not very spicy so I could have some.

I’m especially fond of house dinner parties now that I’m pregnant. Reason being they make my life a LOT easier/better. When we go out to a restaurant, we have to worry about stuff like: Is the food clean? and the more important, Are people smoking? because sadly, China is not like Australia or Singapore where smoking is banned indoors. Here, people light up even in the tiniest of spaces, and don’t care (probably often they don’t even realise) if there’s a pregnant woman in the room. I react badly to smoke and it makes me feel really ill, so this is my biggest annoyance about going out – and being pregnant makes it even worse.

The boys spent the night playing poker

Whilst the girls spent it gossiping ;)

My coffee in an Hermes teacup… which we found the same pattern of in the Hermes scarf book, LOL!

Very fancy looking Chinese tea

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Whenever we’re in Singapore, Chris and I always try to squeeze in a Cookyn With Mervyn party, uhhh.. I mean, class. Cooking/baking is one of our fave hobbies and it’s a really fun (and delicious) way to spend an afternoon on the weekend. Plus, I love their spacious studio.. though it does bring back fond memories of when they first started out and it was all held in their apartment!

We’d spent the whole morning and afternoon traipsing up-and-down Orchard Road doing our baby shopping, and got a bit lost (was ambitious and caught a train there instead of a taxi) walking to the studio.. so we rocked up late and extremely sweaty, smelly, and exhausted. Oops! I’m still not sure how I managed to do the 3-hour cookyn class after all the mad activity earlier, but I dug deep from my energy reserves and powered through……. and in fact later we went out with my cousins for dinner afterwards. I think I was a bit of a zombie by the end of the night ;)

Anyway, the theme was English Tea Party which was riiiight up our alley! In fact, for the past few weeks we’ve been wanting to make up some scones, but never got round to it, so this was perfect timing :P I really like how the cooking is pretty easy, so it leaves us more time to hang around, chat and eat…. heh!

Doing our own kinda cookyn :P Except mine is real (yes I know, I’m getting really HUGE!)
and is a faker, heh!!

Chef Mervyn doing his thing

Mixing up ingredients for the scones

Freshly baked scones

With freshly-whipped vanilla bean spiked cream (OMG!!!). Like my star-shaped scone? :)

Making the Guinness and Steak PIes

Mine has a *star* on it, teehee

Gorgeous, much?

Tasty goodness

Making the Eggs Benedict with ham and anchovy aioli, all ready to go into the oven

Food porn!

Ingredients for the Strawberry Trifle


Cheers to yummy trifles!

I’m highly amused that Chris and I are on opposite ends, but made the same faces ;)

The awesome chefs *ahem*

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