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2010: A RECAP

I thought 2009 was an epic year for us, considering it was the year we moved to Shanghai AND the year we got married. But 2010 has been quite the biggie for us too ;)

If you’d told me, this time last year, that I’d be just about to give birth soon…. I’d probably have laughed in your face! It was nowhere on my radar and I hadn’t even considered getting pregnant back then. Oh how things have changed, *lol*. Amazing how much I’ve grown too – a year ago I felt like a kid and most definitely did not feel maternal.. and yet now, I feel prepared to be a mother and very eager to have our own little family.

Hilariously, my goal for 2010 was “to travel every month”. We wanted to make sure we got all our holidaying in this year, but were…. errrmmm… cut short when I fell pregnant shortly into the year, heh. But we still managed:

January – Australia
February – Harbin, Japan
March – Sanya
April – Hong Kong
May – Huashan Mountain, USA
June – Tantou Island
July – (none)
August – France, Spain, Russia
September – (none)
October – (none)
November – Singapore
December – (none)

I’m glad we still got in a few trips, because I know things were drastically change in 2011 when we become a family of 3 :)

So, what else happened in 2010?

January – celebrated Dad’s 60th birthday at Tetsuya’s in Australia, and also attended my dear friend’s wedding!
February – between our Harbin and Japan trips, our month was pretty much filled up
March – started doing pole dancing classes, which I adored but then had to give up just a few months later ‘cos I got pregnant.
April – bought my adored Balenciaga black bag from Hong Kong boutique, which I still use and love. Also became totally Shanghainese and got ourselves an electric bike
May – visited one of my favourite places in the USA, Kirk’s Steakburgers!
June – was in an interview about expats in That’s Shanghai magazine
July – detailed my online history/life and did an open Q&A time for everyone to ask me whatever they want!
Augustannounced my pregnancy in an epic post, and celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary with a big Eurotrip around France, Spain, and Russia!
September – announced we are having a baby boy! Also finally got to start wearing my wonderful ‘push present’ from Chris
Octoberappeared on TV on a program about Singlish. Entered my 3rd trimester and celebrated my birthday at HoF with dear friends as well as a decadent brunch at the Ritz Carlton with Chris.
November – went to Singapore for our babymoon!
December – bought our much-lusted-over Bugaboo Bee 2010+ and celebrated a quiet Christmas in Shanghai. Wrote a long rambling entry about ‘pregnancy reflections’

2011 is going to be one helluva EPIC year for us… starting in January when I’ll give birth (anytime now!!!). We’ll instantly morph from DINKs (Double Income No Kids) gallivanting all around Shanghai and livin’ it up, to…. *dun dun dun*….. PARENTS. It’s a surreal thought that this time next year, we’ll have an almost 1 year old – so exciting! So I suppose 2011 will be a year when we have to mature up quick-smart and pronto ;) It’ll be a rollercoaster ride!

And so I leave you with my favourite quote of 2010:

“You can stand tall without standing on someone.
You can be a victor without having victims.
Be gracious, always.”

A wonderful New Year to all of you, with much love!

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“It’s my BIRTHDAY and I’ll be a……………. gamer nerd if I want to!”

One year older, none the wiser. Just kidding! Hopefully a wee bit wiser. First birthday celebrated whilst pregnant, which is all quite novel to me :P I’m glad I’m feeling OK still (starting to feel a bit heavier due to giant belly, but not yet at the end where I’m just too big to move), so I can enjoy and celebrate my birthday in full :) Fortunately this year, it falls on a weekend…. which means that I get a… birthday weekend celebration! *does the happy chicken dance*

More about that later. For now, it’s Chris’ present, which I requested a month ago when he was on a business trip (so he could get duty free prices). The NINTENDO DSI!!!!

Been considering it for awhile as I wanted a gaming console, and was tossing up between PSP or the Nintendo DSi. The latter is way more suited for me. The PSP is good and excellent for the hardcore gamer, but the DSi is a lot more versatile, has cuter and more varied games. I *adore* it. On the downside, we are fully obsessed with it now. Yes, Chris is too.. so it’s like a birthday present to both of us ;)

He is obsessed with Pokemon Diamond, and I am unhealthily obsessed with Dragon Quest IX. OMG THE GAME IS SO GOOD I COULD SCREAM!!!! I’ve clocked up so many hours of gameplay already, and if you ever wanna find me, just look for the girl with her nose buried in her Nintendo DSi ;) I also love the Zelda games on it ‘cos I can *swoosh* my sword at enemies by swiping the touch screen with my pen – cripes it’s so much fun!!!!

I’ve also decided that it’s a great ‘investment’ for when I’m in labour… since that goes on for hours and sometimes days, it’ll keep me occupied :P Plus, when I’m breastfeeding later, I can play it to keep myself occupied too, hehe.

Most awesome birthday present. Thank you honey!

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A while back, ICS TV station asked me to do a ‘lil skit on….. Singlish!

What is Singlish? Basically a “language” that Singaporeans speak… which is basically a bastardization of English ;) Some of the stuff I find quite cute to hear (and makes me fond of Singapore), other times it’s really bloody painful on the ears and quite unintelligible.

But, now you can check out my Singlish – wheeeeeeee!! It was filmed in my apartment…. so it’s also a sneak peak of where I live, hehe.

Oh, and I was 16-weeks pregnant here, so you can spot my ‘lil baby bump :P

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My interview in the West Australian newspaper, on 14 August 2010.
Written by the ever eloquent Haidi Lun.

A mutual desire to learn Chinese and expand their
career horizons led Beverly and Chris Burgess to the
dazzling skyline of Shanghai. Beverly, who was born
in Singapore and grew up in Sydney’s North Shore,
relocated to Shanghai over a year ago to take on the
role of regional marketing manager for eBay, looking
after China and South-East Asia. At the same time,
Chris was also offered a promotion by Microsoft
based in Shanghai.

“We were very fortunate, as almost all expat
families have a ‘trailing spouse’ — someone who has
to quit their job to move,”
Beverly says.

With a childhood spent between Singapore and
Australia, this foundation in transience and adventure
held her in good stead for the move to Shanghai. “It
was an exciting challenge to uproot ourselves out of
our comfort zone, and start a new life in an entirely
different country and culture,”
she recalls. “Given the
recent economic crisis, I believe China is still soaring
high. The country’s future is bright and I wanted to be
a part of a rapidly accelerating culture and economy.”

Unlike the Gargetts’ heritage residence in the
French Concession, Beverly and Chris live in a
modern two-bedroom apartment in the bustling
central Jing’an district. Their apartment complex
is not dissimilar to any CBD apartment building in
Australia, complete with gym and pool facilities. The
couple enjoy the use of an ayi for housekeeping duties,
as well as a driver for transportation.

“We specifically picked the location of our
apartment because of the neighbourhood — our block
is on a street for excellent food of all cuisines, DVDs
and massages: just a few of our favourite things to
indulge in,”
Beverly says. In fact, one of the couple’s
favourite Shanghai haunts is a “health” spa where
guests are pampered with massage while they watch
the latest movies on widescreen television and munch
on a stream of snacks from an all-you-can-eat menu.

In this city of extraordinary commercial activity
and materialism, the couple try to inject some balance
into their lives by volunteering at orphanages, homes
for people with disabilities and animal shelters
at weekends. “Moving to China has significantly
strengthened our relationship, because we could face
the challenges and excitement of building a whole
new life together,”
Beverly reflects. “It’s really opened
our eyes to the world, and made us more accepting of
different cultures.”

For many expats, sustaining healthy relationships
can be difficult in Shanghai, particularly when
presented with all the decadence and excess that the
city has to offer. The expat experience in Shanghai is
often marred by marital breakdown, loneliness and
depression. “They call Shanghai ‘Sin City'” Beverly
says. “I think it’s particularly difficult for the older
couples and families, especially when one person has
had to follow the other to come here. The nature of
friendships in the expat community is very transient,
because people come and go frequently.”

Read the full article here.

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How two little red lines can change your entire life…

This pregnancy announcement almost trumped our engagement announcement in terms of # of comments – I guess you guys are mainly interested in weddings and babies? :P

So I’m in my 2nd Trimester now.. at exactly 4 months pregnant (16 weeks) as of today.

I’m due 19 January 2011 :)

I guess what really shocked us the most was.. erm… how quickly it happened. Not that we were unprepared, but that it took a grand total of one week between us deciding to stop not trying (*ahem*), and just leave it up to God. That’s kind of crazy considering my parents took 7 years (!!!) to conceive me, so I always just assumed we would take ages. It’s why I didn’t really think I was pregnant until quite late – we knew that normally it takes couples around 6 months or more to fall pregnant, so we figured it would happen around the end of the year.. certainly not a few days later :P Well, better sooner than later, I guess!

So far I haven’t really had common first-trimester pregnancy bad-symptoms (nausea, backache, heartburn, varicose veins, bloating). The only BAD thing is that my weight has shot from 45KG to 48.5KG (107lbs) as of today – eeeeeeekkkkkk :( It really does show on me. My waist is so much thicker now and I have a pot belly. Sadly, I don’t actually look like I’m obviously pregnant at a glance yet :P I’m also trying to wrap my head around the fact that by the end, I’ll be around 60KG… that’s almost 50% more of me than there was pre-pregnancy!!!! I can’t really imagine what I’m going to look like (besides a giant ball) and I’m too scared to dwell upon it too much. I just remind myself it’s not just about me anymore, it’s really all about the baby. Right?? :)

Chris is all kinds of amazing. Thank God for him. I thought usually guys are pretty hands-off, but he’s read up so much about pregnancy and babies, and is so pumped full of knowledge, that it beats mine, haha. It makes me feel really safe because he knows exactly what I should/shouldn’t be doing or eating.. so I can pretty much leave it all to him and be well taken care of. He’s going to be freakin’ amazing Dad, and he’s so excited about all this, and meeting his baby in January, that he’s just a bundle of madness :P

Anyway, here’s a video of our baby’s heartbeat. This was taken at 12 weeks (one month ago) so it was only around 3 inches head-to-bum then. Now, it’s 4.5 inches :) We find out if it’s a Boy or a Girl straight after we come back from our 4-week Eurotrip!

(link for China visitors)

150-or-so beats per minute :)

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A freakin’ epic video blog, if I do say so myself :P

(link for China visitors)

A very happy announcement :) They say a picture says a thousand words. I figured, a video will say a thousand pictures ;)

The video got flattened when I saved it, hence why I look a bit squashed/weird – sorry!

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I have a freakin’ awesome video to share with you guys.. will post it in a bit, so check back soon and you can watch it. YOU’D BETTER! *waggles finger* :D
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