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WEDDING: behind the scenes

These are some “behind the scenes” photos :P About 2 days before the wedding.. when it was the MAD DASH for the final dress fitting (usually this takes place over the course of around 6 months, but because we don’t live there, I didn’t have that luxury). And so I was warned over and over again not to gain weight. Did I succeed? Well, let’s just say I was the fattest I have ever been in my life on my wedding day. Yeah, in 27 years, I was my heaviest weight ever, right SMACK on my wedding day. I was actually quite upset and self-conscious about it, because I was sad that I wouldn’t be that ultra-thin bride that every girl is on her wedding day :(


But, I’m not too stressed about it now, since after all, I still walked down the aisle and Chris still married me :P Besides, now that I’ve seen the pics, I reckon both my dresses looked better with curves. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!! :P

So this is what both my dresses looked like, “in the works”. You’ll see pins here and there whilst they nipped and tucked it in so it fit me like a glove. It was a really nice (and surreal) feeling designing my wedding gown and trying it on. It felt… amazing.. when I first put it on. That moment of sheer wonder when you look at yourself in the mirror and see your body swathed in the divine fabric.

And most of all, the utter DELIGHT of what was going to take place in just a few days time :)

Hair trial (didn’t like this one)

Me and Mum

Chris and his parents. LOL at his dad!

Wedding gown fitting (without the Swarvoski crystals yet)

Back view

The bride to be :)

Yeah those are pins all over the bustline. The swarovski crystals weren’t sewn on yet..

And this is later on, when the Swarovski crystals were on

Dad looking v cute :P

Red gown fitting

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WEDDING: the hens party

Chris and I decided to have a combined get-together with our friends, the day before the wedding. Many of our friends were leaving straight after the wedding, and we knew that on the wedding day, we’d have little time to really talk to them, so we wanted to get everyone together for a nice meal… and to thank the overseas folk for flying in.

Our brunch gathering with fabulous friends

Chris makes a lil speech, whilst I look at him adoringly, haha

A wedding gift :)

Me with the girls!

Looking a bit melancholy.. hrmm

Wonderful girl friends!

A nice pic of all of us, being more normal

Funny pic of us – all looking completely random

The boys

Then the boys and girls split up and us girls headed off for a pampering session. First on the table was manicures and pedicures, arranged by my wonderful cousin. I really liked the nail salmon. It was luxe and gave us girls a chance to sit down on soft chairs, chat and get ourselves prettified for the wedding. Perfect :)

The nail salon

Getting our feet soaked for the pedicures

A great way to chill out just before the wedding


Fabulous nails

Paired with pretty feet!

After our beauty session, it was time for… errrr… more eating. This time, it was High Tea @ Goodwood Park – yes, the same hotel that we held our wedding dinner banquet the next night. Figured it was highly rated for high tea, and also gave the girls a chance to check out the place before the actual event.

Sadly, whilst everyone else pigged out on high tea, I was not allowed to. My dress designer had a heart attack when I told her about my intention to indulge in high tea less than 24 hours before the wedding.. and made me promise not to eat. See the problem was, both my bridal dresses were SKIN TIGHT, as they were made to my EXACT measurements. They hugged every curve and were most unforgiving to every bulge on me. Thus, she was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fit into my dress on the day itself – it was really that tight. The things I do just for my wedding day… *mutters*…

So, I had to have a “no carb” meal, and ended up with chicken satay. Really, I was meant to have a healthy salad, but there’s NO WAY I’d torture myself like THAT. So I figured satay was a good compromise – no carbs. OK, granted, it does have lots of oil and also sugar (in the peanut sauce) but nevermind!! I did sneak food off my friends’ plates though, I couldn’t resist the gorgeous high tea :P When we’re back in Singapore again I am going straight back there and GORGING MYSELF SENSELESS!!!!

The outdoor patio overlooking the main pool at Goodwood Park Hotel

All of us!

Surrounded by sugary treats, it was love at first sight


Dainty tea sets

Chicken satay – it was really good

A plate of goodness

*faints with pleasure*

Me with my 2 dear cousins

We like to stand randomly in the garden

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WEDDING: the after-party

So we woke up at 5AM for the whole weddning shennanigans… and the dinner ended at around 11PM. What did we do after that?


Not sure where we scrounged up the energy from.. but a lot of our friends were only in for a short while and many were leaving the next day, so we were dead set on spending as much time as possible out with them. We trooped off to the gorgeous New Asia bar @ Swissotel, up on the 71st floor and cool as all hell.

They had great music, but frankly don’t remember much else.. too crazied-out from the whole day, *lol*! Anyway, pictures:

The view from the top

In our own little world

Doing the boogie – hahahahahahaaaa!


Not sure what we’re doing here..

Did someone stand on a table to take this photo?!

An incredibly unattractive photo, haha


Finally, a nice one of us :)

My #1 fave photo – hilarious!

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WEDDING: random bits and bobs

A couple more random pics I found lying around :) There are many, many more out there on everyone’s cameras etc.. but I won’t post any more wedding day photos after this because it’s just way too much lovey-dovey stuff for one to handle, heh.

What my hair looked like from behind

I like this because we look so happy and lost in our own world

Great shot of the crazy amount of photography during the day, lol
(we had 2 professional photographers, 2 professional videographers)

The beautiful diamond tennis bracelet my parents bought me. I truly adore it :)

My Wedding ring + engagement ring

Our pre-shoot album (the one taken in Shanghai)

Champagne gold, to match our wedding colours

Totally love the 1st page!

One of the pages inside

The ferret page, hehe


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WEDDING: part 12 – the end and the beginning

Flowers and gifts for Chris’ parents


And for mine, too :)

Me and my dearest mum :) How beautiful is her dress?!

My lovely, generous aunt. I loved her Cleopatra-like outfit :P

Us, parents, and pastor

With our friends

More lovely friends!

With Chris’ family

My cousins, who ran around like crazy up to and including the wedding day

Thanking guests after the dinner

Our wedding favors – a glass coaster/photoframe, a silver bookmark

And so, what a WONDERFUL day and night we had – celebrating with all our friends and family. It was actually really stress-free on the day, which is unbelievable. But honestly, on the actual day, all Chris and I had to do was enjoy ourselves. We were totally protected from any crazy mishaps or drama, thanks to the wedding angels otherwise known as our family :P I know they worked really hard to make this day awesome for us, especially my parents who dedicated hours and hours of running around town doing stuff, researching everything, and making sure it was 100% perfect for us.

It was just an amazing day.

We’ll never forget it :)


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WEDDING: part 11 – the surprise video from Mum and Dad

Suddenly, it was announced that “Beverly’s Mum and Dad have a surprise for the bride…”.


And with that, the following video below played.

I actually thought that I would have a complete breakdown, right there and then. It took a LOT of self control to hold myself together and not lose my marbles ;) The song is near and dear to Dad and I… he gave me the book many many years ago and we always said it was a really wonderful song. But then I never really thought much into it and definitely did not expect Dad to make this video!

He actually went through hundreds of photographs of me growing up, and timed it to the lyrics. It was pretty mindblowing. I don’t think there was a single dry eye in the room after that… I remember looking around and people were crying and lots of women dabbing at their eyes with tissues. It’s the sweetest thing Dad has ever done for me in my life, and he put so much effort into it too.

The best wedding gift, ever :)

Psssst! A bit of trivia. The pic near the start of me as a baby getting baptised? Same pastor that married Chris and I….. 27 years later. AND, he also married my Mum and Dad 35 years ago :)

(link for China visitors)

Me, whilst watching that video above

The same book, that Dad gave me years and years ago

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WEDDING: part 10 – the 2nd walk in

My evening dress was a BRIGHT RED number, that’s mermaid-style and clings to every single curve. It’s a frightening dress to wear because it shows off every bulge, every bit of fat. But it’s a stunning red with a long row of Swarovski crystals all the way down the back (same as my wedding gown) and probably one of the only times in my life I can get away with wearing something as outrageous and stunning as this.

I LOVE the dress.

It makes me/my hips look a bit fat, but I don’t care, it’s actually a comfortable dress and I adore it!! Paired with bright red lips and a Swarovski crystal headband, I walked down the aisle with Chris to “Lady In Red”, a song that Chris selected and that I really love :)

Outside, about to do the “2nd walk-in”

Back view

Walking in, again!

“Lady In Red” – very apt song, given my dress ;)

I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight
I’ve never seen you shine so bright
I’ve never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance
They’re looking for a little romance, given half a chance
I have never seen that dress you’re wearing
Or the highlights in your head that catch your eyes I have been blind
The lady in red is dancing with me cheek to cheek
There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me, It’s where I wanna be
But I hardly know this beauty by my side
I’ll never forget, the way you look tonight

I’ve never seen you looking so gorgeous as you did tonight
I’ve never seen you shine so bright you were amazing
I’ve never seen so many people want to be there by your side
And when you turned to me and smiled, It took my breath away
I have never had such a feeling
Such a feeling of complete and utter love, as I do tonight

The way you look tonight
I never will forget, the way you look tonight
The lady in red
The lady in red
The lady in red
My lady in red (I love you)

And then, we were up on stage again and did the champagne pouring and toasts. The toasts were hilarious because we decided to do the Chinese-style “yam-seng” (ie. cheers) toast.. which I was keen on because.. well, no reason really, just thought it’d be more fun because it’s a bit more boisterous/louder than the regular “cheers”! And we even brought with us from Shanghai the crystal champagne glasses that Chris’ parents bought us for our engagement present :)

Pouring the champagne

All of us up on stage

Toasting with the guests

Bottoms up ;)

Yet another toast!

Chris then took the mike and did one fantastic speech. I barely remember any of it now, but I clearly remember being up on stage with him, glowing with happiness and looking at my new husband, and feeling SO proud that he could speak so well and say such lovely things. You know what’s crazy? It was an impromptu speech from him (he did say that at the start, but I think most of the guests just thought he was saying that, but it was actually true). He originally had his speech notes written on a piece of paper, and in our rush, left it behind in the suite before we came downstairs. When he realised it, he started scribbling it down again on a fresh sheet of paper, but then “Lady In Red” started playing and he had to throw it all aside as we did our 2nd-walk in. Hence we probably had a panicked, disoriented look on our faces when we walked in… but oh well :P

Chris’ speech

And then, after Chris finished speaking, I took the microphone.


Yep… I wasn’t planning to, or expecting to speak. I’ve always been told the bride remains demure and quiet, at all times. It’s also not common for a bride in Singapore to make a speech. So I figured I wouldn’t say anything either…. but just before we walked in, I decided “CRAP! I just can’t keep quiet!!! I’ll go insaaaaannnnnne!” and so Chris hurriedly told me I could “go thank the girls, or something”. And that was the extent of my preparation, hahaha.

I didn’t care though, I never prepare speeches anyway. I just love public speaking and presentations, and have never prepared for any of them in my life. Not because I’m lazy (OK, maybe partly that!), but because I don’t like rehearsed, practised speeches. They just look really awkward and fake and stilted to me. And I actually get SUPER nervous if I have a specific script I have to memorise and follow. Speaking impromptu means I can actually speak what’s on my mind, and say it right from the heart. To me, it’s the most honest and (hopefully) interesting way to speak when you’re in front of an audience!

And so… ummm… I rattled and prattled on about… something. Can’t remember what, but do clearly remember crying (?!) at one point, which shocked me so much I stopped soon after from the sheer surprise of it all. I NEVER thought I’d be the sort of girl that cries at weddings. So I can’t believe I did! Just the overwhelming emotions, especially looking at everyone’s faces (many of whom were crying).. it just totally set me off :P

And then Chris’ dad got up to do a speech, saying words of wisdom to Chris – I remember thinking it was a lovely speech but now I can’t remember most of it either! But I loved how he did a “Cheers” toast with everyone.. so in the end, we got our “yam-seng” Chinese style toast, AND our “cheers” Western style toast! Hurray!!

Me, yabbering away

And then having a bawl *cringe*. Awkward!!

Chris making me feel better :)

So this is what love is…

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