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23 Nanjing East Road
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元元

So as I was saying… I liked Shook! so much I decided to go back that same day for dinner – this time on a quiet dinner date with Chris. Co-incidentally, it was also our last night in Shanghai, so we wanted something memorable… hence the location at The Bund.

This time, Shook! was transformed into night time dining.. with mood lighting, much quieter ambience, and a different menu offering their full range of a la carte dishes. The menu is pretty exhaustive, and so tantalising that we had trouble figuring out what to order ;) It took a bit of back-and-forth and listening to the waiter’s recommendations before we finally decided on our choices. We were very fortunate to be allocated the best table there – a corner table right by the glass windows overlooking The Bund area. Gorgeous!

We were treated to a complimentary champagne with bubbling pearls. OK I think it had a much more eloquent name than this, but I forgot ;) It was fascinating to look at – the pearls going up and down the bubbling champagne, and they burst as we drank. Novelty!

We thoroughly enjoyed the dishes, which were all brought out beautifully presented. The portions are not large (considering the price), but enough so that we were full at the end of the meal. Fine food, lovely ambience, and good service – a nice way to remember our last night in Shanghai :)

Our table view at Shook!

Champagne with bubbling pearls

Our last night in Shanghai :)

Amuse bouche

Trio of crab

Lightly dusted cajun spiced seabass with pimento mayo, avocado, cucumber salad and a twist of chilli

Slow braised grain fed beef cheek with a humble mash, crisply cooked bacon, and caramelized grenadine onion

Sides of fries and mushrooms

Tiramisu with creamy white chocolate, marsala panacotta, and espresso

Lemon tart with mint sauce

Mint cocktail

Upstairs balcony area for drinks



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Icebergs Dining Room & Bar
1 Notts Ave
Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

The last time I went to Icebergs Dining Room & Bar, it was with the Google guys for Christmas and also my first time there. The restaurant blew me away with the divine food, the spectacular views, and the impeccable service. I’ve never forgotten it and always yearned to go back.. but since it’s so friggin’ $$$ and super fine-dining, obviously I’ve never had the chance/occasion to. Until now, hee :P Chris asked me out for a dinner there and I was surprised because the restaurant was so different at night – it’s a lot moodier and darker, with a really lush, decadent ambiance.

Since we arrived early, we had a drink at their Cocktail lounge.. where I discovered the utmost best Pinot Noir I have ever tasted, but of course, I’ve forgotten the name ;) Then we adjourned to a table right by the glass window overlooking the water. Soooooo pretty! And the food? Top-notch, as expected. Icebergs just never fail to deliver – and we were delighted that they still had the Soft-shelled prawns fried whole with aioli and lemon. I’d had it the last time and was totally addicted ;) They’re perfectly cooked, crispy on the outside but sweet on the inside. It’s perfection. And I swear they gave us a larger serving since we said we were sharing?

I opted for the Ox Fillet (aged 30 days, 250 days grain-fed Angus beef) – char grilled, sliced served with 10 yr old balsamic, bone marrow roasted with garlic, lemon, butter for my main dish. It easily makes it to the very top of my list as the best steak I’ve had. Sure, it’s ludicrously expensive, but worth every cent IMHO! The meat is tender and packed with flavour, with the perfect bite and texture.

Chris had some Duck ragout pasta. OKay, when the waitress read it out, it sounded way fancier/nicer than that.. but I really can’t remember it :P I loved how the pasta was handmade and silky smooth, and the duck was really tender and melty. Only downfall is that it should have come in a larger serve ;)

Dessert was a shared Affogatto: vanilla ice cream, espresso, liquer, fine grated chocolate and coffee. Served in a tall, delicate glass, it was fun watching the waiter grate the chocolate at our table. The dessert was rich, but off-set with the sharp contrast of the espresso poured hot over the ice cream. Mmmmm….

Was a lovely night :)

Sourdough bread with Kallis organic olive oil

Soft-shelled prawns fried whole with aioli and lemon

Ox Fillet (aged 30 days, 250 days grain-fed Angus beef) – char grilled,
sliced served with 10 yr old balsamic, bone marrow roasted with garlic, lemon, butter

‘Lil Miss Greedy Guts

Affogatto: vanilla ice cream, espresso, liquer, fine grated chocolate and coffee

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529 Kent Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

5th year anniversary.

Ranked 4th Best Restaurant in the World.

4.5 hours of eating.

15 courses.

Pure unadulterated bliss.

First course was a little appetizer – a mini sandwich with
caviar and something else..

Fresh oysters with olive oil and lemon
these were UNBELIEVABLE, best oysters I’ve ever eaten, hands down

Tuna sushi with avocado cream and caviar
a beautiful blend of cream and fresh raw seafood

Marinated NZ Scampi with foie gras & walnut
absolutely divine, and lovely with the creamy foie gras

Sashimi Tuna Marinated in Soy & Mirin, Sweet Corn soup with Basil ice cream
the soup was unbelievably good, with the basil ice cream a perfect blend

BBQ scallop with roe in olive oil
so utterly divine, one of my faves

Confit of Petuna Tasmanian Ocean Trout with Konbu, Daikon & Rocket
I’d never eaten anything so utterly exquisite and unusual in my entire life

Seasonal Green Salad

Ravioli of Lobster with Scallop and Tarragon Mousse, Tomato & Basil
Unusual but so delicious in the olive oil!

Roasted Quail wrapped in Proscuitto on warm polenta, served with mushrooms
very very good, but nothing that different from other good restaurants

Medium-rare Veal with Wasabi Butter
so tender it was unbelievable!!

Sorbet and Strawberry Shortcake with cream
The strawberry shortcake (on the right) was so unique, it was divine!

Blue Cheese ice cream with Walnuts, Biscuit and Honey
this was BY FARRRRR THE BEST DISH EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Floating Island meringue with hazelnut and vanilla anglais
I hate meringue but this is now one of my fave desserts. Sublime.

Date and Biscuit balls in Coconut
I thought I wouldn’t like this (dates?!) but these were amazing!!

Flourless Chocolate Cake with dark chocolate ice cream and orange sorbet
This was a surprise!!!!!!!!! They found out it was our 5th Anniversary and
served this to us on the house :)

Happy couple :D

A truly memorable meal. $200 per person, but well worth every cent, especially for a celebration. Everything was simply exquisite, and the service was impeccable! The waiters were really friendly yet professional, and it was just a SPECTACULAR experience. Truly the most stunning way to celebrate our 5th anniversary :)

Also was pleasantly surprised at work today when a big bunch of Stargazer Lillies arrived at my desk! They were massive and come in their own vase – which I give Chris full credit for, as I need a vase anyway! Stargazer Lillies are my favourite flowers and they smell so good next to me on my desk :)

It’s such a wonderful feeling, that we’ve celebrated our 5th anniversary. I never thought I could stay with someone for 5 years.. and I also never thought anyone could put up with me for that long :P I LOVE HIM. That’s really all there is to it.

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Chris and I had Part 1 of our 5th Anniversary today. Part 2 comes on Thursday, with Tetsuya’s :) We weren’t actually meant to celebrate today, it was meant to be next Saturday.. but I realised yesterday that I’ll be flying half-way across the world then, so had to move it forward a week. A bit of a bummer, but at least we still get to celebrate! Anyway, started off with a jog to Artarmon – since the weather today was UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous. My goal is to jog 100% of the way, instead of 30% jog and 70% walk.. a full jog would take me about 15 mins and I think that’s reasonable, but I can’t get my stamina up yet :(

The Observatory Hotel
89-113 Kent Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Went to The Observatory Hotel for high tea, which I found at WISHLIST. They’re constantly booked out so we were really fortunate to get a seat at such short notice! The hotel is beautiful, just pure luxury and all the staff are friendly yet discreet. We were served chilled glasses of Moet & Chandon, which just went down like a dream. I loved the atmosphere.. really cosy and English and the armchairs we sat on were so plush! The silver-tiered stand appeared magically and oh the SMELL!!! That freshly-baked smell was totally make me salivate :)~ It was very very very very hard for us to be posh and eat slowly and delicately when the food was so good and we wanted to scoff it all :P

The beautiful room

Camera shy!

Cheers to our 5th Anniversary

The tiered platter

Smoked salmon, cream cheese & chives, egg & mayonnaise, ham & cheese

Walnut/almond/pistachio cupcake – not too fussed about this, as I don’t like nuts
Peach tart – amazing!! The tart base was soo buttery and divine
Hazelnut and chocolate tart – scrumptious

Freshly baked scones – the strawberry jam was UNBELIEVABLY good,
easily the best I’ve ever had. And wonderfully rich gorgeous cream

English Breakfast tea with honey.. mmmmm…

I also liked their bathroom so I took a pic, how classy am I :P

Pretty room

We ate for about 2 hours.. then went to watch The Island afterwards. I really enjoyed it!! I love sci-fi new aged fandangled kinda stuff, so this was right up my alley. After that, decided we weren’t that hungry, so we didn’t get anything to eat before leaving the City. Big mistake!! We promptly got hungry half hour later and nothing around was open :X So ended up with Lean Cuisine for dinner, haha. Weird celebration :P At least it was pretty good, I got the healthiest one I could find and it actually was quite tasty.

My favourite part of the day wasn’t actually sitting down and having lovely high tea (though that was pretty amazing).. it was actually when we were standing outside. He had his arm wrapped around me, totally enveloping me.. and I had my head rested against his shoulder, nuzzled up to his neck. And I love it when he does that.. it’s like my head totally clears out and it honestly feels like absolutely nothing is wrong in the world and everything is absolutely perfect and nothing can ever go wrong. It’s hard to describe.. just that kind of feeling that makes you wish it could go on forever.. it’s just nice :)

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