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Little bear, Mama bear, Big bear

Chris came back (early) yesterday morning at about 2AM.. and I couldn’t be happier. Things just aren’t quite right when half of you is missing :( Hunter’s been lovely all week (whew) so at least that’s a relief, but nothing beats having our little family all together again.

Hunter’s gurgles of delight and expressive face when he saw Chris in the morning when he woke up was priceless. He really did miss his Daddy!

I reckon the Sophie The Giraffe company ought to use Hunter
as their model in TV ads, since he loves it so much. Heh!!

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Chris’ 30th birthday present was actually three-fold:

1) Hunter – he wanted a baby by 30. He got one :P
2) Family keychain – a little memento of the 3 of us for him to carry around in his pocket
3) Watch

The 3rd present (watch) was almost as painful as the 1st one ;) I could’ve spent the same money on a car, or on 2 (!) Hermes birkin bags, but nooooo… got a watch instead! LOL. After much deliberation and shopping around together many months ago when I was still pregnant, we decided on the limited edition Jaeger LeCoultre Master Memovox International.

750 were made and his is number #24. We particularly liked it because of the sleek black alligator leather band and shiny watch face. The central disc has names and timezones of 24 cities, which we thought is a nice touch because he’ll always know what time it is for Hunter and myself when he’s travelling on business. And frankly, it was the only watch that I thought was drop-dead SEXY.

It was THE most expensive thing I have ever purchased in my life. To be honest, I never knew how $$ watches could be?! Even if I combined ALL my bags and shoes, it doesn’t even make up the value of the watch.. cripes. But I justified it because Chris never buys anything from himself, yet always encourages me to spend money on myself every time I want something. I reckon he fully deserves it and it was well worth it, Plus, a watch can last a lifetime.

What makes this particularly special for us is that we’re going to engrave it with “BURGESS, 2011”… because 2011 is the year Chris turned 30, AND the same year Hunter was born. So the watch will be passed down to Hunter when he’s older. I think it’s a nice touch and makes the gift even more meaningful :)

Inside the watch boutique

A pregnant me, about to bite the bullet and buy the watch!

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Memovox International

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A lovely surprise to come home too when I was feeling down yesterday.
Thank you Chris :)

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I got home from work and stepped in the front door, and Chris greeted me with a proud grin. The whole place smelled awesome because he was making….. Guinness and Steak Pies for dinner!!

Needless to say, I was completely blown away :)

He’d made up the Guinness and steak stew 2-3 hours prior so it was all really tender and full of flavour, so all that needed to be done was to cut out discs of puff pastry to make the pies, and dollop in the stew. And voila! Man, THEY WERE GOOD. Not being biased or anything. Puff pastry is one of my favourite foods in the world, and the beef was just so so tender. It was all kinds of fantastic.

I savored every bite because after a whole day at work, it’s utterly indescribable how nice it is to step through the door and have dinner lovingly cooked. It was like 1/3 part yummy food, 2/3 part LOVE :)

Most impressively, he did every single thing himself, and without a recipe! Remember when we were at Cookyn with Mervyn a few weeks ago in Singapore? He basically based it on that and amended it to the ingredients he had at hand. Very clever :P

Thank you for the wonderful home-cooked meal hon!! It was almost as tasty as you are :)

Guinness and steak stew after cooking for 2-3 hours

Our pies, packed into Chinese bowls cos we didn’t have proper pie pans, lol

Warm, delicious, and filled with love. Much like my husband :)

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Dear Chris,

If I could choose all over again… I would still choose you.

Happy 1st year Wedding Anniversary!

All my love,
8 August 2010

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On Saturday morning, we made grilled French camembert, truffle and mushroom sandwiches for Chris’ birthday – yes, we seem to keep celebrating it! Promise this is the last one ;) It was a completely random whim of mine… because we had that jar of Tetsuya’s truffles and I figured (not that it’s hard to) that truffles would go with Camembert very well. But I wanted the camembert and truffles melted and gooey together.. which meant I somehow needed to cook it. So decided it would be nice in a sandwich.. but then heavily buttered so that it would be all rich and tasty.

It’s very simple to make. Just butter some bread, and lay out Camembert, truffles and grilled mushrooms on the un-buttered side. Place the sandwich buttered-side down on a pan, and then place the other buttered bread on top (buttered side up). The point is to have the buttered sides on the outside… because panfrying the bread that way makes it ULTRA GOOD!!!!! The butter melts and goes crispy against the bread and makes it taste amazing. Coupled with all the melted gooeyness on the inside and you’ve got yourself one flat-out fantastic breakfast or snack.

Freshly sliced bread. This one is slightly chewy on the inside, which is best for this IMHO

With French camembert cheese on top, and black truffles

Butter the underside of the bread and place that side on the pan. Add grilled mushrooms on top.
Place the other piece of bread on top and flip over.

French camembert, truffle and mushrooms sandwiches. Gooey, rich and decadent :)~

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