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Whenever we’re in Singapore, Chris and I always try to squeeze in a Cookyn With Mervyn party, uhhh.. I mean, class. Cooking/baking is one of our fave hobbies and it’s a really fun (and delicious) way to spend an afternoon on the weekend. Plus, I love their spacious studio.. though it does bring back fond memories of when they first started out and it was all held in their apartment!

We’d spent the whole morning and afternoon traipsing up-and-down Orchard Road doing our baby shopping, and got a bit lost (was ambitious and caught a train there instead of a taxi) walking to the studio.. so we rocked up late and extremely sweaty, smelly, and exhausted. Oops! I’m still not sure how I managed to do the 3-hour cookyn class after all the mad activity earlier, but I dug deep from my energy reserves and powered through……. and in fact later we went out with my cousins for dinner afterwards. I think I was a bit of a zombie by the end of the night ;)

Anyway, the theme was English Tea Party which was riiiight up our alley! In fact, for the past few weeks we’ve been wanting to make up some scones, but never got round to it, so this was perfect timing :P I really like how the cooking is pretty easy, so it leaves us more time to hang around, chat and eat…. heh!

Doing our own kinda cookyn :P Except mine is real (yes I know, I’m getting really HUGE!)
and is a faker, heh!!

Chef Mervyn doing his thing

Mixing up ingredients for the scones

Freshly baked scones

With freshly-whipped vanilla bean spiked cream (OMG!!!). Like my star-shaped scone? :)

Making the Guinness and Steak PIes

Mine has a *star* on it, teehee

Gorgeous, much?

Tasty goodness

Making the Eggs Benedict with ham and anchovy aioli, all ready to go into the oven

Food porn!

Ingredients for the Strawberry Trifle


Cheers to yummy trifles!

I’m highly amused that Chris and I are on opposite ends, but made the same faces ;)

The awesome chefs *ahem*

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Having a grand ‘ol time in Singapore! It’s meant to be “scattered thunderstorms” the entire week, but incredibly, it’s only been raining overnight/early morning and the whole day time is lovely sunshine but also cool enough so I don’t die from heat exhaustion. Love the weather :)

We went on an epic 2-day baby shopping trip and bought everything we need, so that’s a big load off our minds. We’re pretty much all set now – very exciting!! Being pregnant in Singapore is soooo much easier than in China. Namely, you don’t fear for you (and your child’s life) the moment you step outside your front door – traffic is orderly and people aren’t shoving you. We were quite shocked to also get some “excuse me” and “oops, sorry” from people – AMAZING!!!!!!!! Such a novelty to hear those precious little words :P

We’re staying in the Raffles Town Club here which we picked because of their awesome pool where I can lounge in the mornings. Their suite is divine – very spacious and lovely amenities and service :)

Between meeting up with cousins and friends, baby shopping, and general traipsing around Singapore.. we’ve been totally flat out. At least it’s been a very productive trip so far :)

In the hallway

Living room area, with bedroom behind those doors

From the bed, looking towards living room now

In the toilet room, looking towards the bathroom

Jacuzzi to the right, and shower. Love how big the bathroom is!

View from our window

Chilling by the pool with my massively SWOLLEN ankles, thanks to 2-days of
nonstop walking and shopping around Orchard Road…

People often laugh at Chinglish stuff around China. Singapore somehow got in on the act too ;)

Chris insisted on a photo of this. Roti prata wrapped around cheese sausage = WIN!

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We’re off to SINGAPORE!!!

It’s going to be our…… Babymoon :D I know, I know, it’s a weird place for a Babymoon. I originally had my heart set on Boracay as I wanted to laze by the beach. But Chris vehemently and promptly vetoed that because he only wants to go for a Babymoon somewhere with top-notch hospital facilities, “just in case anything happens”. Which took Boracay, Bora Bora and Maldives out of the mix.. and basically anywhere near the beach! The single country he only agreed to was Singapore.. which he thinks is a good idea because we can stock up on our baby essentials for a lot cheaper than in China, so it’ll be a productive trip too. I’d have preferred Australia, but the trip’s too far for me (10 hours) :(

Incredibly and hilariously, my parents aren’t going to be in Singapore the entire time we’re there! They’re off skipping around Australia on (yet another) holiday. D’oh!! But at least I’ll have a nice lazy time around Singapore, catching up with relatives and friends, and doing much-needed baby shopping.

Hellloooooo sunny weather, here we come!

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Shokudo Food Bazaar
Raffles City Shopping Center
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-44E

PRICE: $$$

I stayed at the Swisotel whilst in Singapore on a business trip, which sits right above/next to the huge Raffles City shopping mall. It seems that their basement level has been renovated and expanded, and each time I stay at the Swisotel I find something new there! This time, they’ve opened this Japanese food market of sorts there.. a series of stalls that all sell various types of Japanese food, and the whole area is Japanese themed. Kind of like a Japanese food court, I guess. Cute concept and I LOVE Jap food, so decided to check it out one night.

It’s called Shokudo Food Bazaar and boasts 10 stalls serving over 300 Japanese dishes. When you enter, you’re given a Reserved sign to plonk on your chosen table, and a swipe card which you give to the food stalls as means of payment. After eating, you proceed to Checkout where they swipe your card and you pay the cashier. Easy peasy! The only downside is trying to figure out what you want to eat.. because it ALL looks so good :P

Shokudo Food Bazaar

Luscious fresh sashimi (scallops and salmon)

Crispy tempura on rice

Lots of grilled dishes

Red bean dessert

The food bazaar



320 Tanglin Road

PRICE: $$$

Met up for a quick brunch with at Spruce – this was in Singapore in August when we were getting married, but I can’t remember if this happened just before or just after the wedding. Man, I’m getting old.. my memory fails me! I hadn’t heard of Spruce before, so all I was told it was some modern Western cafe – you know, one of those pricey hip joints that people flock to. Since we live in China, we’re always up for Western food, so we were happy to oblige.

The interior is minimalist and clean, with tables spaced far enough apart to make you feel comfortable. I liked the large glass windows and the huge outdoor patio (as large as the restaurant itself), though we didn’t sit outside because it was a stinking hot day (as usual) in Singapore and we needed air-conditioned comfort :P I immediately zeroed in on the coffee – we don’t get great, barista-style coffee in Shanghai. There’s only Starbucks/Coffee Bean, or there’s nothing. Very very sad. So I drink a ton of coffee in cafes the moment I’m outside of China.

We ordered a bunch of dishes to share around, but not a huge amount because none of us were feeling particularly starving. Still, the portions were decent and filling, so we were full after our brunch. We had a peek in their Cheese room, which sounded impressive but was just a litte part of the cafe partitioned off and chilled, with a few miserable looking pieces of dried-out cheese.. and it STUNK to high heavens! I know what cheese cellars smell like, but this was way worse. Very strange.. perhaps they only store blue cheese in there? I don’t know, but it made me glad we didn’t order any cheese whilst we were there ;)

It’s a great place to meet up with friends and have a lazy brunch. They really should have more of these places – both in Singapore and Shanghai!


Lofty interior

Our little table by the window

A very delicious coffee, and some mint drink?

Three dips with assorted toast and crisps –
they gave a stack of toast, which was awesome! Filled ourselves right up ;)

Ahi tuna tartare with toasted ciabatta and avocado –
I think this was on the salty side, but love the large portion of avocado.. mmm..

Braised duck pappardelle with rosemary –
this was crazy filling, but so tasty and amazing comfort food

Burger with blue cheese, bacon and onion compote –
OMG… gooooood…. ridiculously tasty and love the wedges!

Sundae with Valrhona fudge sauce and brownie bits –
the fruity sorbet totally didn’t match the rest of the dish, but the rest was great

There’s an outdoor area too, but it was too hot to sit there

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Imperial Treasure
11 Cove Drive, Sentosa Cove

PRICE: $$$$$

My aunt took us all out for dinner as a post-wedding celebration and also for one of my aunt’s birthday. The location of choice was in Sentosa’s ONE°15 Marina Club, where her and her husband are club members. She picked Imperial Treasure as the dinner restaurant, a modern, elegant and upscale restaurant overlooking the harbour.

The service is unbelievably attentive and polite, largely what you’d already expect from a fine dining restaurant. We were seated in a lovely private room where we could open the glass doors and enjoy the ocean breeze. We were served a stunning array of dishes – mostly seafood, since that’s what they’re famous for. The dishes were simply exquisite – one of the best fine dining Chinese food I’ve ever had. Artfully cooked and full of flavour and freshness.

We ate and ate and ate ’til we were so absolutely stuffed we couldn’t squeeze any more in. Over-ordered by a magnitude of about 3 extra people, but I guess that’s what me and my family is famous for :P Thoroughly enjoyed it, and what a nice way to celebrate before we jetted off to our honeymoon!

At the harbourfront

Pretty building where our restaurant was in. Chris? Not so pretty ;)

Gorgeous at dusk

The private dining room

Cute table setting

Crispy suckling pig. Ohhhh this was luscious!

A special bamboo clam broth. Heavenly…

Peking duck!

Some sort of soup with lots of seafood inside

Lobster. Nom nom nom..

Steamed fish

San choy bao. Always a goodie

Little birthday cakes!

“Eatttt meeeee”

Some little buns that you apparently eat for a birthday celebration

All of us :)

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It was wee ‘lil Elliot’s 1st birthday, which perfectly fell on 20/09/2009! What an awesome date to have a first birthday. The little rockstar was Mr Happy for the day, inline with the party theme of Mr Men and Little Miss. Too cute!

It’s astounding how many babies there were around… all about the same age. I also noticed one MAJOR change in me. Normally if I’m around babies/kids, I either ignore them, or actively avoid them. Generally not very into them – they are erratic and messy and kinda gross :P But this time, for the first time ever, I reaaalllyyyy liked playing with ’em and cuddling them. Yay, I’m turning maternal!! Wouldn’t say I totally love babies yet (I really only like Elliot, but Chris says I’m biased), but I’m getting there ;)

Anyway. So with all the kids running crazily around the place, we spent most of our time…. eating! The food was great, thanks to Merv being around. Awesome fat prawns, beef, luscious German cheese sausages and a killer mashed potato smothered in melted cheese. It was an awesome dinner :)

Awesome table layout. Check out that CAKE!

All decked out

Mr Birthday Boy with Dad

He has a strange obsession with chewing on Dad’s collars, ALL the time!!

The outside BBQ area

Merv preparing the luscious prawns. I bought him that apron!
Took bloody ages to find it tho cos I had to buy it in China and it’s legit, haha.

Mr Happy, not looking so happy ;)
That’s his trademark sidelong suspicious look!

Cheeeeese. A WHOLE WHEEL of it. Nom nom nom…

The beef

Cooking it up on the BBQ

Gorgeous cake! Sadly, I discovered it was Blackforest. Gross…

Happy Birthday little one!

Mum and Dad doting over Elliot – good, cos that means I don’t have
to produce a baby anytime soon :P

A very typical photo of us ;)
Hey, at least Chris gets to practice feeding our baby next time!

The girl on the right? She was soooo cute, came up to me and started
cuddling and talking to me, then sat on my lap.


Cheery little Mr Happy

I was given the Little Miss Dotty Tee. I have no idea why.

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