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I stayed at the pretty Hotel Valencia whilst in San Jose, USA. It’s right on Santana Row – famous for all their restaurants and shopping. I adore Santana Row because it’s like a little laid back but ritzy village.. all gorgeous weather, flowers everywhere, and el fresco dining. People are dressed casual chic, always friendly and polite, and there is NO spitting on the streets. It’s heavenly!

Anyway, there is a little jewellery boutique across the road from the hotel, called Flying Lizard Designs. The jewellery appears on celebrities and in movies, though I can’t say I’ve ever noticed :P What caught my eye were the whimsical, delicate strands of jewels in the shop window. Draped in the window, they sparkled and came in an assortment of pretty colours and stones. So absolutely gorgeous! What I like best about the shop is that they make 2 identical designs – 1 using precious stones (and expensive) and 1 using regular materials or plastic pearls (and so way cheaper). It’s such a good idea because you can buy a piece of jewellery that looks JUST like the expensive version, but it’s only $30.

Anyway, after much deliberation and poking at just about every piece in the store, I finally decided on a strand of pearls with garnet, appetite, peridot, citrine gemstones. It was so pretty it took my breath away as it glistened in the sunlight streaming in through the glass windows. It’s really delicate and thin, with tiny gold links and the pearls and gemstones scattered all over it. It’s simple enough to be worn with any colour outfit, but pretty enough to still stand out than a regular strand of pearls.

It’s a long strand, so it can be worn long, or circled around twice for a double-strand necklace. Or, as a bracelet. Or, as a belt. Super cute :P

Flying Lizard Designs strand of pearls with
garnet, appetite, peridot, citrine gemstones

Closeup – I like all the fine beading :)

Worn as a bracelet (forgot to take a pic of it worn as a necklace, heh!

Some of their other designs. That shimmery opal necklace is calling my name!

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I wasn’t actually going to make any more USA-related posts.. since it’s just not the same without photos! But I think THIS one deserves a post on it’s own.

Two words: Kirk’s Steakburgers.

Apart from In-n-Out, my other favourite burger joint (helloooo Animal-style burger and fries!), Kirk’s Steakburgers is a MUST-GO place for me whenever I’m in the Bay Area. Their website says “Do you remember your first Kirk’s Steakburger?” and you know what? I DO REMEMBER!! It really is that iconic.

Just the thought of their burgers makes me quiver in delight. I just can’t help myself, these burgers are awesome!!! Fat and juicy, and the meat tastes like no other. Plus, I love how they have a whole condiments bar so after you get your burger, you can pile tons of condiments on top of it before chowing down.

Plus, their garlic fries are fantastic, as are their skinny onion strings. Deep fried to a satisfying crisp, they’re packed with flavour and once you start, you just can’t stop ;) Love love love.

My standard order, that I get each and every time?

1 steakburger with cheddar cheese
1 garlic fries and onion strings combo
1 root beer

And you know what? I think that would be my choice for my “last meal”.

Me, in utter bliss, at Kirk’s Steakburgers :)
(taken by colleague with his iPhone)

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Things I love about the USA.

Well, I should caveat this. It should be more like things I love about California.. specifically San Francisco and San Jose area.

  1. The food. Cannot reiterate enough how much I love American food. It’s actually cheaper compared to Western food in Shanghai (which is extraordinarily expensive) and the range of cuisines are awesome – excellent Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Peruvian, the list goes on and on. And of course, the American cuisine itself – bring on the luscious juicy burgers, fabulous pizzas, and decadent desserts!! I am also addicted to Southern Fried Chicken, one of the best things ever. And of course, Cinnabon, the love of my life. I would likely be the size of a house if I lived in the States, because it’s simply not physically possible to stop eating.

    Fried prawns, garlic fries and rootbeer at Lori’s Diner
    in the airport before my flight back to Shanghai

  2. The shopping. Way way way way way cheaper than in China. Which surprises most people when I tell them. Of course, clothes are cheaper if you want the sloppily made, crap kind. But if you want high quality, and Western brand names, it’s eye-poppingly more expensive. That’s why you often see Chinese tourists going bonkers at Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc when they’re overseas :P Everything is so accessible in the USA, and it was a dream being able to actually purchase stuff I see in magazines, since it actually exists in the country. I simply ADORE Banana Republic! And virtually every store in every mall in the US. Thus I went a leeeetle psychotic buying stuff….. *ahem*…

    SHOPPING!! It filled the whole bed and wouldn’t fit into my luggage… oops…
    It also took a massive chunk outta my bank account but it was WORTH IT :)

  3. The courtesy. It was like reverse culture shock. I was surprised and delighted with how polite people are. If they cut in front of you, even if they’re not that close, they go “Excuse me!” like it’s the most natural thing to say. Absolutely ZERO shoving and certainly no spitting at my feet. No littering, always smiling, and constantly a “thank you” if I hold the door for them after I walk through. I’ve missed simple civilities so much it made me want to cry.
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Hello World. Remember me? I’m baaaaacccckk :)

So…2 bad things that happened whilst I was in the USA:

  1. I put on 2 KG. I suppose the frantic shoving of fabulous American food into my face didn’t help, but I had so little time, and SO SO much to eat! It was a whirlwind of lots of Mexican food, burgers, pizzas, more burgers, ice creams, more burgers, Cinnabons, fried chicken, more burgers, cupcakes, oh, and….. burgers too. OH HOW I ADORE AMERICAN FOOD. Best food in the world. Unfortunately, gaining almost 5% of my whole body weight (!!!) wasn’t on the agenda, but it happened. Boo.
  2. Some dipshit stole my camera. Am especially furious about this, and have spent the past few days daydreaming about various torture techniques to implement on this little shit. We were out clubbing on Santana Row (a really nice/ritzy area) so I didn’t even think thieves would be in the area. I wrapped up my (brand new) wallet with my camera in my big scarf, and put it on a chair and pushed it under the table, and the shit actually opened it up and took my camera (but, miraculously not my wallet). Still can’t believe someone would actually steal, how do they sleep at night knowing they’re a low life piece-of-shit thief?? Worst of all, ALL MY PHOTOS were on it.. not just the USA trip photos, but tons of photos for months and months before that too. I feel totally sick just thinking about it.

Fortunately, lots of good stuff happened too.. basically everything else in the trip except for those 2 above. And obviously, I can’t blog it properly since all the photos are stolen. But I will still do bits and bobs and probably just *ahem* steal photos off the official sites since I still really want to remember the trip, and for reference for next time :P

Bye bye USA!

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