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MELBOURNE: more food!

Under the persimmon tree at the hotel

With mum!

Really strange and random food back at Springvale

Asian central!

Mum’s amused with the token white-guy ;)

Dudes paying Chinese chess

Making fresh Vietnamese rolls

We had a lovely one with roast chicken

Checking out all the authentic Vietnamese fare like rice noodles, sweets, etc….

At Prahan Markets

How gorgeous are these cupcakes?!

They were like $8 each or something though…

Fruit madness

At Soda Rock Diner – a USA retro-themed cafe!!!!!!! WE LOVED IT!!

Decked out with pin ball machines and booth seats

The all-American menu

1940s style (working) jukeboxes that played awesome oldies

Strawberry thick shake ($5.95)

Root beer float ($5.95) – my favourite drink in the whole world, I was thrilled to find it here!


Hound Dog – old-fashioned hot dog with tasty cheese, grilled onion, sweet
pickle relish, American mustard and ketchup ($8.95) – was FABULOUS

Hubcap – Our most popular burger, with a beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles,
sweet pickle relish, mustard and mayonnaise ($7.45) – juicy and delish!

American Pancakes – Just like Mom used to make! Two light, fluffy
pancakes with maple syrup and extra creamy vanilla ice cream ($7.95) –
they look pretty normal but OMG they were so nice and fluffy!!!

Very happy :) I love Melbourne!

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MELBOURNE: dandenong

Still at Dandenong.. getting out of the car and fussing around

Okay! All ready to head off

At Olinda Village, how charming!

Sittin’ pretty

What am I taking a photo of??

This cuuuute bumble bee!!

With Chris :)

This little shop was tucked away, and in an actual house.
They gave free marshmallows outside to roast over cedar wood!

Cooling them off quickly before eating. They were goooooood.

The cosy shop, selling all sorts of random home stuff

So I FELL INTO A DITCH trying to get into the car.. and Dad decided to take a photo of it!!! o_0

Dinner at Springvale, at First Taste

Colourful menu

Inside the menu

Ginseng Stewed Black Chicken Soup ($5.80) – most people are freaked out by black chicken
(it’s actually a small chicken with silky pure-white feathers, but black meat/skin!) but I LOVE it.

Intently food-photographing ;)

Chicken and mushroom hot pot, and Black pepper beef hot pot

Wonton Noodles. OMG this was great!

Okay, food photography done. Time to EAT…

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MELBOURNE: springwood & Pie in the Sky

A bit of a random food post ahead, of us going about Melbourne and such!

Lounging around in the apartment for breakfast of double Brie cheese and crackers, mmmm!

Walking around Springwood, you wouldn’t think we were in Australia!

Soaking in the sun

It’s Wonder Woman mum! hehehe

There were Asian shops, shop-signs, and people everywhere! Chris stuck out like sore thumb :P

Yum cha lunch at Fu Long Seafood Restaurant, chosen because it was packed with people.
Strangely, there was a very small selection to choose from and it wasn’t that good.

Crazy packed! Typical super-rude Asian restaurant service.

Awww a nice pic :)

Prawn dumpings. Nice but not ‘refined’ in texture or taste

Assorted dumplings. I really liked them “ham shui gok” on the top-left

The veggies in oyster sauce were actually really really good!
And of course, Xiao Long Bao – these were nice but nothing amazing

Even more food.. and a dirty table

Lovely sweet bean curd dessert. Yum.

We then drove up to the Dandenong area up in the mountains,
and ate at Pie in the Sky, famous for their pies (well, duh) and Devonshire tea

The interior was cozy and busy with people greedy for pies

3 tiers in this cottage-style cafe

Beef Burgundy – chunky beef cooked in red wine and mushrooms. So hearty :)~

Beef Curry – pie base prepared in the traditional Indian method. First the spices are
cooked to release the flavour and then added to the diced meat and cooked til tender.
Rice and diced tomatoes are then added. Mmmmm this was my favourite!!!

Scones!! Incredibly fluffy and perfectly made

Served with fresh cream and homemade raspberry jam – both of which blew us away

Ahhhh…….. this is the life…..

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Da Noi.


A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it entrance, the restaurant looks pretty nondescript from the outside. We actually walked straight past it and didn’t even notice the (very subtle) signboard. But step through the tiny wooden-framed door and you’ll step into a different country. It’s like a little slice of Sardinia right in Australia, all quaint, rustic, cosy, sensational. The restaurant is divided into 2 levels and is shaped in a narrow rectangle, so expect a hum of conversation going around you as you dine. It’s fine-dining, but features irregularly placed tables tucked into little nooks and corners of the old building. It almost feels like you’ve just entered someone’s home in Europe.

The service is polite and the staff were very well-informed, but I didn’t find them particularly warm. I like an inviting, smiley waitress.. and ours unfortunately fell quite short of that. The guy that brought us up to our table was far warmer and friendlier, so it was a bit regrettable he wasn’t our waiter.

The menu was impressive. It changes daily, based on the freshest in-season ingredients the chef has. The ala carte menu is fairly limited, and our explained each of the dishes to us, but the words were in Italian it was incredibly difficult to remember what each of the dishes were without having to consult her again. I’d recommend a short English blurb under each dish for the non-Italians customers ;)

The degustation menu was the most interesting. It featured “a little antipasti to start, maybe some soup or an appetizer, a main to suit you, perhaps some dessert”.. yes, it was really this vague ;) The novel part? You inform the chef of what you do/don’t like to eat and he caters each course for you. If you choose to stop because you’re full, or an extra course is needed to fill your (fat) belly, it is accommodated easily and priced accordingly.

The food itself is exquisite. I’d never tasted any of the dishes we selected before. The food’s quite hearty and reminiscent of a warm home-cooked European meal more than the fancy fine-dining you’ll find at the likes of Tetsuya. It’s a totally different concept and atmosphere, and Da Noi does it so SO well.

We inhaled the aromas.
We smacked our lips.
We tasted our food.
We swooned.
We polished off our plates.
We rubbed our bellies.
We sighed with satisfaction.

One of the most unique dining experiences I’ve had, and a total must-visit restaurant.

Da Noi’s nondescript entrance

Okay, let’s step through Da Noi’s tiny door..

Cosy interior with irregularly placed tables – very charming

We had a little corner table upstairs, tucked away and intimate

I forgot the names, but there was white wine, and special fruity champagne

Just a blurry pic as we were sitting around

Appetiser.. forgot the name! Risotto that was flash-fried.
It looked simple but had a great, mild, smooth flavour.

Lovely, moist sourdough bread with olive oil. Wished there was a splash of Balsamic in there too!

Seafood broth. It had a really fancy name and description, but also forgot!
This was packed with assorted mussels, (large chunks of) fish, etc.. total comfort food

Crab and seafood linguini. The mild taste of the linguini really set off the flavour of the sweet crab

Rabbit and pasta broth. So hearty and incredibly tasty.

Venison ragout and parpadelle pasta. Lovely tender meat in perfectly-cooked home made pasta

Warm chocolate pudding with coffee & hazelnut ice cream. Totally decadent!

Panacotta with toffee sprinkles and rhubarb – a perfect, light dessert

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MELBOURNE: lunch at Movida

Outside Flinders train station, in Melbourne

The parentals!

At Federation Square

Lunch was at Movida, an awesome Spanish tapas restaurant with excellent reviews.
Ridiculously overpriced (boo!) but Sydney really has nothing like this

How cute is their business card?!

Bar area.

Delicious bread and olive oil

Queso manchego $3.00
Imported aged Manchego sheep’s milk cheese with quince paste

Croqueta $6.00
Fried silky croquette flavoured with mushrooms

Vieira, jamon y espuma $18.00
Half shell scallop oven baked with jamon and potato foam

Costilla con sobrasada $23.20
Roasted lamb cutlet encased in a Catalan pork & paprika pate


Graffiti wall outside, where they were filming something to do
with people dressed in massive kangaroo outfits (?!)

ARGHHH a shark got me!!

These trams are everywhere, which makes driving really hard..

More shopping

Blew a small fortune at the Alannah Hill outlet store… pics coming later

Another bum shot. Thanks Dad!

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