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Nam Kee Chicken Rice & Restaurant (南记鸡饭餐室)
201 Upper Thomson Road


Ahhh… Nam Kee…… This place brings back such memories for me, and is near and dear to my heart. It’s not to be confused with “Wee Nam Kee” by the way, which is another Hainanese chicken rice place. This one is just plain ‘ol Nam Kee and has a coffee-shop decor but with air conditioning, and is MY favourite chicken rice place in all of Singapore :)

It’s particularly special to me because it goes waaaaay back in our family. My parents actually went there when they were dating! And subsequently still visited when they were married, when Mum was pregnant, when I was a baby, through my childhood, every time when we returned to Singapore to visit, and it’s my must-go place whenever I dropped into Singapore for the past decade or two. It’s even more special now as Chris likes the place too :)

The folks at Nam Kee have watched me grow up from a baby, and now they see my OWN family and baby :)

We never deviate far from our ‘standard’ dishes every time we’re there. It is always the dishes below, though sometimes with the yellow-custard round tofu dish swapped for the stir-fried veggies instead. They do cheap food that’s absolutely SPECTACULAR and always the same. It has been consistent for decades which I like. Our dependable source of chicken rice, always tasty, and always feeling like home.

Inside Nam Kee

Condiments – scoop ’em out quickly before they swoop in and take it away!

I like my Hainanese chicken with the white skin, though I don’t eat any of it (I have an aversion to chicken skin, even when it’s deep-fried. I find it soooo weird and gross?!?!). The chicken here at Nam Kee is so tender-soft, silky, and is heavenly dipped into their homemade chilli sauce. It is consistently done perfectly and IMHO the best Hainanese chicken in Singapore.. and believe me I’ve tried virtually all of them ;)

The silky, yummy Hainanese chicken

Chicken rice with dark soy sauce mixed in. It’s hard to stop at 1 serve!

We usually get some sort of veggies/tofu with the meal, so we can still claim we’re “being healthy” ;) The dish is nice, nothing amazing.. but then again, when are plain stir-fried veggie dishes ever amazing? Still, it does the job, and for a non-veggie lover such as myself, I still find it quite appetizing.

Stir fried veggies and seafood

The Sweet and sour chicken chop is another MUST-HAVE at Nam Kee. It rivals their Hainanese chicken, in fact. Tender chicken, lightly crumbed and fried and served with deliciously rich, tangy sweet and sour sauce. Ohhhhhh it is heavenly!! The mix of the flavours, the tenderness of the chicken.. mmm. Only downside is that 1 plate is nowhere near enough, so you’ll be left salivating for more.

Sweet and sour breaded chicken, absolutely divine!

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Yee Cheong Yuen Noodle Restaurant
31 Lorong Liput, Holland Village


I was keen to try out Yee Cheong Yuen Noodle Restaurant as I’d heard they did a fab Ipoh hor fun, and were around the Holland Village area for yonks. We were there with et all, and she pointed out that it wasn’t very popular nowadays as the quality had gone down etc, and that they’d shrunk their premises and yet were pretty empty. It definitely was surprising that, despite being right smack on lunch hour, only a handful of tables were filled.

I think the main reason they aren’t as popular now is due to the prices. It’s a very simple place, but the set was around $20 for 2 people. That’s really expensive compared to food court prices (that always sell the same Ipoh hor fun)!! They can’t compete with the hawker food prices opposite the road from them, and they’re not pretty/cool enough to compete with the funkier expensive places next to the.

Food-wise, I thought the food as nice but nothing spectacular. Just average. The Ipoh noodles were lovely and silky, and the gravy was smooth and tasty without being too salty. Apart from that, however, everything else was just bang-on average and okay. The food is definitely not bad, but considering all the tasty cheap food outside, I’d rather get that and pay less than half the price!

Yee Cheong Yuen Noodle Restaurant

Deep fried wontons – these were pretty good. Lovely and crisp

Plate of char siew (roasted bbq pork), roasted chicken

Veggies cos we are really healthy ;)

Wonton soup

With the big Boss Man

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Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road #B1-81/82

PRICE: $$$

The last time I was at Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie was when we were in Singapore for our babymoon and I had dessert with a friend. How time has flown! I really like the place as it’s decked on in very cool black/white/fuchsia colours and have very lovely staff.. not to mention some pretty good food.

This time, it was with and on a weekday lunch. I was surprised they didn’t have any lunch specials, a bit of a shame. Especially when they’re a tad on the pricey side.. but it’s mostly justified because of the pretty decor, and gorgeous desserts. Just one thing I learned, the Iced caramel coffee is really NOT worth it! If I remember correctly it was something like $6.50 and I was expecting a large glass, and that the drink would come with a big scoop of luscious ice cream. Not so. Instead it was basically regular coffee with milk and caramel added, then some ice cubes popped in.. all in a thin glass. Boo!! It was worth perhaps half of the price.

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie

Iced caramel coffee (~$6.50) – completely not worth it

My main was the Crab aglio olio and it was PERFECT. A wee on the small side, but the pasta was done perfectly el dente, it had quite a bit of crab meat in there, and the garlic & wine sauce was superb. I loved the punch of flavour and it even felt quite healthy. Awesome dish and I’d get it again any time.

I wasn’t too much of a fan of the Croque madame when it came out (though it did sound very enticing on the menu). The bread was thick and wasn’t oozing with Bechamel sauce and cheese! :( I like croque madame when it’s all meltingly gooey and tasty, and this was more of a ham & cheese sandwich to me.

The Bolognaise & poached egg doria looked awesome when it came out, and it tasted really good too. Fantastic comfort food and was basically bolognaise sauce sitting atop baked rice, and smothered in cheese. Mmm… cheeese……

Crab aglio oli – spaghettini sauteed with crab meat, onions,
chillies, garlic and white wine with Italian Parsley ($17.50)

Croque madame – Homemade pain de mie (white toast bread) baked with ham,
Swiss Gruyère cheese, sunny side up, and side salad ($13.50)

Bolognaise & poached egg doria – Traditional Baked rice in casserole
with a light creamy cheese sauce ($16.00)

Looking quite pleased with our food

For dessert, we had crepes, of course! It’s what they’re famous for. I don’t know of any other place in Singapore that makes crepes like this (tell me if you know of one! I barely know any places in Singapore, heh).. and I love my sweet crepes. And boy, they are definitely sweet! SUGAR HIGH. The Nutella one was by far better, as the ice cream was lovely. The Banana one had, unfortunately, passionfruit-banana sorbet.. which we must’ve not noticed in our excitement when we ordered crepes (or I’d definitely have asked them to swap the flavour).. the sorbet did was NOT nice imho. I’m not a fan of sorbet and I really didn’t think the icy sourness went with the warm sweet crepe. Perhaps they did it to ‘cut through the sweetness’, but I don’t think it was done well. Next time, I’ll study the menu more carefully and swap out whatever items we don’t like ;)

Chocolate macaroon

Filled with Nutella, salty caramel, caramelized filo, nougatine
ice cream and vanilla crème chantilly ($12.50)

Flambéed caramelized banana, chocolate sauce, passionfruit banana sorbet,
vanilla tuile and vanilla crème chantilly ($12.50)

Canele’s a fab place to go with friends for a lazy lunch. It has a really nice ambience and a wee bit enclosed, so you’re not in the thoroughfare of the lunchtime crowd. They have a huge selection of pretty cakes, which I’ll have to try next time!

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Botak Jones
Block 233 Bukit Batok
East Avenue 5


I’d heard that Botak Jones was famous for their fab Western food at awesome prices, since they’re located in hawker centres (ie. super cheap food eateries) around Singapore. I realised that one of their outlets is RIGHT near where we live! w00t!!! The concept of Botak Jones is simple – bringing really good food at reasonable prices.

And boy, do they do it well.

Despite being in a hawker centre, the service is incredible. Chris commented that their service is BETTER than service we’ve experienced in fine-dining restaurants, and it’s true! The staff are all friendly, helpful, and very eager to please. It’s a wonderful experience and so different to typical shitty service you often get. Case in point: I discovered my burger was a bit too raw for my liking, so I pointed this out to the staff. They immediately took it away and told me that they’d make me a fresh one. As I was waiting, they brought out a complimentary shitake mushroom soup! I mean, you don’t even get service like this in nice restaurants, and here we were in a hawker centre! Then, when the burger arrived, the waitress waited for me to check (it was done perfectly), and halfway through my meal, she came back to ask me if everything was OK.

Frankly, with good food, fab prices, and such lovely staff.. it’s kind of a no brainer that we’ll be back. In fact, we’ve already been there a couple of times in just the 2 weeks that we were in Singapore, LOL!

Yay for Father’s Day!

A present from Botak Jones

My favourite Dad-related quote

Dance dance dance

With the lil cutie pie

Norwegian grilled salmon – so lovely and tender, loved the garlicky sauce too

Cheeseburger – simple and delish

Shitake mushroom soup – lots of mushrooms, mmmm

Cajun chicken – moist and tender, and packed with flavour

NZ rib eye – super good, and amazing value

Thumbs up, dudes!

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Everything With Fries
40 Lorong Mambong


Just the mere name Everything With Fries has me in a quiver… considering it’s my #1 favourite food. And so I was a little (*ahem*) delighted when I heard there is a place called that, in Holland Village. So of course I had to go there, and what better than on a playdate? It was with some online girl friends that I’d known for awhile but never met in real life before, and our kids are around the same age, so it was fun to meet up :)

The restaurant is quite open concept and all about sleek white chairs and tables. The staff were really nice and let us, errr, redecorate the area whilst we moved chairs and tables to accommodate us ;) It was all a bit chaotic and so I… errrr.. forgot to take photos of most of the food! Didn’t even get a chance to take nice pics of the 3 of us + kids.. argh. I was also a bit frazzled when Hunter had a 20-min meltdown (it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it sure feels like a century when you’re sitting there having to listen to it and calm him down), so all thoughts of photo-taking kind of flew out of my mind.

Everything With Fries

Spot the 2 babies ;)

Super ugly photo of Hunter, LOL!

A shame I forgot pics, because I really enjoyed the food! My chargrilled char siew roulade with garlic sauce was freakin’ FANTASTIC. Next time I’d order it again in an instant. It was like a thick meaty version of the pork you get in Japanese ramen, or a bit like ultra-tender slow-cooked pork belly. Unbelievably tender, so full of flavour, and just plain ‘ol delicious. It was served with, what else? FRIES! I got mine with sour cream and onion seasoning and it was delish – not too overly done.

Chargrilled char siew roulade with garlic sauce

The Nutella Tart was apparently a must-order, so of course we tried it out. It was actually a very simple dish, a sort of gelatinous smooth tart with texture of a firm pudding. It had a lovely chocolate/nutella flavour and the Oreo cookie base was super. Only gripe? It should’ve come with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Nutella Tart

Hot banana and butterscotch pudding

Also BIG THANKS to Julyclover who helped me order these adorable goodies from!

The development of a baby laugh. Of course, this was after his
mini melt-down and nap, so he was cheery as anything!

Cuddle time now?



Casa Tartufo
Forum, The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road

PRICE: $$$$

We celebrated Father’s Day early since Chris would be away in Seattle on the actual day (boo!). I wanted to try someplace that all of us had never been to before, and so decided on Casa Tartufo. Located in Forum shopping mall, it doesn’t look obviously like a restaurant from the outside, since you can’t see the tables inside easily, so it’s really easy to overlook and I never even knew the place existed until the day we dined there. It’s cosy inside with lovely warm service and an efficient kitchen.

Our family


Inside Casa Tartufo

Boys waiting for their food

With my 2 favourite Dads :)

Mummy and me

I’d read online that the Burrata cheese with truffle heart was a must-try, and so was keen to try that out. It didn’t disappoint – I loved how unusual the dish was, I’ve never had it in my entire life! The Burrata cheese was actually pretty un-cheese like! It didn’t have that heavy taste and was not too overwhelming a dish. I’m not sure why they say it has a “truffle heart” because ours had no such thing. Instead, there were truffles blended within the whole cheese, lending a subtle flavour. It was AWESOME paired with their homemade warm foccacia.. mmm..

Burrata cheese with truffle heart (SG$45)

I personally felt their main dishes were good, but not blow-me-away spectacular. I did really enjoy my Omelette with truffles (not pictured below, I forgot!) and thought it was well done, but the presentation was quite plain. I thought the best main was the Tajarin thin egg noodles with truffle sauce which was a very simple dish with no meat in it, and was a tiny portion, but the sauce really packed a punch. I must caveat that Mum thought it was only so-so, so I suppose it’s all a personal thing!

Tajarin thin egg noodles with truffle sauce (SG$25)

Angus burger with mushrooms, bacon, mozzarella, onion and truffle fries (SG$26)

Beer battered Dory fillet, Parmesan, Truffle fries, Arrabbiata sauce (SG$24)

I thoroughly enjoyed the Sticky Date Pudding, apple crumble and hazelnut ice-cream which was sweet, decadant, and unusual with the hazelnut ice cream. The crunchy crumble pieces were a fun touch, though didn’t taste anything like apple ;) The Tiramisu with a touch of truffle had zero truffle flavour which left me confused, but I thought the tiramisu itself was lovely. I love really wet/moist tiramisu, and this one hit the spot. The others felt it was a bit too wet though, but it was fine with me.

The service at Casa Tartufo was very warm, and they were so attentive, which I appreciated. As we left, we were greeted by the owners which was a nice personal touch. Check it out if you’re really into truffles, as you’ll be able to stuff yourself with them here at very reasonable prices. And even if you’re not a truffle fan, you’ll still be pleased as there’s quite a few truffle-free dishes here too.

Sticky Date Pudding, apple crumble and hazelnut ice-cream (SG$14)

Tiramisu with a touch of truffle (SG$16)

Hello Mr Big Eyes

All of us! (errr.. minus the baby)

Happy Father’s Day :)

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Pique Nique
#B1-01 Takashimaya
Ngee Ann City Tower A
391A Orchard Road


Met up with who I’ve known for years.. we first met in Australia and are both now living in Singapore – so coincidental! Our hubbies are mates too, which is great, ‘cos we can do double dates ;) Of course, now we have baby in tow, so gone are our days of freedom and wandering around without a care in the world!

We hit Pique Nique (pronounced “pic-nic”) which is said to be a ‘New York-style bakery-cum-bistro’. It’s all about clean lines, white washes, and understated furnishings. It’s evidently supposed to be dessert-centric, so it was a bit silly of us to skip dessert! Instead, we opted for their American diner style food. Overall, I’d say the food is decent but not spectacular.

Pique Nique

Little desserts

Biscuits and jams on sale

The Whoopie Fries came out first, and the dish really disappointed us. For SG$8, you’d expect the fries to be freakin’ outstanding. They were not. They were SO DOUSED with salt & seasoning that they were…… inedible. We are both greedy people *ahem*, so it takes a LOT for us to reject fries. And fries are my favourite food, so it takes a CRAPLOAD for me to reject them! But we just ate a little and had to stop. I told the waitress that they were inedible and way way way too salty, and she was pleasant, but just said “Oh, really? I’ll tell the chef” and that was it. No making a new batch, no taking it off our bill, nothing. Big thumbs down.

Whoopie Fries – INEDIBLE.

Next was the Carbonara macaroni and cheese. It came in a cute skillet with a poached egg on top. I thought the egg was rather random, but turns out it was a great idea as the creaminess of the egg yolk went well with the dish. This was basic and nice, though I thought the sauce was a little lumpy and not as smooth and creamy as it could’ve been.

Carbonara macaroni and cheese

The Mushroom Swiss hot dog was AWESOME. I loved the soft fluffy bun, the tasty sausage, the lashings of sliced mushrooms and the melted cheese. And the plain fries it came with were FAR better than the sorrowful Whoopie Fries we ordered.

Mushroom Swiss hot dog

I’d go back for the hotdog, and perhaps try out their milkshakes and desserts.. but I definitely wouldn’t order those fries again! Then again, I was a little disgusted with their lack of effort to make-good on an inedible dish, and I do think that with so much competition around, cafes need to be aware of what customers say and do something to make things right.

Anyway, Hunter was all decked on in his little sailor boy outfit, a gift from . Chris and I adore it, especially Chris, because he loves sailor outfits on his son, so this was perfect :P

The outfit!

Hunter in it (hard to see)

Pic stolen from !

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