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Sushi Tei
Unit 28, 1st Floor, Metro City
1111 Zhaojiabang Road
Shanghai, China


Jumping back again to our Shanghai days… (sorry for the randomness, just discovered some of these pics lurking around and so am throwing ’em up here).. we headed to good ‘ol Sushi Tei during our last week. We had quite the EPIC FEAST as we ordered a storm of dishes including baked cheesy scallops, grilled king prawns, sashimi, sizzling steak, crab, etc.

Sushi Tei consistently always has good service – be it in Australia, China or Singapore. They do good food at reasonable prices, and so remains as one of my favourite mid-range Japanese restaurants.


Flood #1 of the dishes

And then more came out.. mm…

Me completely ignoring the waitresses and more interested in the food :P

Hi hunny bunny (~3 months old here)

Demon eyes!

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23 Nanjing East Road
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元元

So as I was saying… I liked Shook! so much I decided to go back that same day for dinner – this time on a quiet dinner date with Chris. Co-incidentally, it was also our last night in Shanghai, so we wanted something memorable… hence the location at The Bund.

This time, Shook! was transformed into night time dining.. with mood lighting, much quieter ambience, and a different menu offering their full range of a la carte dishes. The menu is pretty exhaustive, and so tantalising that we had trouble figuring out what to order ;) It took a bit of back-and-forth and listening to the waiter’s recommendations before we finally decided on our choices. We were very fortunate to be allocated the best table there – a corner table right by the glass windows overlooking The Bund area. Gorgeous!

We were treated to a complimentary champagne with bubbling pearls. OK I think it had a much more eloquent name than this, but I forgot ;) It was fascinating to look at – the pearls going up and down the bubbling champagne, and they burst as we drank. Novelty!

We thoroughly enjoyed the dishes, which were all brought out beautifully presented. The portions are not large (considering the price), but enough so that we were full at the end of the meal. Fine food, lovely ambience, and good service – a nice way to remember our last night in Shanghai :)

Our table view at Shook!

Champagne with bubbling pearls

Our last night in Shanghai :)

Amuse bouche

Trio of crab

Lightly dusted cajun spiced seabass with pimento mayo, avocado, cucumber salad and a twist of chilli

Slow braised grain fed beef cheek with a humble mash, crisply cooked bacon, and caramelized grenadine onion

Sides of fries and mushrooms

Tiramisu with creamy white chocolate, marsala panacotta, and espresso

Lemon tart with mint sauce

Mint cocktail

Upstairs balcony area for drinks



23 Nanjing East Road
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元

OK a throw back to our Shanghai days again.. my ‘last meal’ with my Ladies Who Lunch group was at the very cool Shook! on The Bund. It’s all about high ceilings, awesome views, attentive service and excellent food. I was excited to try it out as I hadn’t been there before, and they have a super special 88RMB set lunch on that we were all eyeing.

It didn’t disappoint. We were attended to by a flurry of waiters, headed up by a cute Frenchman (errr forgot his name). He explained all the dishes in detail and left us salivating ;) I liked the menu as it was a nice blend of Asian and Western/French dishes, so everyone can be sated. The portions of the food were very reasonable – definitely enough to fill us. It even included tea/coffee and a lovely plate of pretty petit fours for dessert.

All the dishes were tastefully presented and very well cooked. I was more than impressed with my Slow cooked confit of duck with natural jus, peas, bacon and potatoes that fell from the bone easily and was sublime. In fact, it was better than what I’ve had in restaurants in France!

Shook! is an excellent spot to lunch with friends – the large glass windows and high ceilings make for a very cheery afternoon. However.. turns out it’s a lovely place for a romantic dinner too – as Chris and I discovered when I was mad enough to book dinner on the same day ‘cos I was so impressed with the restaurant I wanted to bring Chris back there, haha!

Pretty decor at Shook

Assorted bread basket


Gado Gado salad with fragrant peanut sauce

Chilled tomato and raspberry soup with cucumber salsa and mint pesto

Slow cooked confit of duck with natural jus, peas, bacon and potatoes

Wok fried rice

Toasted beef baguette with Asian style salad dressing and chilli chips

Pan-fried red mullet with light risotto and curry bouillon

Tea and coffee

Petit fours

The Ladies Who Lunch

And with more of ’em!

And of course, a video of…. who else? Hunter ;)

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Sinan Mansions
47 Fuxing West Road
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元

It’s been a mad week of farewell brunches, coffees, lunches and dinners for us.. as we near to D-day when we leave Shanghai. I didn’t take photos at most of them, since A) I’m too lazy and B) no time to blog! However, for this particular one, I took photos because I’d been wanting to go to Chicha for AGES and we finally made it there for a lovely brunch with dear friends.

Yet another restaurant by Eduardo Vargas, Chicha is located in the Sinan Mansions area, it was pretty quiet which was just as well. We scored a lovely outdoor table under the trees and the weather was cool yet sunny. Service was prompt and pretty friendly, and the food arrived swiftly. And boy, we were impressed!!

Every dish was unique and had a lovely blend of ingredients and flavours. I was surprised that it wasn’t standard restaurant fare, but I suppose that’s partly because it’s Peruvian food which isn’t common here in Shanghai. I really liked every single dish, and would definitely go back, if not for the fact that we are leaving Shanghai ;)

The outdoor area at Chicha

Complimentary bread. OK, but could’ve done with a lovely herbed/garlic butter instead.

Ginger scones with peaches & cream – oh. my. Crisp, dense, warm, delicious.

Peanut butter & jelly turnovers – such a simple concept, but fantastic!

Seabass cebiche – lovely light flavours, but not enough to be a main meal

Grilled chorizo, egg, potato, chimichurri – ohhhh comfort food at its finest!

Beef saltado, tacu-tacu, egg, onion salsa – the beef was so tender, and
what a unique dish! I’d never tasted anything like it before..

Peruvian flan – creamy and luscious, this was simple but good

Crispy rice pudding, mango salsa, ice cream – I’d never had rice
pudding before, but I’d order it again :)

Cinnamon mousse, poached pear-strawberry salsa – this was excellent,
and I don’t even really like cinnamon normally!

CHEERS to 2.5 years of friendship in Shanghai

It’s always so hard to say goodbye :(

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Tables @ Ritz Carlton
Shanghai Centre
1376 Nanjing West Road
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元

The Ritz Carlton in Shanghai flew in William Wongso, a chef famous for his modern Indonesian cuisine, as well as a team of Indonesian chefs this week, and were offering a fabulous Indonesian buffet at their restaurant. I was pretty ecstatic when I found out, as I love Indonesian food and what better way than to have it all-you-can-eat?! And so 8 of us decided to hit it up for lunch on Monday, which was a public holiday.

The service was impeccable. Friendly, so efficient, and they even gave us a lovely corner table. I was impressed with the selection and spread of the buffet. Lovely presentation, a huge variety, and quality ingredients. It wasn’t just Indonesian food though, they also offered other dishes such as sashimi and oysters, Western cakes, etc. That suited me just fine, I like the variety!

The Indonesian food was done really well. By far and away, the Beef Rendang was the best. It was meltingly tender, packed a real punch of flavour, and we went back for seconds and thirds ;) The most disappointing for me was the Laksa, which I found was not spicy at all, and had some random ingredients in it that I never knew existed in a laksa. Then again, I have never had a laksa in Indonesia and was comparing it to Singapore laksa.

I especially loved the Dessert spread. Tiny little desserts and a LOT of variety make me very happy indeed ;) We ate ’til we could eat no more, but sadly I couldn’t eat as much as I normally do because I spent most of my time carrying Hunter (who decided to be oddly fussy that day). Which meant that I had to eat at a much slower rate, which meant my stomach filled up and I couldn’t eat at my normal rate :( The secret to buffets is that you eat really quickly so you can get in as much food as possible before you feel full! Still, I did get in 4 plates/bowls of mains, 2 serves of sashimi and oysters, and 10 of the lil desserts. So not too bad :P

William Wongso at the helm of Ritz Carlton’s indonesian buffet

Hunter chilling out (before he got mad fussy and insisted on being carried)

Fresh prawns, crabs, mussels and oysters

A spread of cheeses and breads. Who bothers to eat bread at a buffet?!

Sashimi and salad (LOL) stations

Noodle station

My bowl of laksa, which I found so-so

One of my plates of food. I loved EVERYTHING on it!!

A serve of sashimi and chicken satay. That sashimi was divine.

Just another random plate of (huge) oysters, tender lamb chops, and
super delicious beef rendang and fried rice.

My 10 lil desserts split over both plates. In my belly they went. I liked them ALLLLL!!!

Capping it all off with cute ‘lil ice creams

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The Fat Olive
6/F, Silver Court Complex
228 Xizang Nan Lu
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元

We randomly stumbled upon The Fat Olive for brunch one afternoon.. which was a surprise as I’d always thought it was more of a Happy Hour/dinner type place. The luxe interior and quiet atmosphere made it a fantastic place to lay Hunter down whilst we had our meal. Unfortunately, we found that the food was rather average, as was the service.

Rich purples and smooth creams at The Fat Olive

The Fried potatoes with baked feta, 2 fried eggs, slow roasted tomatoes looked terribly exciting on the menu.. but what we thought would be hash brown or fried potatoes turned out to be plain ‘ol FRIES. Which would have been fine if they were home-made and fluffy, but these looked like frozen fries and were very dry, over-cooked and tasteless. The 2 sunny side up eggs were done perfectly, but it frankly made for a very bland meal when all you’ve got is fried eggs and fries. The slow roasted tomatoes looked like half a mushy tomato and was nothing to speak of. Disappointing.

Fried potatoes with baked feta, 2 fried eggs, slow roasted tomatoes

The Housemade ricotta cheese pancakes with greek yogurt and gleko fared much better, though was rather small for the price. The pancakes were tasty, though could have been thicker and fluffier. We enjoyed the poached fruit and dollop of thick, luscious Greek yogurt. I would have preferred it with honey or pure maple syrup, but that’s just a matter of personal taste :)

Housemade ricotta cheese pancakes with greek yogurt and gleko

Whilst I opted for the Latte (nice, but such a *tiny* cup for the price it shocked me), Chris decided on the Mary Martini which was basically a Bloody Mary done martini-style. Unfortunately, it was way way way way too spicy!! Chris couldn’t stomach it and when I sipped it, neither could I. We asked the manager if there was anything he could do, and he was quite un-smiling and aloof and said “You can’t change the drink”. I know we DID order it, but if a customer truly cannot stomach your drink, changing it for them makes for excellent customer service and good word of mouth, no? However, the bartender did ‘lighten’ the drink a little so it was a little less spicy when it came back… but still undrinkable, so our money went down the drain. As we were leaving, it was obvious the full drink was still there, yet the manager said nothing and still billed us for it.

Latte and Mary Martini

Overall, the service was tolerable and polite, but I wouldn’t consider them friendly or warm. I would rate our food average – I didn’t find the quality of the ingredients fine or special in any way, but it was edible. For the price though, there are MANY other places out there with stellar customer service and fantastic food, so I don’t think we will be back.

They did have lovely couches though!

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New York Style Steak and Burger
Tianzifang, Lane 155 Jianguo Lu
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元

I’m quite annoyed it took me this long to discover New York Style Steak and Burger, despite being in the area regularly. I always walk past and go “Oh! Really gotta try that place out” but we end up eating somewhere else in Tianzifang instead. The restaurant entrance is tucked at the back of an alleyway, so it’s easy to miss. It’s situated over 3 levels, each a tiny nook of a space.

And boy…. their BURGERS ARE AMAZING. They are now my #1 burger in Shanghai, easily. Quite surprising as I never expected such good burgers to come out of this place. I ordered the Mushroom Swiss burger which came in a very decent portion and on a lovely fluffy bun. The meat was deliciously fresh and oh-so-juicy, beautifully seasoned, and came topped with fresh veggies and a smothering of juicy mushroom slices and gooey Swiss cheese. It. Was. Luscious.

If you want a fab burger fix and want your burger done just right, check out New York Style Steak and Burger. We are going back for sure!!

New York Style Steak and Burger

Beef salad, which had waaaay more salad than beef

Corned beef sandwich and fries

Mushroom Swiss burger

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