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Le Paris
1 Xiangyang Lu (襄阳路1号)
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元

We discovered Le Paris based on a recommendation of some French friends (co-incidentally, the same ones that adopted Star!). French cuisine is right up there as one of my favourite cousines (right next to Japanese), so I was super keen to check it out. The interior is reminiscent of a casual chic French bistro and every table of diners there were French. We were there with (yet another) couple of our French friends and they declared the restaurant and food very authentic, so there you go :P

Le Paris

The interior

The menu has a substantial selection of various dishes ranging from foie gras to escargot to veal. They also have different Lunch sets which are fantastic value (98RMB for a 3-course lunch plus coffee/tea). We enjoyed a Duck and olive terrine for our starter, which was a chunk of deliciousness combined with caramelised onions. In retrospect, I should’ve ordered the Foie gras, as I heard later that it’s spectacular.

Duck and olive terrine

I picked the Duck cottage pie with truffles for my main which was absolutely outstanding – delicious moist slivers of duck enveloped in soft buttery potato mash, and topped off with jaunty slices of black truffles. Oooooh!!! Chris’ Roasted chicken and potatoes was simple but beautifully executed, the chicken so tender and moist..

Duck cottage pie with truffles

Roasted chicken and potatoes

For dessert, I took a punt with the Profiteroles and chocolate soup and was damn glad I did, because it made me gasp with delight when it was presented at our table with a flourish. The profiterole was fluffy and shaped like a tall swan, so impressive! It had fluffy mounds of fresh cream in it and a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream hidden underneath. A shot glass containing warm liquid chocolate was the perfect accompaniment to dip the profiterole into.

Profiteroles and chocolate soup

Strawberry layered sponge cake

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There is a group of around 14-15 girls that are the “tai tai” women – that is, women that aren’t working and so are free during the day to hang out, do brunches, cooking classes, coffees, shopping, and generally bum around :P And I am merrily part of that group now that I’m on maternity leave, heh! We meet up every week to chill out and enjoy various spots around Shanghai.

One of our ‘dates’ was a chocoholics tour around Shanghai! There were 3 places – HoF, Napoleon, Whisk. I arrived a bit late (lesson for everyone: a mother with a baby is always either early or late, never on time!) so I missed out on the first place, HoF. Sad, as they are my #1 favourite place for chocolate in the city, but at least I’ve eaten my way around their menu, so I knew I wouldn’t miss out on anything.

The 2nd place was Napoleon, which is newly opened and all spacious and chocolate-coloured inside. The service was really attentive as the owner took the time to explain each of the items on the menu. Of course, I couldn’t resist a good ‘ol Australian meat pie, so I got one, and it was deeeelish. Nice filling, and an outstanding buttery flaky pastry. Their desserts were also pretty impressive and had a homemade touch to them. Their cheesecake in particular was very well received by all – creamy and rich, but not too strong of a cheesy flavour. One of the ladies actually thought it tasted like a white chocolate cheesecake. I’m pleased that Napoleon is so close to us, we’ll be back!

At Napoleon chocolate cafe

Luscious hot chocolate with marshmallows

Beef pie, YUM!

Chocolate cake with a berry layer

Creamy cheesecake

The 3rd spot was Whisk, which I’d heard a lot about but hadn’t gotten round to visiting yet. The interior was tidy and pretty, and the service attentive but not overly friendly. We were all rather affronted when they told us “we don’t serve water, you have to order bottled water”. I HATE places that do this. All it screams to me is “we’re too cheap and too greedy for money, so by refusing you water, we hope you will order drinks and make us more money”. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t go back to Whisk, they certainly aren’t customer centric.

I really enjoyed the Banana chocolate cake, which was spongy and moist. However, the Churros were inedible! Dried out hard little sticks of churros, looking very sad and dry on the plate. The dipping chocolate was so watery it didn’t quite stick to the churros, and we weren’t provided spoons to try and scoop it up. We didn’t want to anyway, the chocolate was NOT good quality and did not taste like heaven. Their saving grace was their 25RMB red wine, which was served in a more-than-decent portion. I was disappointed with Whisk though, as I found their desserts were in general just average, and the whole “no water, please give us more money by ordering drinks instead” policy had us disgusted.

Our red wine.. mm..

Churros – not good

Banana chocolate cake – this was just fantastic

Chocolate mud cake – this was good, but not as good as the banana choc cake


More chocoholics!

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Scena @ The Ritz Carlton
52/F, 8 Shiji Da Dao (世纪大道8号52楼)
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元元

Mum and Dad left earlier this week.. after almost 2 months of staying with us in Shanghai! It’s the longest they’ve ever stayed over, but yet time seemed to fly past. So gone now are the days where I can pass Hunter over to Dad at 7AM and get an extra 2 hours sleep (meaning I now clock in about 6-7 hours instead of 8-9 hours sleep at night), and gone are the days where I have breakfast, lunch and dinner waiting for me on the table as well as yummy soups to slurp down. Not to mention all our free time bumming around whilst Mum and Dad cuddle Hunter and having them do daily runs to pick up groceries, supplies, etc, etc, etc. D’oh! But then, it also feels so exciting being our own proper lil family. I guess it’s the real test now on whether we’ll survive, hehe. So far, so good! *whew*

We hit the Ritz Carlton hotel for a lazy lunch on the last day Mum and Dad were here.. We were last there for my birthday lunch and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, so thought it would be a great place to revisit. It didn’t disappoint. We got the main course + dessert buffet option, of course! A whole spread of delectable sweets and such – how could I resist ;) The fab thing about the dessert buffet is that they have high quality stuff – fine desserts and beautifully presented.

Delicious food, lovely relaxed atmosphere, and impeccable service. Well worth it :)


With Hunter tucked away in the Bugaboo


Big loaf of bread with roasted garlic and tomato chutney

Roasted pork belly, sauteed spinach, wild mushrooms, caramelized onion mashed potatoes

Linguini pasta with pesto and smoked salmon

Roasted salmon, artichokes, confit baby potatoes, tomatoes, fennel salsa

Pumpkin risotto, asparagus and sauteed prawns

My dessert platter round #1

My 2nd round…

My 3rd round…

My 4th round… teehee!!!

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We headed to NOVA for Hunter’s 1-month birthday, a lovely French restaurant that does fabulous set lunches (88元 for 2 courses, 108元 for 3 courses). It’s chill, cozy interior makes for a lovely relaxed lunch, and the service is always polite and attentive. We especially love their food, it’s very French and simply delicious! In fact, we were there for Valentines Day last week and liked it so much we decided to go back to celebrate Hunter’s 1-month, also because it’s walking distance for us so we could take him out in his Bugaboo.

All the dishes were spot-on and executed beautifully. The portion sizes are very decent, I don’t think they reduce the sizes as compared with their regular priced menu. The set lunch price is so reasonable, we’ll be back for sure :) Only regret? Wish they updated the choices more frequently!

Venturing out in the wild outdoors for Hunter’s 1-month birthday!

At NOVA, a French restaurant

Taking a video for Chris’ parents

Our ‘lil family (with Hunter hidden in the yellow Bugaboo, heh)

HELLO THERE sugar dumpling!

They serve absolutely delicious warmed bread rolls

Snails with parsley butter

Duck rillette with pickled onions and gherkin

Beef tartar with fresh herbs and garlic (note: this is 168元 and not part of the lunch set)

Shepherd’s pie with duck

Steak with fries and green salad

Tilapia fish with tagliatelle pasta

Plate of brie cheese (all gone, though!)

Homemade apple tart with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate eclair

Homemade dark chocolate mousse

Kir – peach and blackcurrent

All of us :)

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My birthday lunch/brunch was a quiet little date with Chris in the Ritz-Carlton hotel, high up on the 52nd floor overlooking the city of Shanghai. We very rarely do fancy brunches, so it was really nice to splash out to celebrate… especially since it was a crystal-clear sunny-blue-skies day :)

Pudong is so different to Puxi (the main city area where we live). It’s so much cleaner, and has open spaces!!! No one bumping shoulders with you, and hardly anyone spitting at your feet or doing strange things. We were imagining pushing a baby stroller along the nice paved footpaths and pottering around, and how lovely it would be… really puts “living in China” in a new perspective. I think the main reason I feel so harassed and annoyed sometimes (with having to deal with some crazy/uncivilized people) is because we live right in the middle of the bustling city, with all types of folk. But out in Pudong, it’s a lot more civilized and way less people – it actually feels very much like being in a Western chilled-out city.

Shanghai’s infamous sky scrapers

Me with the beautiful Pearl Tower

The Scena restauraunt in the Ritz-Carlton has INCREDIBLE service, though I must note they make you pay 15% service charge for the honour. Fortunately they did make it as worth the money as possible, with top-notch English speaking staff and excellent service. We loved the lofty ceilings and airy ambiance, even more pronounced by the large glass windows that let in streaming sunlight and offered gorgeous views of Shanghai and the Bund. It’s an excellent place to take visitors and we’re making a note to come back with both sets of parents when they’re here visiting early next year – and with baby in tow :P

My roasted veal loin, marsala sauce, sauteed mushrooms, ratatouille was perfectly cooked, much to my delight. I don’t often get a chunk of red meat in China because it either doesn’t exist, or it’s exorbitantly expensive and not that well cooked. Their veal was very tender with no strange sinewy bits, and could be cut with a butter knife (which I used). I do wish they had provided a lot more sauce, but on the plus side, the sparse drizzle made the flavour of the fresh veal really stand out.

Chris’ tagliatelle and seafood tomato sauce was an impressive ratio of seafood and pasta. It was a very decently sized portion and was absolutely delicious! Lovely tart tomato sauce and generous ingredients. Good comfort food ;)

When we were relaxing with our orange juices and enjoying the view after our meal, the staff suddenly came up and presented us with….. a birthday dessert platter!! It was so sweet of them, and I loved the desserts prettily arranged on the plate. The Fruit tart was superb – I normally steer clear of fruit tarts cos I can’t quite grasp the concept of fruit in a dessert (defeats the purpose of a dessert IMHO) but this one was excellent because the fruit was super sweet and juicy, plus the tart had the perfect balance of custard and tart base.

And then…… the DESSERT BUFFET. It was the main reason why we were there for brunch and it did not disappoint. I was impressed that the desserts were very fine quality and beautifully presented, in lovely little dishes and mini sized. The ingredients were evidently of excellent quality to the taste, and the spread was really big. We ate, and ate, and ate, and ate… until we physically could not put another morsel into our mouths ;)

We staggered outside, stuffed to the brim and very happy indeed. It was quite a memorable Birthday brunch!

Ritz-Carlton hotel

Chris soaking in the warm sun

Assorted bread platter with tapenade and olive butter

Enjoying ourselves high above Shanghai

Roasted veal loin, marsala sauce, sauteed mushrooms, ratatouille

Tagliatelle and seafood tomato sauce


The dessert buffet


Cute wee lil desserts

Went a little wild………….. *ahem*.

Closeup. Man those chocolate truffles were good!

Coffee served with really cute sugar canisters

All blissful :)

Watching Chinese acrobatics in the IFC luxury mall next door

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This was our favourite tapas restaurant in Barcelona, called Cerveceria Catalana (Mallorca, 23608013 Barcelona). But be warned – it’s everyone else’s favourite too ;) Rock up by 7PM or you’ll be left standing there for yonks waiting for a seat, as it gets totally packed to the rafters! We were lucky to score a seat immediately as we came a few minutes before the mad rush… thankfully. It’s considered one of the best places in the city for tapas, and it’s certainly true. Even more delightful is the fact that their staff are excellent. I found service in Barcelona so-so in general – not rude, but not ultra polite or friendly.. more like they were just there to slog through their job. So we really enjoyed the funny and amiable staff at Cerveceria Catalana.

Their food was delish! Lovely seafood and meats, very well cooked and delivered to you within minutes. It was a fantastic experience – highly recommended as one of the must-visit restaurants in Barcelona!

Chris looking exceedingly pleased at Cerveceria Catalana

Total food eye-candy

Anchovies, stuffed olives, tomatoes, bread. Chris’ dream food.

Patatas Bravas time!!! *salivates*

A simple but tasty pasta salad

ADORED this. Mini fish deep-fried with a squeeze of lemon. You eat the whole thing!
They were soooo tasty and not too salty at all, mmm…..

Wagyu beef :)

Cod fish – beautiful texture but too salty

Crema catalana – a custard pudding sealed with a coating of burnt caramel. Better
than a creme caramel.. and it was so creamy and custardy… ohhhhh!!!!

My ultra rich Spanish hot chocolate and Chris’ espresso

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Hard to believe it’s been a year since we created our wedding website.. seems like only yesterday we were writing the content and happily putting up the site as preparation for our wedding! How time flies :)

We celebrated our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary dinner by splashing out for a degustation meal at the famous L’atelier Joel Robuchon that has been awarded 2 Michelin Stars (yay!).

It’s set up Japanese style, with dining around the counter. We loved it because it meant we could sticky-beak at all the people running around in the open-kitchen, cooking and putting the dishes together. We were amazed no one crashed into each other, considering the quiet but frantic activity in there!

The meal was flat out amazing. We adore degustation meals and this didn’t disappoint. Each dish came out so artfully decorated, and the ingredients were really fresh and blended well together. Everything was divine but I loved the desserts the best. They were beautiful! And a gorgeous array of flavours in both the dessert dishes.

A totally stunning meal. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves :) Thank you Chris for the wonderful anniversary dinner!

L’atelier @ Joel Robuchon

Gorgeous Japanese-style dining

Pretty flowers and greenery

A glass of white Pinot

Big basket of baguette!

L’amuse bouche – orange and carrot gazpacho with cumin crisp
This tasted exactly like the description, lol

Le Caviar – sur une pomme de terre a l’anguille fumee, fleurette au raifort
Outstanding! Who knew something so simple like caviar and potato would taste so good..

Les Tomates – anciennes relevees de sumac a l’huille provencale
At first I didn’t like the idea of eating just tomatoes, but these were sooo sweet

Le Foie Gras – de canard chaud, aux cerises et amandes fraiches
LUSCIOUS. Adored this :)

La Langoustine – en ravioli truffle a l’etuvee de chou vert
Great bite to the ravioli, and I adored the truffle sauce.. mmm..

L’oeuf – cocotte a la creme legere de girolies
Like a super-upper-class version of soft boiled eggs ;)

Le Rouget – aux aromates, releve d’une vierge a l’huile de pistache condimentee
Loved the red snapper fish, as it was perfectly cooked. The decoration – too cute!

La Caille – farcie de foie gras et caramelisee avec une pomme puree a la truffle d’ete
Pigeon stuffed with foie gras, with truffle mash potatoes. How can that possibly go wrong?!

L’agneau de Lait – encotelettes a la fleur de thym
Super tender lamb…. mmmm…

Les Fraises Des Bois – sur une gelee au limoncello et son sorbet acidule au fromage blanc
I normally don’t like fruit desserts, but this was PERFECT

Le Chocolate Tendance – ganache onctueuse au chocolate araguani, glace au grue de cacao, biscuit oreo
My favourite by far. The presentation was enough to make me squeal!

As was the dish itself.. a creamy chocolatey concoction of AWESOMENESS.

Little soft caramels to finish off the meal

Anniversary bliss :)

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