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I took a tumble today :(

It was when we were out shopping after lunch (OK fine, I didn’t look nearly as glamorous as the cartoon above, but oh well!). The Tods boutique in Plaza66 is a bit of a death trap. OK, not really, for normal human beings. See, the entrance has a bit of a slope but it’s not very steep and only a short one, so regular people would stumble a little at the most if they don’t notice it (hard to as the floor’s all the same colour and polished with no markings indicating there’s a slope).

But, me now being pregnant, where I normally would’ve just stumbled, I ended up flying and falling heavily (well, I AM 12kg heavier now!) onto the ground. UGH!!

The 4 salesgirls screamed behind me and were all frozen to the spot, and the salesguy at the door near me crouched down beside me to ask if I was OK but was too scared to touch me or help me back up. And the shopping centre’s security guard came running over and just stared at me in shock, as did around 5-6 other shoppers. Everyone was just gasping and staring at me with a wide-eyed look of horror……. but no one helped me! I don’t blame them, they were all too scared to move and didn’t really know what to do… I guess people freak out when they see a heavily pregnant woman fall flat on the ground.

I was in shock and pain for about 2 mins so I couldn’t move, and was frantically trying to figure out where the pain was coming from. It was mostly in my left ankle (twisted it badly so it’s really sore now) so it took me a few mins before I had to heave myself off the floor, in a most un-ladylike fashion.

Walked over to Chris (he was only just round the corner waiting for me but didn’t hear/notice the commotion) who promptly brought me home and sat me on the couch, and I had a nap for around 1.5 hours. Now, feeling OK (except for a sore ankle) and baby boy is still kicking inside me with fervor so I suppose all is fine!

Anyway – this is just to remind my pregnant girl friends to please be careful!!! I am pretty careful and very nervous going up/down stairs since I’m unstable now, and when Chris is around he’s practically carrying me whenever we’re outdoors…. yet this still happened to me. I had good flat shoes on, but a combination of me not seeing the small slope and the polished floor has enough effect to make me take a rough tumble. So, be careful!!

In other news, had our 3rd Trimester ultrasound today which went swimmingly. He is measuring at 33.5 weeks and is “fully engaged”/dropped. Surprising, as usually babies don’t drop until around 2 weeks before their due date, but it’s not a problem (and probably good news as he will stay in this position for the duration of the pregnancy, woohoo).

Only problem? My cervix is thinning. Errrrrr… a little TMI but oh well, when you’re pregnant, there’s no such thing as TMI, so I’m told ;) It was 4cm last appointment (normal) and reduced to 2.8cm this appointment (still ok but a big decrease). If it reduces to 1cm then it’s danger-zone. The cause may be due to my unusually high level of activity (for a pregnant woman). So under doctor’s orders, I have to “take it easy”, walk less, and………. cut down/stop going to the gym.


Awful news. The movement, walking, exercise, etc is what makes me feel awesome throughout the pregnancy, and what puts him to sleep (otherwise he kicks me so much my insides hurt). Without it I won’t really know what to do with myself, and will likely jump out of my own skin, plus probably have all those yuck pregnancy symptoms, which I’ve managed to sneakily avoid so far, come at me with a vengeance :(

But I will reduce gym sessions to 2x a week as a compromise.. and will cut out the weight-lifting at the gym entirely as well. Blah. Crap news, but I only have to survive it for 2 weeks until my next appointment.. and if all is OK then, doctor said I can go back to my usual levels of activity *whew*!

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28 weeks today! Having a very nice 3rd Trimester so far.. We’re on the final leg, guys :D

Sadly though, as you can see in the chart above, I am on the high end of weight-gain.. no other nice way to put it :( I officially hit my “I’ve gained 10KG” mark this week :(

I know more than a handful of women that are boasting mere 1-3KG weight gains so far (and they’re nearly as far along pregnant as I am). So it’s pretty damn evident to me that I am NOT one of those lucky slim women that look all petite and thin during their pregnancy… and instead am blowing up like a blimp. It’s frustrating, but nothing I can do about it and at least I’m comforted by the thought that the baby is healthy and doing really well. And fortunately, Chris doesn’t declare that I’m really fat and instead says he’s pleased I’m putting on weight to cook his bun in the oven :P Whew!

I completely and totally attribute a smooth pregnancy with no symptoms (umm.. so far anyway) to EXERCISE. I know it’s a bit strange hearing me (of all people!) advocating exercise.. but I totally swear by it now. Every since the 1st day we discovered I was pregnant, I’ve been hitting the gym 3 times a week, every single week, without fail. I crave exercise. I NEED it. It makes me feel sooooo good, and is one guaranteed thing to put our ‘lil baby to sleep (he zonks off with all the lulling movement, I think). Plus, it many respects, it makes me feel less guilty and horrified about my ballooning belly. I may be on the very high end of weight gain, but at least I know I’m still HEALTHY because I’m doing so much exercise.

I know Chinese people actually discourage exercise and being active, but medically it’s the BEST thing to do! Healthier mother, healthier baby. Better recovery time, and all round good for your body. And I strongly believe that it’s because of the huge amount of activity + exercise that I’ve had whilst pregnant that has translated to NO nausea, NO leg/muscle/back aches, NO headaches, NO swelling, NO indigestion, NO… everything, basically. And so, to all my lovely pregnant or soon-to-be-pregnant girl friends out there, I totally recommend exercising your heart out when you’re pregnant – it feels GREAT!!! And since I now know almost 25 women that are pregnant (whoaaaaa…), here’s wishing a healthy and smooth pregnancy ahead to all :)

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Most of my female friends are really super into exercise. Quite funny, since I’ve never been friends with any healthy-living girls before; from previous experience we simply haven’t managed to get along ‘cos we can’t go out together to eat :P But yep, most of the people I know here are really really really into diet and exercise. To the point that when we were last out, we had a table of 20 girls and ALL 20 of them ordered a salad (!!!!!!). And I was the only one that had a big pulled-pork sandwich and fries (YUMMMMM). It’s like I’m the fat friend that girls like to have around. Ugh. Oh well, at least the pulled pork was realllllyyyyy good :)~

Errr… anyway, I digress. So a bunch of the girls have been on this Fitness Challenge thing, which is basically bootcamp. I actually wanted to sign up, until I heard that it’s at the UNGODLY time of 6AM (!!!!!). That’s just unacceptable for me since I need my beauty sleep :P So whilst everyone did manic sit ups and sprints in the morning, I languished in bed instead, hehehehe.

And so the final Fitness Challenge came, where the 2 teams would compete against each other. It was held at the pretty Century Park on the Pudong side, and it was such a breath of fresh air getting away from the crazy city streets. And to see grass! And lots of it! Such a rare sight in Shanghai. Plus, the weather was fantastic – warm and shady with spots of sun peeking through the clouds.

So whilst the 2 teams did their challenge, Chris and I and a couple of others sat on our asses and ate chips instead, which is a LOT more fun than running around in a park :P It was great to get out in the afternoon and enjoy Shanghai’s fab Spring weather, and chill out under the trees. Plus, seeing all the fit girls prancing around sorta kinda made me feel guilty and want to sign up for the next set of Fitness Challenge…. almost :P

(Photos are either mine, or from other friends’ professional cameras and off the website)

Chilling out in Century Park

Say cheese!

The girls looking amazingly chipper whilst warming up

The 2 teams gearing up

Push ups time!

This is MY version of a push up!

Coaches showing us how it’s done

It got competitive.. ;)

We lazed around instead


About to tuck into my food :D

Group photo of all the fit chicks

It was hot hot hot!


Chilling out on the grass after all the exercise


OK a nice one

Supremely scary close-up

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So I made a post about our pole dancing classes but that had crappy photos of us. Last week, we had Urbanatomy come to our class since they were going to do their write up on it, and we also had the amazing Elena Savelieva photograph us. And boy, did she do a good job! Granted, she took hundreds of photos to get a few where we weren’t either 1) going in all different directions or 2) showing pained/strange looks on our faces :P But still, her camera is fantastic and the photos look really good. We honestly look like we know our stuff!

So here are more photos, of us in motion and whizzing around. I’m a bit miffed at how it looks so simple in the photos.. when in reality we were struggling and huffing away and falling flat on our asses all over the place :P Ahhhh the magic and trickery of photography ;)

All photo credit goes to the talented Elena!

Streeeetching before class to warm up

Whizzing round!

Our (tiny) instructor Adel

Looking strange sticking my ass out ;)

Hanging out like monkeys!

Every one doing a completely different thing, haha

This is my worst move, I can’t quite seem to get it right

Chilling out. Nah just kidding, this was mad difficult!

Very un-classily falling down ;)

Collapsed :P Now just gotta figure out a dainty way to get up!

Sadly, pole dancing is no more, at least for now. The locals in the area saw us going in/out of the building and didn’t like to see foreigners in THEIR area. So they called the police and the police raided the studio, taking everything away. Yeah, I was in freakin’ DISBELIEF when I heard about it too. If white Australians had gathered together and called the police saying “We don’t want to see Chinese faces in our area, come get rid of them” there would be an absolute RIOT. But somehow it’s okay here. Oh well…….. part of the charm of living in China! :P

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I wasn’t born to exercise. That’s just the straight-up truth. The whole concept of fitness just doesn’t quite appeal to me.. partly because I’m lazy (oops!), and partly because I feel it’s all so useless. You feel like a hamster on a wheel and the moment you stop exercising, your body returns back to it’s “natural” un-exercised state within 2 weeks. What happened to aaaaaall the months and years of dedicated exercise? Nothing, that’s what! ‘Cos it all goes down the drain the minute you stop :( So I know that to be fit, I need to do it regularly and basically never stop. And that really is just too much of an effort for me.

Plus, I’m a firm believer of being your natural, true, self. In its un-exercised, un-dieted state. It’s cos I can spot girls a mile away that have exercised themselves thin – they have this strange, ‘off’ look about them, and are always going on about this diet and that diet (very boring). I like seeing people that are true to themselves and are their natural size – because that’s when they look their happiest and their best IMHO :)

But now, I’ve discovered a super fun way to exercise! It’s a bit of a no-brainer to most, but it’s new to me. Exercise with friends. Honestly, it’s the secret to being able to get off your fat ass. I never could just exercise by myself in the gym – no motivation and just can’t be bothered. But exercising with friends is so much different!

We’re doing boxing classes now. 5 of us in a class, so it’s maximum attention. Girls only! We have it twice a week and it’s MAD FUN!!! We’re learning the proper technique of boxing, as well as doing boxing moves. It’s a lot harder than it looks. We have to build up all our coordination, learn to be quick on our toes, and build muscle mass to punch with. You can read my girl friend’s account here for another perspective.

It’s a fabulous workout and a great way to get rid of rage inside you ;) One class burns around 500-600 calories, which is a LOT. I cleverly calculated it to equate to one Big Mac burger. YUMMY.

The only downside? I’m not losing any weight whatsoever, because the boxing classes are making me ravenous. I’m now eating almost double of what I normally do during the day, and seem to be constantly hungry and craving for something – kinda like I’m pregnant. Except I’m not. D’oh!

But, I’m hoping I’m at least building up muscle mass.. so I won’t be all jiggly and fatty when I run or bounce. And that is worth it!

What’s your favourite form of exercise? By yourself, or in a group?
For me, most definitely classes with friends :)

A video of me boxing like a little girl :P

Practising our boxing moves

Our trainer. He’s one crazy good boxer!

Grinning through the pain like a bit of a weirdo :P

Not relaxing, but doing leg lifts. OUCH!!

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A group of friends and I signed up for pole dancing classes! In particular, I wanted to do it because it means I’d be ‘forced’ to exercise. My fitness levels are…. nonexistent. I’m generally just too lazy and love to eat, so exercise somewhat opposes that ;) So I figure, if I enroll myself into classes, and do it with friends, then I’d just HAVE to exercise, right?

And obviously, pole dancing is FUN. A lot more exciting than jogging endlessly, how boring. I also like how you move to music, and it seems to me it’s very similar to gymnastics/ballet.. what with the core strength and flexibility involved. So I figure, since I danced ballet for 10 years, I’d be more pre-disposed to do pole dancing than, say, rugby ;)

The class was a LOT of fun, and so entertaining! It was all our 1st class ever, so it was all very beginner. We learned a lot though, and you realise how much coordination and strengh is needed for pole dancing. In fact, the next day, my muscles were so sore I couldn’t stand up or sit down properly.. let alone walk without limping! My thighs were SO painful I just couldn’t move them, and so were all these weird areas of my upper arms and armpits. Ouchhhhh. The pain was staggering. And all because of my zero exercise, hence none of my muscles are used to working out. Argh. Well…. hopefully now that I’m doing this, I’ll get fitter and be in less pain after each class!

The sexy ladies

I love the expression on my face. LMAO!!!!

Looking more exhausted than sexy. Pole dancing is hard work!

Practicising our walk-around-the-pole move. Even that was not easy…


Hey, I love Corona, actually!

You Are Corona

You are outgoing, energetic, and very extroverted. When people talk about the “life of the party,” they’re talking about you.
You always have a good time when you drink. Kicking back with a couple beers makes your usual cheerful self even happier.

You enjoy the company of others, and you thrive in any social situation. No group is too big or too small for you.
You may like beer more than most people, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t successful or productive. You are a huge go-getter.

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So after arriving back in Shanghai, I had to wake up at 5:30AM (?!?!) the next day to do the Shanghai International Marathon.

Painful? Yep. So much so that I got panicky and couldn’t sleep until 12:30AM at night! I was doing the 21KM run and was starting to get waves of panic because I had done no training. You’re supposed to do proper training, or at least EXERCISE, prior to doing a race. But I’m very well-known for my random “Oh HELLO, I think I will run 262343KMs cos I feel like it!” outbursts. (Shanghai Duathlon, anyone?) I’ve always been fine doing it.. then again, the furthest I’ve ever run with no training (because I only decided to do it 48 hours before when a friend fell sick and gave me her ticket) was the City 2 Surf in Australia – which was 14KM.

So we woke up at the butt-crack of dawn for this. Actually, wasn’t even butt-crack yet. Nothing was showing, dawn was still fast asleep. And then I was presented with some problems:

1) headache and fatigue from my 5 mere hours of panicked sleep
2) no training and so muscles were not ready (or wanting) to run 21KM

Yep, my body chose that day to curl up and roll over on me. Let’s just say I NEVER get sick. Or rather, so seldom that I can’t remember the last time I was sick. I never catch colds and I’m actually pretty robust in terms of health. But today, I was coughing, feeling really really really unwell.. and worst of all – a mega sore throat that was swollen so I couldn’t swallow properly.


But stubbornly, I still got up, we got dressed in a daze, and we headed off to meet the rest of the eBayers. They were doing the 4.5KM fun run because they thought the 21KM was insane. So there I was, snuffling away and feeling super ill (and sleepy), and they had a few extra number tags. “Want to run the 4.5KM too?” they asked Chris (who was actually there just to be my cheerleader) and he agreed. Then a lightbulb went off and I went “Ooooh! Is there an extra one for me?? I want to do the 4.5KM now” and there was!!! I felt bad because my 21KM race was all paid up and prepared for, but I was too scared. Chris was relieved too because he didn’t think I’d make it – or rather, I’d just make it into hospital instead ;)

And this was literally 2 minutes before the race. That’s how last-minute I am, *lol*. And that is how we came to run the 4.5KM race together, instead of me doing the 21KM by myself. We did it in 20 mins, which I was pleased about.

Problem? I was immediately sicker afterwards and was a total mess in the afternoon and evening, and also the next few days afterwards – shivering, stomach ache, flu, swollen throat, slight fever and worst of all, a horrid case of nausea so I couldn’t eat anything. I’m still recovering but everything’s all gone except for a (painful) cough.

So all in all, I’m glad I dropped out of the 21KM. Imagine if I did it?!?! I’d have surely collapsed half-way, I was so sick. But a part of me is angry for copping out, because I was so set on doing it (I get REALLY irate if I don’t meet my goals)! Next time for sure…

Our logo :P

When we got there. We were sleepy, freezing, and I was feeling very sick

Soldiers behind me standing at attention near the start line. Why were they there? No idea!

Tons of people… over 30,000!

The eBay folk

Just about to start

4.5KM later!

My muscle man

Rewarding ourselves with a Starbucks’ coffee nut latte afterwards


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