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It’s been a month of big change for us. But one major, sad, change is the re-homing of Star.

Since Hunter was born, we’ve had much less time to let her out to play and dance around the place. It was really unfair to her as we felt she didn’t get all the attention she deserved, not to mention we plan to move to Singapore and they don’t allow the import of ferrets (ugh).

We were really fortunate and found a wonderful French family that were happy to adopt her, and it was such a delight to see Star running around eagerly in their place – she acted like she was right at home instead of appearing uncertain or hyper. She pretty much has free run of their whole place, so I know she’s delighted about that! We’ll miss her so so so so much (already do!) but we’re so relieved that when we leave Shanghai, at least we know Star is happy and safe.

And so, our chapter of having ferrets is over. We’ve had a brilliant few years with Misty and Star. They make wonderful pets and we’ll always remember our 2 adorable little girls :)

Star with her new little friend. Goodbye, my darling ‘lil girl!

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The last ever photo of Misty, curled up next to Star.

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RIP Misty (31 January 2011)

Our lil girl had been on-off for the past few months, but managed to pull through each time. But yesterday, she was extremely lethargic, couldn’t move, and had difficulty breathing. Not a “I’m sick” disposition, but a “I’m just too old” disposition. My heart sank, because I was pretty sure she wasn’t curable.

Anyhow, Chris booked an appointment with the vet at 4:30PM. Before that, he took Misty out for a cuddle, and she snuggled up in his arms and fell asleep…… and never woke up.

It’s a HUGE blow and I miss her, though it does help that I’m so flat-out with Hunter that I don’t have much time to dwell on it – which is probably a good thing for my health. I just tell myself that she was very very old, and had a very comfortable life being so well-loved. Plus, having her pass away in Chris’ arms is the best way she could’ve left us.

RIP Misty. You were my darling little girl.

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Little snuggle-bums
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After the excitement of yesterday’s snow, we woke up to absolutely frigid temperatures today. The snow hadn’t melted overnight, but it’s this glorious soft powder-snow that’s dry. So I’m thankful it’s not that gross and grey slushy kind when it’s all half-melted! It’s actually really pretty to look at, and fascinates me to no end. I know it’s totally dull and uneventful for anyone that experiences snow every year, but hey, we come from a very temperate climate so we NEVER see snow! Thus why the novelty still hasn’t worn off and I’m so delighted with it :P

The compound where I live, with snow-capped rocks

2″ of powder-soft snow covering the grass

What’s a ‘lil ferret to do in this sort of weather? Snuggle up on the couch :)

Star, totally zonked out.

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Chris is in Singapore, Beijing and India (whew!) this week and next. That’s already painful enough in itself, but now even more made so due to the fact that we have 7 days of public holiday that he’s not here for :( I desperately wanted to go with him to Singapore so I could see my parents and friends there… but work won’t let me take the extra leave I needed (not even ONE day allowed!) so I am stuck here in freakin’ China instead. It makes me want to scream.

Fortunately my days are still kept busy because there seems to be so much stuff to do.. and my lovely girl friends have been hanging out with me so I haven’t gotten bored at all. It’s only at night, and sleeping alone, that’s awful..

Our baby is putting on about 1oz of weight a day – he goes through this incredible growth spurt these few weeks and really packs on fat.. so that also translates into my rapidly expanding waistline every day. Chris is gonna get a shock when he sees me when he returns in 2 weeks, muahaha ;)

Our other babies also miss him! Misty is fussing every day and quite perturbed because she can’t find a comfy spot on me – she has to sit high on my belly (which is no longer nice and soft) and our naughty baby keeps KICKING her whenever she lies there, so she keeps giving me these alarmed looks and jumping off after awhile :P Poor ‘lil ferret… she’s used to lounging on Chris and never fails to climb onto his belly for cuddles every night so she’s feeling rather put off right now about this whole… “situation” – LOL!

Little Miss Cuddles

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Not many people know this… but… you can buy ferrets in Shanghai!! Yep, it’s a little ferret shop tucked away on 1367 Kaixuan Lu, bizzarely next to a hardcore sex shop, LOL. The well-lit shop has about 20 ferrets, with one big glass tank in the middle so you can pop in your chosen ferret and play with it for a bit.

What I liked was that the ferrets were all really well looked after. Even better than the ferrets in Australian pet stores! They had smooth fur, bright glossy eyes, and healthy. It was also evident the girl working there was very comfortable with them and looked after them really well – not one bit of poop was in sight (and let’s just say, ferrets poop a lot, let alone 20 of ’em!). She handled them well and it was just a nice sight to see – a pet store in China that looked after their animals properly.

We spent AGES there playing with the ferrets. They’re all insane, haha. Most of them are boys though, and despite there being over 20 of them, we still declared Misty and Star “waaaayy cuter” then any of the ferrets there. They’re much smaller, more cuddly and sweet :) We did end up buying a bunch of toys and stuff, so it was a productive trip. How fun that ferrets are easily available here now!

A whole bunch of Misty look-alikes

The smartest ferret, according to the girl there

Ferrets are the most hilarious, fun-loving animals!

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