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This was a wee little birthday gift from myself to… errrr…. myself :P A Tiffany & Co present charm!!

I like how wee and little it is, and in my favourite colour to boot :) Works as a necklace pendant, bracelet charm, or bag charm. At the moment I’m using it as a mobile phone charm though, so I can see it and coo at it every time I whip out my phone, haha.

My favourite colour :P

Tiffany & Co present charm

Sooooo wee and adorable!!

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I have this little obsession with finding and wearing jewellery that you don’t remove. I really like the idea of either a simple or a statement piece of jewellery that you don’t take off… makes it much easier when I’m feeling lazy and can’t be bothered to think of accessorizing, and saves me 1/10th of a minute getting dressed in the morning ;)

So apart from the Dogeared dragonfly necklace I picked up and am wearing 24/7, I also got this Tiffany & Co silver bangle. It’s actually a normal-sized cuff so that it can fit various wrists, but since it’s open-ended, I can squeeze it together really tight so that it can actually fit my wrist. Score! I like how it’s so solid and neavy, so even though I wear it 24/7 and bang it around like crazy, it doesn’t bend easily. It’s also quite a thick, statement piece, so I don’t wear anything else on my wrist to take away from it.

Best of all, it’s exorbitantly priced :P At least not compared to their diamond jewellery! A reasonably-priced, sold cuff is perfect for my daily wear :)

Tiffany & Co silver bangle

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Went with Chris, Mum and Dad to Tiffany & Co whilst in Singapore (yes, it was a bit of a family affair!), where Chris bought me the Tiffany & Co key charm with enamel heart! He’d actually decided he wanted to buy it for me back in Shanghai last month, but it was sold out in the store :( Fortunately, the Singapore boutique had one of these babies in stock :)

I love it because it’s so small and delicate, and looks fabulous on a sparkling chain or on a thin black silk cord. Chris declared it a “pre-wedding present”. I hadn’t realised that sort of thing existed, but hey, I’m not complaining :P It’s not expensive and was just a small token, but it means a lot to me because it’s exactly the sort of thing I love – all cutesy and delicate and pretty.

We also realised it’s my “something blue” for our wedding! :)

The key to my heart..

Tiffany & Co key pendant

The cuuuutest ‘lil thing!



Haven’t done one of these in awhile.. so I thought I’d take pics of my 3 recent (and favourite!) purchases :P

Juicy Couture
love birds charm! I blatently copied who bought one
in Hawaii and I fell in love with it.. I hang it on my bags – too cute!

Prada lambskin clutch/shoulder bag. Was out for lunch with and walked
into the Prada boutique, where they had a 45% sale. Bought this in a moment of
sheer insanity – but I love it and will use this for the engagement party!! :)

Tiffany & Co “Diamonds By The Yard” bracelet – bought this to celebrate a payrise! :)
I already have the matching necklace and ring so this was a natural succession… hehehe

Okay gotta stop spending money now………..



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