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And so we’re back to our regular programming.. errr… I mean, blogging. Haha. Not much has happened since we’ve been back, to be honest. Just swamped with catching up with work, and then Chris has been away in Seattle on a business trip. I did, however, manage to indulge in a bit of retail therapy… heh!

These Manolo Blahnik pink crystal heels would be me if I were a shoe :P Strappy, glittering and pink! It basically captures everything I love – gorgeous soft pink leather, and sparkly crystals. LOVE! It basically goes with my entire wardrobe – no surprise there. The only downside is that the heel is a bit high – I think around 3.5-4 inches. I don’t fare well with heels.. so this is just for dinners and occasions where I’m not trekking across half of China ;)

However, I did an inventory of my *ahem* shoe wardrobe today and have decided NO MORE SHOES!!! I think I can feed a small country with my shoe collection so I’ve decided to 1) stop buying designer shoes for awhile and 2) throw out/give away the shoes that I don’t wear. That way, Chris might actually have some space for the whole 3 pairs of shoes that he’s got *LOL*!

Manolo Blahnik pink crystal heels

Pic of them on my feet

Full outfit. Btw, I love Chris in a white shirt!

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