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A little indulgence this week *ahem*………
My new Louis Vuitton leather flower sandals, bought for our next trip to Singapore!
Bring on the fabulous heat and awesome shopping :D

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Louis Vuitton Segur epi pochette in red

front view
back view
closeup of clasp
removable strap buckle 1
removable strap buckle 2
top of strap
bottom of strap
closeup of back
leather tab
modelling pic 1
modelling pic 2
modelling pic 3

Discontinued and rare Louis Vuitton pochette bag in a beautiful pop of red Epi leather! It makes a divine classy evening bag, especially with the shiny silver clasp. Made of soft full-grain leather, this pretty bag has an inside flat pocket and a detachable strap (so it can be used as a clutch as well). It is decorated with smooth leather corners and silver brass hardware, which is a a flat push lock.

The interior is made of matching red textile lining and the leather tag inside says “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS, made in France”. The exterior has a small dark mark on the upper-side in front, with some small smudges on the front. The silver clasp lock is smooth and shiny, closes beautifully! Interior is in new condition with a small pen smudge on inner flap. Back and bottom of bag some white transfer marks on it, but can’t be seen when you’re holding the bag on your shoulder. Corners and outside piping are in perfect condition! Top of strap has a dark line mark. Rest of strap is clean, with tight beautiful stitching.

Measures 8.6″ wide x 4.3″ high x 2.4″ width. Strap drop is approx 8″.

Retails US$774 though this specific colour and style is long discontinued.

Condition: Please see text above for details. Bag comes with original dustbag, tag, original receipt from when I purchased it in the USA boutique.

Price: US$460 including registered airmail shipping (add $20 for EMS/courier with 3-day delivery – highly recommended).

Louis Vuitton Mahina Lunar PM in Cognac

front with flash
each side
front of closure
inside pockets
Louis Vuitton tag
date stamp
modelling pic
compared with speedy 30 – length
compared with speedy 30 – width

The Lunar PM is crafted from Louis Vuitton’s lovely and delicate Monogram perforated Mahina leather. It features gentle pleats designed to fold naturally to the shoulder’s contours and subtle details; it makes a bold yet discreet statement.

It offers generous capacity and has ravishing facets such as the signature Louis Vuitton press lock, a zipped closure for added security, an internal phone and patch pocket, microfibre lining and comfortable shoulder straps.

It measures approximately 40cm long x 21cm high x 19cm wide with a 20cm drop and sits very comfortably under your arm. The size is in between the Speedy 30 & 40. See above – pictured with my Speedy 30 (not for sale) to give an idea of size.

The leather is the perfect tan colour and matches everything, it’s a shame it is no longer being made in Cognac.

It was purchased from Perth’s King Street store in October 2009 for AU$3,360 (date code: AR3059).

Note: selling this for my Australian fellow-fashionista girl friend :)

Condition: It is in perfect condition, having only been used a few times. There are light scratches on the clasp from normal use, which I’m sure can be polished out. Comes with original Louis Vuitton dustbag.

Price: AU$2,300 or best offer, including Registered Post within Australia (international shipping extra). Pickup available if buyer is in Perth.

Louis Vuitton retro sac in Murakami cherry blossom

closeup of front
closeup of bow
closeup of key cles
side view 1
side view 2
back view
bottom view
top of handle
underside of handle
inside flap
hard Louis Vuitton box and dust bag
modelling pic 1
modelling pic 1

One of RAREST and MOST COVETED Louis Vuitton bags – ever. Designed by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton, here was pure madness worldwide when this was released, and it was incredibly difficult to find any of the bags, let alone this one which was the most popular.

Needless to say, this is long gone discontinued and extremely rare. Highly collectible, this is perfect for the discerning fashionista and also makes a wonderful display piece (I personally kept this bag in our glass display cabinet in our living room!). I love the ladylike style and the roomy interior, tres chic!

The Vachetta leather handle is in beautiful firm condition with tight stitching, and has the tiniest of subtle watermarks on the top. Vachetta leather trim on bag has tight stitching and a light even patina. Key cles has a light tiny scuff mark from where keys sit against it, and it comes with 2 golden keys to open the lock. Golden polished brass hardware lock is in beautiful, shiny clean condition. Leather piping has slight scuffs on corners but too slight/small to show up in the photos. Inside of flap is made of raw leather and stamped “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS, made in Spain” and flap is clean with slight surface scratches. Interior and interior flap pocket are made of ultra-soft alcantara and in pristine, clean condition. Silk-screened Murakami cherry blossom canvas all over is in PERFECT, firm, gorgeous condition!

Carry this beauty and watch heads turn, especially when you’re in the Louis Vuitton boutique ;)

Measures approx 12″ x 8″ x 4″. Strap has an approx 5″ drop.

Condition: Please see text above for details. Bag comes with original dustbag.

Price: US$1,800 including registered airmail shipping (add $25 for EMS/courier with 3-day delivery – highly recommended).

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Helloooooo week-long public holiday!! It’s China’s national day, hence the celebrations. Chris comes back on Mon, half-way during the holiday.. I guess it’s better than nothing right ;) I’m pretty packed out over the next 3 days anyway so it’s all good.

Just 2 Louis Vuitton bags for sale today… haven’t had time to do the rest yet. Enjoy!

Louis Vuitton Reade PM bag in Framboise ***SOLD***

front view
back view
side view
underside of handles
top of handles
bottom of bag
close up of embossed buttons

Long discontinued Louis Vuitton reade bag in the HIGHLY coveted Framboise colour!

This ‘lil gem is so freakin’ cute – perfect for toting around and boy, does it attract attention ;) I particularly loved how it’s not the standard LV monogram (which is a little OTT sometimes and way-too-often counterfeited) but rather the LV logo is subtly embossed onto the leather. The HOT PINK leather is coated with a glaze that makes it stain and water-resistant, so this bag is ultra durable. Did I mention the beautiful raspberry FRAMBOISE colour has a subtle shimmer/sheen to it? It’s what makes it special as not all LV vernis bags have this :)

The soft leather handles are perfect for hand carrying or nestled in the crook of your arm – this bag is super light. The lightly patina’d handles are attached by cute little golden brass buttons embossed with “Louis Vuitton” – perfect condition with no scratches or marks.

What’s fab about this bag is the roomy interior that opens up easily – NO digging into your bag trying to find your keys or wallet. It has a zippered interior pocket with a cute ‘lil LV zipper pull and the leather tag inside says “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS, made in France”

Measures 7″ high, 9″ across, 4″ deep.

Retails almost US$850 (I paid AUD$975) though this specific colour and style is long discontinued.

Condition: Leather exterior perfect/mint. Lightly and evenly patina’d handles. Interior is clean except for small penmark. Comes with original dustbag, tag, original receipt-in-envelope from when I purchased it in the Australian boutique.

Price: US$650 including registered airmail shipping (add $20 for EMS/courier with 3-day delivery – highly recommended). ***SOLD***

Louis Vuitton Onatah hobo bag in aubergine

front view
laid flat
close-up of LV monogram
strap attached near zip
exterior view of attached strap
underside of strap
embossed brass rings
top of adjustable strap
closeup of zipper pulls
closeup of zipper
bottom of bag
bottom corner of bag
leather tag
modelling pic
modelling pic on Reese Witherspoon

Long discontinued and extremely RARE Louis Vuitton onatah bag in the rich aubergine colour!

If you’re after a really soft and smooshy Louis Vuitton bag (which is rare as they often do ‘firmer’ styles)…… this is it!!! A buttery-soft, slouchy hobo that smells oh-so-divine. The calf leather is thick and luscious and has the LV monogram all over it in teeny tiny perforations – so it’s not completely obvious or tacky. It slouches beautifully when carried on the shoulder and is lovely and roomy inside. The leather is the Aubergine colour – a very rich, dark eggplant. It’s a deep colour and so matches many outfits, but really pops in the sunlight.

The adjustable sturdy shoulder strap is fastened by “Louis Vuitton” embossed buttons and burnished brass rings, and all stitching is tight and perfect on the cowhide leather. I love how the zipper pull is long, so it can be reached easily even when you’re carrying the bag on your shoulder. The interior of the bag is fully lined in silky jacquard lining with a subtle monogram, and with the leather tab “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS, made in France” on the open interior pocket.

Measures approx 13.8″ across x 9.8″ high x 5″ deep. Strap drop is about 10.5″ but is adjustable

Retails around US$2,000 though this specific colour and style is long discontinued.

Condition: Leather exterior perfect/mint on front and back . Bottom and side near-mint with tight stitching. Note hardware is burnished brass and so looks aged even when mint. Leather on side of zipper pull has slight wear, but can’t pick it up in photos as it was too subtle. Interior perfect and clean. Comes with original dustbag.

Price: US$1,100 including registered airmail shipping (add $30 for EMS/courier with 3-day delivery – highly recommended).

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Got the Louis Vuitton “onatah” hobo bag, in Aubergine colour :)

I actually got it quite a few weeks ago, but never got round to posting about it! Louis Vuitton don’t usually make really soft/slouchy leather bags (at least not like the way Balenciaga does) so for awhile I lost interest in the brand.

I really like the Aubergine colour, a rich deep eggplant that surprisingly works with most outfits. It sits really comfortably on my shoulder (doesn’t slip off) and is so buttery soft and slouchy, yay!! The feel of it is lovely :) It’s surprisingly roomy inside as well, and fits in my purse organiser so I don’t have to dig around for whatever I’m looking for.

Since I bought it though, I’ve made the decision to “shop less, save more”. And I know that since it’s a discontinued style and in new condition, it will sell well. So I may sell it in a few months… and get the cash instead!

Louis Vuitton “onatah” hobo bag


I like the sturdy fabric strap

The LV logo looks obvious like this, but in real life it’s so subtle it’s almost invisible :)

With my purse organiser inside

A nice size on me, I reckon!

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Whilst shopping in the new Ion Orchard in Singapore, I made a beeline for the Louis Vuitton boutique, which is huge. Absurdly, we had to queue to get in. It was jammed packed with people inside, like there was some sort of mega sale going on. Sadly, there was not. Everything was full price (LV never goes on sale), we’re in an economic recession, yet people are still merrilly buying their hearts out.

Well, if you can’t beat ’em, JOIN ‘EM! ;)

Spent over an hour with Mum trying on various bags, making the poor salesman drag down bag after bag for us to paw. He was absolutely lovely though, really attentive and patient, despite the store being so crowded and us taking up so much time. Poor Dad was left on the couch where he was so bored he eventually got up to look for us :P After much deliberation, Mum decided she wouldn’t get a new one after all… but I DID!!

I actually walked into the store intending to get the Louis Vuitton ‘neverfull’ PM bag. But whilst I was there, I spent ages trying on different bags, wanting to make sure I got the “perfect” one. After all that, I still ended up reverting back to the Neverfull.

I just love how it’s incredibly light but sturdy, can expand out if I need to stuff it, and has thin handles (the thick ones slide off my shoulders). I also like how it’s waterproof and won’t get dirty easily, and how there’s no huge LV logo(s) all over it. The downside is that it’s the most popular bag, so every bum on the street has it too. D’oh! It was the reason why I was looking to get another style, but in the end I decided I love the Neverfull too much :)

Mine’s the Damier print and whilst Mum has the identical bag, hers is the Monogram print. It’s the small PM size, because the larger ones dwarf me. It fits beautifully on my shoulder and makes the perfect, casual, everyday bag. I’M LOVING IT :)

The sight of just the paper bag is enough to make my heart skip a beat –
how sad is that?! :P

Louis Vuittion ‘neverfull’ bag in Damier print

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Bought a Louis Vuitton coil watch, no not for me, but to resell. I’m hoping it’ll resell well since it’s a pretty normal/classy look and colour. We’ll see :)

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