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And so….. France came to an end.

It was one helluva gastronomic holiday! We had a fantastic time and I really enjoyed the trip. I was amazed at how well the French know, cook, and appreciate their food. The weather was lovely (though quite hot at times) as were the people. And it was in France that:

1) I first felt our baby kick
2) For the first time, someone gave me a seat on the train

… so it will always be memorable :)

We didn’t go crazy shopping in France, just bought the stuff you’ve seen in previous posts. But I did get a little French souvenir………… the limited edition Longchamp ‘eiffel tower’ bag!! I saw it selling in the airport and was SOLD. I like how light-weight it is, and how spacious it is inside. It’s going to be our baby bag, because it can keep a lot of stuff inside, and is very durable since it’s waterproof and can be machine-washed.

Most of all, I like the deep navy blue, and the white Eiffel Tower contrasted against it. A wonderful momento of Paris :)

Folds down so it can be popped into your luggage bag and opened out later

Limited edition Longchamp ‘eiffel tower’ bag!

Love the gold hardware

Pretty white against blue.

Modelling. Obviously not by me; this girl was hotter ;)

OK this is the ones of me carrying the bag

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