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HOW freakin’ ridiculously cute is this?!?! The holy trinity of Juicy Couture charms

1) sausages and eggs skillet (birthday gift this year from )
2) hamburger (birthday gift last year from )
3) ice cream in a cup


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I’m not going to blog about all my USA purchases because it’ll take too long, I’m too lazy to take pics of everything, and it’s not that interesting seeing clothing purchases anyway. But I wanted to blog this one because I know there are lots of Juicy Couture fans reading my blog :)

The Juicy Couture store at Union Square, San Francisco is freakin’ AMAZING. It’s multi-storey and also stocks their (very rare) couture clothing line. Their selection of charms and accessories is also fantastic, and so tempting ;) If you like pretty, cutesy little things, stay away from the store.. it is pretty much irresistible, haha!

I picked up a few bits and bobs for presents, but just got myself the pair of Juicy Couture flower stud earrings (love the detail!) and the Juicy Couture ‘luxury’ tee :)

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A few little Juicy Couture pieces I picked up a few weeks ago… I got all *inspired* ‘cos gave me a Juicy couture burger (!!!!!) for Christmas. Just about fainted because I love Juicy Couture charms, and I LOVE BURGERS :D Out of all their charms, I think this is the #1 one that suits me the best, hehe.

Anyway, so got these little bits and bobs to ride the Juicy Couture wave and to add to my charm collection. One day I’ll pass them all to my daughter to play with :)

Flower hairtie with a cute bumblebee

Hairtie with lots of lil charms

Gingerbread house

How cute is this lil thing?!

With a lil Scottish terrier sitting by the fire inside

BURGER!!!! Omg *head explodes*

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Long photo post ahead… of shopping ;) Well, kinda narrow-minded shopping, because it’s all Juicy Couture!

Recently, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I suddenly shifted my obsessive compulsive personality into…… collecting Juicy Couture charms! And jewellery! I’d seen ’em all selling before but was not too interested, despite having a few pieces already. But one fine day, I decided I just HAD to OWN THEM ALL. I mean, everyone has one of those days sometimes, right? Right??!

Well. So off I went buying up a storm.. because they are all so freakin’ cute! Haven’t posted ’em all below because I got bored of photographing them after awhile.. plus I’d just look like I have a slight problem *ahem* (assuming I don’t already, bwahaha)

They’re not exactly cheap (I mean, c’mon, they’re just a charm) so I’m not going to list prices, especially because I think it’s tacky to anyway. I do love ’em though, however I’m in a bit of a pickle as to WHAT exactly do do with them :P They’re too big to hang on a bracelet, and not all my bags have zippers to hang them on. As a necklace, I can only use one at a time and don’t like to wear ’em for work anyway (too cutesy).

Um… any ideas?

Pretty Juicy Couture boxes

Juicy Couture PANDA!!! This is my favourite charm by far.

Juicy Couture sweet pink heart-shaped cherries.. that open up like a locket.

Adorable Juicy Couture lovebirds.. this was a charm I already had before.

A heavy Juicy Couture gold book…

…that opens up!

A little Juicy Couture peanut…

…with wee peanuts inside! Aaaieeeee!!!

Dinky Juicy Couture whale, this one’s my other favourite…

…with a Yorkie dog (Juicy Couture mascot) stuffed in it’s mouth *lol*

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Juicy Couture flamingo with amazing detail…

… check out the gem it’s clutching!

A fat ‘lil Juicy Couture ice cream cup

Cute Juicy Couture mini sunglasses

Sparkling Juicy Couture daisy earrings, I adore these

On me

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Haven’t done one of these in awhile.. so I thought I’d take pics of my 3 recent (and favourite!) purchases :P

Juicy Couture
love birds charm! I blatently copied who bought one
in Hawaii and I fell in love with it.. I hang it on my bags – too cute!

Prada lambskin clutch/shoulder bag. Was out for lunch with and walked
into the Prada boutique, where they had a 45% sale. Bought this in a moment of
sheer insanity – but I love it and will use this for the engagement party!! :)

Tiffany & Co “Diamonds By The Yard” bracelet – bought this to celebrate a payrise! :)
I already have the matching necklace and ring so this was a natural succession… hehehe

Okay gotta stop spending money now………..