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So if you know me in real life, you’ll probably know that I have a bit of an odd… penchant. I really like fiddling with things!! I’m aware of how silly that sounds, so let me try and explain myself. I think I’m a really tactile person.. I adore stroking, twiddling, rubbing stuff – specifically, materials that I love.

Example #1: I cannot help buying super-soft drapey clothes. Once I touch material that is really thin, light and ultra soft, I am a total GONER. I just have to buy it. Materials like silk+cashmere blends, really thin/soft cotton (from brands like Junk Food, and vintage-style tees), and tencel. Ahhhh I just can’t resist! In fact, just thinking about it from writing this down is making me fantasize about fingering some soft clothes.

Example #2: My mad obsession with slouchy leather bags. Despite many of my bags looking the same, I still can’t help but be drawn to really smooshy bags. I mean, how can one possibly resist that luscious softness of the leather, and that intoxicating smell?? I certainly can’t. I often can be found sitting on the couch at home and stroking one of my leather bags, like it’s a pet or something.

Further to Example #2, it’s the reason why I adore Balenciaga bags. When used and bashed around, they adopt this incredible silky soft texture. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE fiddling with the tassels!!! In fact, after I stroked and used my Balenciaga magenta First to absolute death, I pulled off its tassels and keep it by my laptop at home to fiddle with. I’ve fiddled that for 2 years now, carefully gluing it all back together whenever it falls apart from my excessive *ahem* fiddling. It’s no longer magenta-coloured.. it’s more of a dark grey/black colour now. Chris is appalled, “Eww.. I bet there’s no more leather there anymore, it’s just a strip of dead skin cells and oil!” In fact, once or twice he actually tried to steal my tassel, so I had to beat him to the ground to teach him a lesson. Kidding.

Anyway, finally, my Balenciaga tassel gave way and totally fell apart :( So I went hunting for a replacement and found…………………….. Hermès carmen keyring in Rose Shocking!!!

It has not 1, not 2 tassels…. but a GAZILLION TASSELS!!!! All in buttery soft, luscious, smooth leather. If my 1 Balenciaga tassel lasted me 2 years of fiddling goodness, just imagine how many years this will last me. Many many many tassels for me to play with until doomsday. Oh joy, oh happiness.

Hermès carmen keyring in Rose Shocking

Look at those luscious tassels!!

Mmm… fiddly goodness

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Was eyeing the Hermès Ex-Libris fringed scarf for awhile but since it was limited edition and discontinued, I couldn’t find it in stores. Finally managed to locate one online and nabbed it! This particular design was first issued in 1946 and is by Hugo Grygkar. It was reissued in 2009 in this triangle fringed form, and is now a collectors piece… hence why it’s so freakin’ difficult to find! I particularly like it because it’s soft and drape-y, with lovely swishy tassels.

I think I’ll be using it when my shoulders are bare, to keep off the chill. Or for a nice date out :)

I love orange boxes :D

Hermès Ex-Libris fringed scarf

Can be worn like a shawl

Or worn casually slung around my shoulders

The model looks a lot more chic wearing it :P

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The day after we came home from the hospital, Chris presented me with an Hermes orange paper bag…. it was my Push present! The jade bangle he bought me a few months ago whilst we were on holiday was originally meant to be my Push present, but because of the day it was purchased (see the link for the whole story) it became the Pre-push present instead *lol*. OK, we totally made that up!

I’d been eyeing the Hermes orange clic-clac bangle for yonks, but it’s incredibly difficult to find in stores and almost always sold out. I like how simple it is, and yet the *pop* of orange makes it stand out.

Best of all, “H” just means Hunter to me :D

Thank you Chris for the wonderful Push present!!

Happy wee ‘lil orange box

Hermes orange clic-clac bangle!

I love the weight and feel of it :)

On my wrist

The “H” is for……. Hunter *lol*!!

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I actually bought my Hermes “kelly” watch with orange leather strap awhile back, shipped in from the USA, but never got round to posting about it. Apart from this, I won’t be posting about shopping/fashion related purchases for awhile.. I have gone on a self-imposed ban (okay, maybe a moderate restriction.. let’s not get carried away here!) for the rest of this year and have decided to STOP/CUT DOWN on buying expensive stuff that serves no other purpose except to make me delighted.

I’m really detail-oriented when it comes to expenses, and actually keep an itemised spreadsheet that tracks down every single expense we have, down to the cent. I’ve had it for years now, and when I was flipping through it, I noticed that a HUUUUUGGGGGEEEE portion of it was on “me” purchases. Basically, stuff I don’t need to survive. On top of that, our place is freakin’ overflowing with stuff – my clothes don’t fit into all our closets, my handbags are spilling everywhere, and let’s just say visitors are stunned when they step through our front door and see my shoe collection right at the entrance (taking up an entire large cupboard and stacked from floor-to-ceiling).

Soooo it has come down to the crunch. NO MORE SPENDING! Once in a while is still okay, I reckon, but not at the frantic rate that I normally go at. I want to save much more than what we normally save now, and I just don’t want to shop anymore.

The good news is, I haven’t really had the urge to shop in the past month. Plus, I’m also thinking of selling a whole bunch of my stuff – unworn/barely worn shoes, handbags, and clothes. Over the next few weeks I’m going to trawl through my closets, and sort everything from Most-to-Least Expensive. Then review if I reaaalllyyy need the expensive stuff and sell it off if I don’t. I figure that most of the stuff I’ll be selling I can either get back the full price that I paid, or make a profit (because I have a lot of limited edition hand bags, etc). So I figure if I make a few thousand bucks, that’s still a few thousand bucks straight to the bank :)

Errr….. I massively digressed.


So apart from my Louis Vuitton tambour watch I bought a few years back and my Cartier vintage watch that I inherited from Mum (yay!), I don’t own any other watches. I don’t feel I need to, since I love the 2 I already have. But this particular watch from Hermes caught my eye. It’s a detachable watch that clips onto a leather band/bracelet, which is TOO CUTE!

Only downside? The watch is actually too big for my small wrist. So what I do is clip it onto my hand bag so I can still tell the time easily, and use the bracelet with my Tiffany & Co lock charm instead. It’s the perfect size for it and makes a cute *clack* when I move.

Most of all, I like the iconic ORANGE colour. I don’t really wear any orange clothes so I like how it stands out. Plus, I also love how it fits me (they had to punch extra holes, but it still looks fine). I really wanted the Hermes clic clac bangle, but the small PM size is by far too big for me :( So this one was the winner, and I’m really pleased with it. Nice to have a classic band and I love how I can attach different charms on it if I don’t want to use the Kelly watch it comes with!

Oh, and it matches my Hermes orange leather wrap bracelet very well, IMHO :)

I <3 Hermes orange :P

Hermes “kelly” watch with orange leather strap


My wrist is 5″ so Hermes had to punch extra holes in, but it still sits okay!

On my wrist. The watch is a bit big for it, I know..

…so I clip the watch onto my handbags, and use this Tiffany & Co charm instead

Close up with the Tiffany & Co charm instead, a much better size IMHO

Pic off the Hermes website. Black’s really chic, but I love my orange!
What’s YOUR favourite colour? :)

(my other Hermes purchases)

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Ever since Chris bought me those two Hermes scarves for my birthday, I’ve been eyeing them – a leeetle dangerous since they have about 3520482 various designs and keep coming out with new ones. Thankfully, I haven’t really yearned for any more because I’m very happy with the 2 I’ve got, but there’s just been the one design that keeps catching my eye.

It’s the classic Hermes design. Frankly, it looks like the Hermes giftbox with their buldoc ribbon, haha. I just like it because it’s in the signature ORANGE, but is still fairly subtle since there are no huge logos anywhere. Since it’s such a statement colour, I just toss it over whatever outfit and I reckon it works :)

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I’m loving the two gorgeous Hermes silk scarves Chris bought me for my birthday last year. There’s tons of ways to wear them, they’re really versatile! But one thing I’ve been eyeing for ages is to get the Hermes horn scarf ring – a big, solid piece that you thread the ends of the scarf into when you drape the scarf around the neck.

After holding off for months, I finally caved. Am so pleased with this ‘lil baby – Takes me a whole 2 seconds to wear my scarf and and it comes on/off so easily. Plus, I liked the muted, natural colour of the horn – it’ll go with lots of scarf designs.

Highly recommended for your Hermes scarves :) Just thread through and off you go!

Hermes horn scarf ring

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So here’s just a couple of ways I’ve been using to tie/wear my Hermes scarves.. what an awesome gift from Chris! :) They’re REALLY versatile, and it’s fun playing around with them and being creative to see what combinations I can come up with. I still plan to tie the 2 scarves together to make another top and also a little dress, but haven’t gotten round to that yet.

The Looks below are only about 1/10 of the ways you can wear an Hermes scarf. I love how they can really dress up an outfit, or even be an outfit ;) They’re also quite small so it’s easy to pop one in your bag and whip it out when it’s a little chilly. I know technically you can use other scarves, but nothing out there beats the fineness and quality of an Hermes silk scarf… the drape of the fabric isn’t the same and the prints are so special. I’m looking forward to keeping and wearing these for a long time until they become vintage scarves, then I can pass them on to my daughter :)

Hermes scarf… as a belt

Worn as a belt tied around my waist, with matching Hermes leather bracelet
and my Guess top that I’ve had for 12 years (!!!!!).

Worn with my Marc Jacobs jacket, tied around the waist as a side-apron,
and matching Hermes leather bracelet.

Hermes scarf… as a neck scarf

Worn as a bib with a free eBay polo shirt and jeans, heh

As a standard scarf with Hermes turquoise scarf ring and Papinelle (super soft) top

Tied into a ‘friendship knot’ and worn with Alannah Hill top

Hermes scarf… as a top

Worn as a halter top, tied in place with Hermes
leather bracelet (used as a choker/necklace)

Closer pic

What it looks like from behind

Closeup of the Hermes scarf tied onto the Hermes
leather bracelet (wound twice round my neck)

Worn as a little capelet with $10 white tank top, Sass & Bide
white jeans, Playboy boots and Louis Vuitton trouville bag

The best way to display a scarf’s gorgeous design, IMHO!

Closeup. I just knotted the ends together….

….and stuck my arms through the holes, and, voila!

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