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Mum’s new casual travel bag – the Furla calf leather tote!

We were wandering around the Xintiandi area, and randomly popped into the Furla boutique. Mum immediately zero’d in on this bag, as she’d been looking for a high bag that would fit in her papers/notes whenever Dad and her travel. Since they travel a LOT, it made sense to get a bag that could 1) squash down in a luggage bag, 2) be ultra light, and 3) fit all the specs she wanted.

And this was it :) We picked out the muted baby blue colour after much deliberation – I think it gives nice colour to an outfit and it’s oh so drapey and slouchy!!! The calf leather is terrific, so smooshy and smells divine. Plus, it looks lovely on Mum! She doesn’t own any really good bags in that shape/size/style, so it’s perfect :)

1st Furla bag Mum or I have ever owned

Arggghhh the soft luscious squashy leather!

I stole it for modelling pics :P

Fits in magazines/papers really well, and smells soooo gooood…

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