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Decided to get a wallet, because I wanted one that had lots of compartments to fit in all my stuff. Did a whole bunch of research online comparing sizes, styles etc and finally decided on the Chloe black leather ‘Paddington’ wallet. My first Chloe item, I think! The very lovely helped me by getting it shipped to her house, and passed it to me when we met up for shopping/dinner whilst I was in the USA :) Sooo fun meeting up with friends, especially friends that I’ve known online for years but have never met up with in real life.

The Chloe wallet actually has more compartments that I need/use.. so half of it is empty, LOL. It’s actually pretty big to me, because I’m used to using small or thin wallets, so it works for my bigger bags but is a little bulk when, say, in my smaller Balenciaga bags. I loooove the way it SMELLS though, so luscious and leathery! And it’s black, so it’s nice and practical and I won’t freak out whenever it gets dirty, heh.

Dinner at Pizza Antica, one of my fave restaurants on Santana Row

Another fabulous meal at Consuelo!

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