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Because we are in a perpetual hot climate now that we’ve moved to Singapore, I can really only wear sandals, otherwise my feet get overheated. So I’m always on the lookout for cute, strappy sandals. My favourite are those with a small heel, but not kitten heel (because I can’t stand that style). It’s hard to find, because either you get sandals with a stiletto-type heel, or totally flat sandals that hurt my heels (why do they make sandals that are SO flat and thin/hard??).

And so I was delighted when I found these Balenciaga Nuage Gladiator Wedge Sandals. They have a LOW heel, and it’s a sturdy wedge heel so I don’t teeter around. Better still, it has a wrap-around ankle strap, so they don’t easily slip off. They’re breathable, the leather is super soft, I adore the colour, and I think the studs are badass ;)

Balenciaga Nuage Gladiator Wedge Sandals

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Balenciaga ‘First’ bag in papeete ***SOLD***

front view
back view
close up of left front handle
closeup of right front handle
back corner 1
back corner 2
strap ring 1
strap ring 2
shoulder strap
underside of handles
closeup of right buckle
closeup of left buckle
top part of bag
mirror, all authenticity tags and dustbag
modelling pic 1
modelling pic 2
stock photo

One of Balenciaga’s most gorgeous colours IMHO, because it’s so similar to the iconic Tiffany & Co blue :) The colour is called S/S 2010 Papeete (a stunning aqua) and is limited edition and now discontinued – get your hands on this authentic baby and you’ll have a very special bag! I’ve carried it out for a week and each time, people ask me where I got it from ‘cos they love the colour so much. This divine Balenciaga bag is made from uber soft lambskin leather that smells AMAZINGGGGG. It has beautiful slouch to it and a smooshy factor that will make you smile when you bury your nose and breathe in the leather smell. Or maybe that’s just me being weird ;)

The problem with all the newer Balenciaga bags is that they’re not smoochy and soft – you’ll notice this if you go to a Balenciaga boutique and check out their bags. The leather now tends to be a bit shiny or have weird veins in it, and not slouchy. Fortunately, I picked a great one with this Papeete so the leather is beautifully matte and THICK (what Balenciaga aficionados always covet!), and slouches beautifully :)

Made in Italy, this bag is made of soft vintage crafted lambskin with aged brass hardware. Has a top zip closure and interior zip pocket with Balenciaga engraved plaque. Hand stitched handles (4″ drop) with a removable shoulder strap 7.5″ drop. Comes with leather framed hand mirror, dustbag and authenticity cards. Measurements are 13″ x 2″ x 6″. There is very light wear on the corners and on the top edge, the painted lining has cracked in little bits here and there. It’s not noticeable when carried ‘cos it’s small, but you can see it if you inspect it up-close. See photos as I took pics of it all :)

And no, this item is not heavily discounted as it it’s a HIGHLY coveted colour and not even available on eBay.

Retails US$1,245 at Barneys, though this specific colour is discontinued.

Condition: Almost new condition apart from light scuffing at bottom corners and small cracks in painted lining. Comes with leather framed hand mirror, dustbag and authenticity cards.

Price: US$950 including registered airmail shipping (add $20 for EMS/courier with 3-day delivery). SOLD***

Balenciaga ‘Arena Saddle’ bag in Sang ***SOLD***

front view (with a can inside to weigh it down)
side view
closeup of front
closeup of front (with flash)
adjustable shoulder strap
bottom view
flap lifted up
example of stuff it fits
inside leather tag
dustbag, leather swatch, authenticity cards
modelling pic 1
modelling pic 2
modelling pic 3

A super rare Balenciaga bag – you won’t even see this selling on eBay! It was made on a limited edition run and features incredibly buttery-soft and supple lambskin. It’s even SOFTER and slouchier than regular Balenciaga bags because of the style and shape. It’s somewhere in-between the size of the First and the City bags (it measures 8″ x 11″ x 5) – a lovely medium size that’s roomy and very lightweight. I love love love the way it slouches and the leather is so smooshy and smells SO good!! :P

The large (and super smooshy) flap opens to a roomy interior with a zipper pocket (the leather pull is a bright red, not the dark brick red of the bag). The shoulder strap is adjustable (note it does not come with the shoulder pad that you normally see on Balenciaga bags) and will sit comfortably on the shoulder. The bag is accented with aged brass hardware.

The colour is called Sang, a very wearable brick-red.

Retail is US$995 on Balenciaga, though the colour is now discontinued.

Condition: Mint. Comes with original Balenciaga dustbag, leather swatch and authenticity cards.

Price: US$550 including registered airmail shipping (add $20 for EMS/courier with 3-day delivery)

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Soooooooo what did I buy in the Balenciaga boutique, whilst in Hong Kong? :P

Well, I originally wasn’t even intending to get a Balenciaga bag, since I already have a few. I actually was after a Chanel bag – specifically a slouchy soft lambskin one. However, the current season stock in all the Chanel boutiques had structured, rigid bags. Urgh. So I figured I’d save my money…

Then, when we walked into the Balenciaga boutique.. I SAW IT. I’ve been gagging to get the Town size bag ever since it was newly released this year. Slightly bigger than the First, it’s still smaller than the City. It’s the perfect size for me I reckon. The boutique had 2 different ones that I liked – in “sorbet” (barbie pink) and in “black”. I was initially attracted to the sorbet, since I looooove hot pink, but Chris pointed out that the black was a lot more grungy-cool looking and it IS the original classic Balenciaga colour. Plus, I have pink-everything.

I love the basic black of it, and how it’ll match everything in my wardrobe. The size is fantastic. The benefit of this Town size over the First is that it slouches better, because there’s more leather to go around. And oooooooh boy it slouches fantastically! The lambskin is buttery soft and super smooshy… so luscious. It’s going to age beautifully because wear shows up a lot less on the black than on the coloured ones. And it smells AMAZING!!! Friends that know me online know I have a strange antic for sniffing my Balenciaga bags, it’s cos they just smell so freakin’ good. Now, I’m even resorting to surreptitiously sniffing my hands just to huff that yummy leather smell. So if you see me sniffing my hands, I swear it’s not cos I’m going crazy, I’m just sniffing the bag smell that’s rubbed off on my hands :P

Anyways. Enough passionate rambling about my materialistic tendencies. PICS!!

Just the sight of that paperbag is enough to make my heart go all jittery :P

Balenciaga ‘Town’ lambskin bag in black 2010!

A smooshpile of silky leather

I LOVE how it slouches!

The luscious butt… like liquid leather

Squashy side view


Held by the handles – just noticed the bag
matches my sandals. TOO CUTE!

Slung over my arm

Across the body, ‘cos the Town size has a long strap

Worn with the long strap on the shoulder

With the handles on the shoulder

It fits really easily over the arm by the way (I know people
complain about the handles not being long enough to – not true!)

Colour comparison with 2005 Magenta and 2010 Papeete

For more colour references, you can see my Balenciaga colours and styles here:

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I haven’t bought a Balenciaga bag in AGES.

Well, okay. There was that Balenciaga Arena Saddle satchel bag that I bought back in December, but it was a different design (not the ‘First’ style that I was obsessed with). I do love it because it’s so soft and buttery, but I reaaaalllllyyyy wanted another First bag.

Let me let you in on a little secret. Well, it’s not really a secret if you’re a close friend/family or if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile. I am mildy fanatical about my Balenciaga magenta First that I bought more than 3 years ago. Even though I’ve bought many other Balenciagas since, none come close to my Magenta. There’s something intoxicating about the SMELL of the leather, and the FEEL of it. Sadly, it’s so old and dirty it freaks people out… so now it’s retired for “home use”. Every night, as I sit on the couch and surf the internet and watch TV, Miss Magenta bag sits on my lap and I stroke it and play with the tassels – because it feels and smells so good. I know, I know, I sound completely insane. Don’t laugh!!

Anyway, I decided I wanted a new Balenciaga and this season, they released the ‘papeete’ colour – a stunning soft aqua!!!!! It’s very similiar to Tiffany & Co colours, which was why I was smitten. Took ages to hunt one down but I found one in the USA and got it shipped to me, arriving a mere 3 days later.

I’m in love with the colour and how amazing the bag smells. This is why it’s impossible to fake a Balenciaga. I’ve looked, and nowhere can come close to matching the quality and detail, the smell and feel of an authentic Balenciaga. Unlike other fake bags, even the best Balenciaga fake can be spotted from far away. This is why out of all the luxury brands, I think Balenciaga is one of the brands where it’s worth buying the original. Once you’ve seen, touched and smelled an authentic Balenciaga, you’ll see why! :)

It’s not as soft as my Magenta because it hasn’t had years & years of wear & tear, but I massaged it so it’s already quite slouchy. Plus, it’ll keep softening as I use it. I can’t wait for the day it becomes all slouchy and old and used!

Balenciaga ‘papeete’ lambskin First bag (from 2010 collection)

The scrummy backside

Mmm… slouchy….

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If you’re a good friend of mine in real life, you’ll know that I have….. ermm…. a slight ‘obsession’ with my Balenciaga magenta bag. There’s something about the smell and the feel of the leather that drives me insane (in a good way) and I used it to absolute death. It got to a point where friends would go “Eww!” whenever they saw it, so I retired it and now it sits on the couch on my lap every day, whilst I pat and stroke it and play with the tassels. *ahem*. I’m aware I sound like a nutter.

ANYWAY! I finally decided to get ANOTHER Balenciaga bag. WHY, you ask? Considering I had around 8 other Balenciaga bags that I never used? Well, this one is different…. because I adore the style and the leather is ultra, ultra soft.

It’s the Balenciaga “Arena Saddle” satchel bag!!

It’s made of buttery soft lambskin, and comes in a very wearable brick-red. It’s somewhere in-between the First and the City bags, and fits in all the stuff that I need. I love love love the way it slouches and I keep hugging it because it’s so smooshy and smells so good :P I think it suits my height and size (big bags tend to dwarf me) and it’s really light when empty, so it doesn’t hurt my shoulder when I carry lots of stuff.

And the fabulous part? There’s not one indication it’s Balenciaga. Only if you open the bag, you’ll see the Balenciaga leather tab. But from the outside, there’s no Balenciaga word at all…. so only true Balenciaga fans (which there are hardly any of in Shanghai) will know what it is. To the regular person, it just looks like a regular leather bag. Nice and subtle. Awesome!

Balenciaga “Arena Saddle” satchel bag


With a very soft flap

Fits in all my stuff neatly

An awesome size for me :)


With another outfit

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My super-talented friend made me a wonderful gift(s) – Balenciaga braids!!! They’re made using an assortment of Balenciaga bags’ leather tassels, braided together and decorated with a sprinkle of sparkly charms. Sooooo gorgeous. It’s hard to capture it in photos, but in real life they’re really delicate, pretty and sparkle in the light. And the braids are really soft since that’s what Balenciaga’s famous for. Best part is that I can hang them on not only my Balenciaga bags but also my other ones. The blue/green braid looks awesome on my Rusty turquoise bag, for starters :D

My favourite colours? CHECK.
Soft Balenciaga leather? CHECK.
Sparkly crystals? CHECK.
Unadulterated girliness? CHECK CHECK CHECK!

Balenciaga braids!

Hangin’ on my Balenciaga Magenta First

Her collection

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