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Went to the Reebonz sale at Chijmes with , and it was bizarrely in the same church/chapel that she got married in! Talk about selling out.. and what an odd location for a fashion sale, *LOL*. No complaints though, as it was fantastic to see a huge variety of brands ‘in real life’, as often I end up having to buy from online boutiques and getting stuff shipped in, sight-unseen. And so I got to discover bags I previously never bothered to look twice at online, and also disregarded bags I’d previously lusted over online (but I didn’t end up liking in person).

After handing over our bags at the entrance (you should’ve seen the shelves containing all the shoppers’ handbags – it was a luxury mall in itself, haha!! I would’ve loved to go ferreting around in there instead), we pottered on in and fortunately it wasn’t mad-crazy with shopaholics. I get nervous at sales ‘cos I can’t deal with mental shoppers pushing and shoving to get their hands on stuff, way too stressful. But every one was very calm, and there were no kerfuffles; even with us (and by ‘us’ I mean ) stalking another woman ‘cos she’d picked up a bag that I was eyeing and wouldn’t put it back down! Likewise, I was also stalked by some poor sucker (ie. a lady’s boyfriend) who wanted one of the two Miu Miu bags I was hogging :P But everyone was calm and no “Stupid bitch! Hand over that bag to me NOOOWWWW!” ;)

I would say the discounts are not that good compared to the USA retail prices, especially if the USA boutique is having a sale. However, they are really good compared to Singapore boutique retail prices, and I got the opportunity to touch-and-feel the bags first, so it was a pretty good trade-off. Plus, the bag I ended up getting isn’t available online when I went to check (<— justification).

I hope Singapore has more of these fashion sales. They rock!

I saw this Balenciaga in a lovely blueberry shade.. was so tempted
but it was in the First size which is too small for me.

I *swooned* when I saw this Givenchy! The colour!!! But, too heavy :(

And I loved the colour of these 2 lil Miu Miu mini bags, but they were far too small

And then I spotted…… these 2 Miu Miu cross-body bags!! *FAINT*

It took me yonks to decide which one of the above 2 Miu Miu bags I wanted.. as they were so similar and yet so different, LOL. It’s hard being female, okay! I liked the one in front (ie. the one with the gathered top) because it’s a classic Miu Miu design and I liked the leather ties on either end.. however the leather was a lil too shiny for the liking and I thought the gold hardware didn’t go so well with the turquoise.

I liked the one behind (ie. the one at my bum) because it was the perfect size for my stuff, had really really soft matte leather, and the brushed gunmetal hardware was fantastic. In the end, I got that one – the Miu Miu Nappa Shine Bauletto Bag!

Miu Miu Nappa Shine Bauletto Bag

Love the brushed metal lock

A peek inside

I’ve actually been using it as my handbag + diaper bag combined into one. Yeah, I travel really light when I’m out alone with Hunter :P And it doesn’t look like it from the outside, but it’s roomy and fits in everything I need! That way I only need carry this small ‘lil bag, and I have Hunter strapped to me in the Ergo baby carrier, and off I go – simple.

Cross-body style – front view

Cross-body style – side view

How I normally carry it

Didn’t realise it, but I was ridiculously matchy-match ;)
In my 2 all-time favourite colours, no less!!!

It’s actually similar to a Balenciaga if you just glance at it, so maybe that’s why I like it so much ;) And the lovely thing is that it’s getting softer/slouchier now with use, which is an added bonus for me! The lambskin leather smells soooo good and is nice and smooshy, and I expect it to get even slouchier as I use it. Plus, the “Miu Miu” logo is pretty subtle so it doesn’t scream DESIGNER HANDBAG, which is nice.

Balenciaga black Town…. VS…. Miu Miu Nappa Shine Bauletto Bag

Side comparison

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If you’re into fashion, you’ll know by now that is having a huge sale. I knew about this when the sale first opened, but logged onto the USA site and didn’t see anything particularly interesting. But last week, I logged onto the UK/International site thanks to Pebz and spotted something veeeeeery interesting indeed, and so snapped it up!

It’s the Alexander Wang – Marti leather backpack and I’d been eyeing that for awhile but never bought it because I thought it was crazy expensive at full retail. But since it was at such a big discount AND they have a great return policy, I thought I’d get it anyway, despite never having seen it in real life before.

Weeeeelllll… IT’S HERE!!!!

3-day delivery via DHL, net-a-porter is awesome.

The thing is…. I’m not sure about it. It’s a wee bit on the heavy side (due to all the metal zips and hardware), and the colour is so light that Mum pointed out that it’s a bit impractical. I wanted a backpack because I thought I could lug a lot of stuff around, and throw/bash it around with wild abandon. But then, I can’t exactly abuse and chuck around a designer backpack in super-light leather, can I??? Chris is also a bit iffy as he reckons “it makes you look like a schoolgirl…. and not in a good way” D’oh!!!

But I like it because of the ultra slouchy leather (mmm…) and the wonderful smell of it (mmmmm…). If only it was on sale in the smoke/black colour, that would be perfect!

So what do YOU think??

Keep, or return it?

Alexander Wang – Marti leather backpack

Modelling shots

On me

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Because we are in a perpetual hot climate now that we’ve moved to Singapore, I can really only wear sandals, otherwise my feet get overheated. So I’m always on the lookout for cute, strappy sandals. My favourite are those with a small heel, but not kitten heel (because I can’t stand that style). It’s hard to find, because either you get sandals with a stiletto-type heel, or totally flat sandals that hurt my heels (why do they make sandals that are SO flat and thin/hard??).

And so I was delighted when I found these Balenciaga Nuage Gladiator Wedge Sandals. They have a LOW heel, and it’s a sturdy wedge heel so I don’t teeter around. Better still, it has a wrap-around ankle strap, so they don’t easily slip off. They’re breathable, the leather is super soft, I adore the colour, and I think the studs are badass ;)

Balenciaga Nuage Gladiator Wedge Sandals

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So if you know me in real life, you’ll probably know that I have a bit of an odd… penchant. I really like fiddling with things!! I’m aware of how silly that sounds, so let me try and explain myself. I think I’m a really tactile person.. I adore stroking, twiddling, rubbing stuff – specifically, materials that I love.

Example #1: I cannot help buying super-soft drapey clothes. Once I touch material that is really thin, light and ultra soft, I am a total GONER. I just have to buy it. Materials like silk+cashmere blends, really thin/soft cotton (from brands like Junk Food, and vintage-style tees), and tencel. Ahhhh I just can’t resist! In fact, just thinking about it from writing this down is making me fantasize about fingering some soft clothes.

Example #2: My mad obsession with slouchy leather bags. Despite many of my bags looking the same, I still can’t help but be drawn to really smooshy bags. I mean, how can one possibly resist that luscious softness of the leather, and that intoxicating smell?? I certainly can’t. I often can be found sitting on the couch at home and stroking one of my leather bags, like it’s a pet or something.

Further to Example #2, it’s the reason why I adore Balenciaga bags. When used and bashed around, they adopt this incredible silky soft texture. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE fiddling with the tassels!!! In fact, after I stroked and used my Balenciaga magenta First to absolute death, I pulled off its tassels and keep it by my laptop at home to fiddle with. I’ve fiddled that for 2 years now, carefully gluing it all back together whenever it falls apart from my excessive *ahem* fiddling. It’s no longer magenta-coloured.. it’s more of a dark grey/black colour now. Chris is appalled, “Eww.. I bet there’s no more leather there anymore, it’s just a strip of dead skin cells and oil!” In fact, once or twice he actually tried to steal my tassel, so I had to beat him to the ground to teach him a lesson. Kidding.

Anyway, finally, my Balenciaga tassel gave way and totally fell apart :( So I went hunting for a replacement and found…………………….. Hermès carmen keyring in Rose Shocking!!!

It has not 1, not 2 tassels…. but a GAZILLION TASSELS!!!! All in buttery soft, luscious, smooth leather. If my 1 Balenciaga tassel lasted me 2 years of fiddling goodness, just imagine how many years this will last me. Many many many tassels for me to play with until doomsday. Oh joy, oh happiness.

Hermès carmen keyring in Rose Shocking

Look at those luscious tassels!!

Mmm… fiddly goodness

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I was out with girl friends having lunch yesterday and dropped by this little boutique called Mayumi SATO. It’s owned by a Japanese designer that makes gorgeous silk bags, scarves and clothing. Everything was so flowy and silky and soft, I was totally enchanted! I was immediately drawn to the beautiful 100% silk bags, that were deliciously drape-y and came in a myriad of different silk prints. They were lovely and dragged out their entire stock for me to have a look through to select that perfect print+colour combination I wanted.

And find it I did. A gorgeous clean white and bright turquoise coloured silk bag, with matching turquoise handle and assorted-coloured silk pompoms. So adorable! It’s lovely and cheery for summer and sublimely light, so nice to throw in my stuff and not be weighed down. They are not cheap, but reasonably priced for such a pretty and unique bag.

I love not just the lovely silk, but the fact that it’s very niche and not mainstream. In fact, I like it so much I think I’m going back to purchase a few more as gifts :P

Mayumi Sato silk bag

Love the interior pocket print!

Hanging up

How it looks carried

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