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We went out on a little morning/day trip to the Singapore Botanical Gardens, Hunter’s first time there :) The Gardens are really gorgeous, and make for a lovely morning walk.. it’s not too hot either, but does get humid as we near midday. Tons of shade though, since there’s so much greenery around.. and it’s especially nice sitting in the pavilion overlooking Swan Lake and enjoying the breeze :)

To be honest though, Hunter spent 90% of the time asleep ;) Then when he woke up, he was amazed with all the sights and sounds and stared all round… then fell asleep again when we adjourned for lunch, haha! No stamina. Going to the Botanical Gardens makes such a nice family outing though.. we want to make a weekly trip out of it, errrr if we can get up in time.

At the Singapore Botanical Gardens

Pretty trees and greenery

Hard to believe this is in the middle of the city

Happy chappy

I loved these flowers when I was a kid

Gorgeous colours

In the Orchid Garden

Bright orange orchids

Happy as a clam in the pavilion overlooking Swan Lake


Completely fascinated with a pet parrot that someone had with them

A cheap & cheerful local lunch at Mr Prata

Highly amused with…… a water bottle! Who knew they were so hilarious?

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Hunter met his Nanna (Chris’ mum) for the first time, ever! We went to the airport, and the look on his face and reaction was rather hilarious. His eyes opened wide and he was initially really overwhelmed/shocked with the sudden swoop of attention and kisses, and spent the next few mins studiously studying her face. And then it was all good and he was smiles & giggles and loving the attention ;)



Then it’s all smiles

Meeting Nanna for the first time in his life.. :)

We’ve spoon-fed him about 3 times so far.. basically whenever I remember and there’s enough time to do so at his evening feed (as more often than not, we’re in a mad rush to get home in time to put him down for bed). He’s taken to it pretty eagerly and opens and closes his mouth around the spoon fine, and swallows fine. We’re going to mix some of that baby rice cereal I bought into breastmilk next week to see how he takes to it. I think he’ll be alright, so am quite excited.. heh.

Open up!


Being spoon-fed (with breast milk only)

For dinner last night, we were treated to a luscious Beef & Guiness Pie that Chris and his mum whipped up. I’m quite specific on pies and really only like the ones at La Renaissance in Sydney, but this homemade version is EVEN BETTER I reckon. The beef was incredibly tender and the flavour was divine. I love the shortcrust pastry (was surprised by this, I thought I’d only like the puff pastry kind) and it was even yummier served with thick gravy and truffle mashed potatoes. Mmmm….. aaahhh….

Mother and son bonding over cooking. Hunter watching and learning ;)

Beef & Guiness Pie…. cooked from scratch

Served with a truffled mash potato and peas

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I’ve gone ONE ENTIRE WEEK without internet access.




Between organising all our stuff for the removalists last week, daily farewell lunches and dinners, preparing Hunter for our big move to Singapore, actually moving here, going out with Chris’ dad and brother for the past few days, and Hunter’s baptism, things have been HECTIC beyond belief! But now we’ve connected our new place to the internet and I am blissfully surfing the net again. Oh sweet, sweet internet.. how I have missed you!

So so so so much stuff to catch up on, and also so much stuff to do to settle into our new place in Singapore. At least our flight was non-eventful and THANK GOODNESS Hunter slept through and didn’t fuss. Suppose he was pretty exhausted with the previous week’s worth of us dragging him out all over town and so much activity whilst he packed out our lives. I get super irritated with screaming/crying babies on flights so I was very sensitive to the judgmental “oh crap they have a baby” eyes when people were boarding the plane and saw us (we were fortunate to get the 1st row with ample leg room and bassinet). But we were so relieved when he slept in the bassinet throughout, and then woke up when we landed. Good timing, he has :P

How to smuggle a baby

I was shocked to learn that SGD$1000 notes exist. And depressed that
SO much money was reduced to just one little slip of paper..

At Singapore airport, where Chris’ dad and brother came to meet us!
Our luggage was epic – 7 bags of check-in and hand carry

Feeling rather touristy and lost in Singapore, so we need all these survival guides

Chris’ dad and brother flew into Singapore the day before us, so they could see Hunter for the first time and also attend his Baptism. Hunter isn’t always too keen on men, and generally doesn’t like to be cuddled by them. So it was with some surprise and great relief that he took happily to both of them immediately! He was gurgling and very pleased, like he’d known them his whole life :)

HULLO Grandpa!!!

HULLO Uncle Matt!!!

Cuddled up and fell asleep on Grandpa

We arrived to a TON of presents, toys and books for Hunter. He is a very blessed little boy! I think he’ll be getting a bit of sensory overload with all the stuff he’s got, hehe. I’m going to space it all out and he’ll get one toy at a time so he doesn’t get overwhelmed. At the moment he likes grabbing and gripping his toys, then exploring them with his mouth. There is drool…. everywhere.

Some of the toys, the other stuff not pictured cos too lazy to take pics..

His current obsession – IPAD.

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Scena @ The Ritz Carlton
52/F, 8 Shiji Da Dao (世纪大道8号52楼)
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元元

Mum and Dad left earlier this week.. after almost 2 months of staying with us in Shanghai! It’s the longest they’ve ever stayed over, but yet time seemed to fly past. So gone now are the days where I can pass Hunter over to Dad at 7AM and get an extra 2 hours sleep (meaning I now clock in about 6-7 hours instead of 8-9 hours sleep at night), and gone are the days where I have breakfast, lunch and dinner waiting for me on the table as well as yummy soups to slurp down. Not to mention all our free time bumming around whilst Mum and Dad cuddle Hunter and having them do daily runs to pick up groceries, supplies, etc, etc, etc. D’oh! But then, it also feels so exciting being our own proper lil family. I guess it’s the real test now on whether we’ll survive, hehe. So far, so good! *whew*

We hit the Ritz Carlton hotel for a lazy lunch on the last day Mum and Dad were here.. We were last there for my birthday lunch and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, so thought it would be a great place to revisit. It didn’t disappoint. We got the main course + dessert buffet option, of course! A whole spread of delectable sweets and such – how could I resist ;) The fab thing about the dessert buffet is that they have high quality stuff – fine desserts and beautifully presented.

Delicious food, lovely relaxed atmosphere, and impeccable service. Well worth it :)


With Hunter tucked away in the Bugaboo


Big loaf of bread with roasted garlic and tomato chutney

Roasted pork belly, sauteed spinach, wild mushrooms, caramelized onion mashed potatoes

Linguini pasta with pesto and smoked salmon

Roasted salmon, artichokes, confit baby potatoes, tomatoes, fennel salsa

Pumpkin risotto, asparagus and sauteed prawns

My dessert platter round #1

My 2nd round…

My 3rd round…

My 4th round… teehee!!!

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Today, we celebrate Valentines Day with our most wonderful valentine ever – our son :)


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Mum and Dad fly into Shanghai tonight.. and then my aunt and uncle shortly afterwards :)

They’ll be helping to house-sit and ferret-sit for us since we’re gone for…… *DRUMROLL*……… 4 weeks to Europe!!!! SQUEEEE!!!!

We leave next week, and we’ll be hitting:

Paris, France
Avignon, France
Marseilles, France
Casis, France
Barcelona, Spain
Moscow, Russia
St Petersburg, Russia

We’ve been planning this epic trip ever since we got married last year. Specifically, we always knew we’d be celebrating our 1st year wedding anniversary (8 August… next week!) in Paris. And so ages back we booked our flights, and in the past month we’ve pieced together our itinerary – a massive headache since we’re going to so many places and specifically want to go to all the yummiest restaurants. Because let’s face it, it really is a culinary journey in Europe, more than anything else ;)

To say we’re excited about our month-long holiday is a total understatement :D WE CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!!

But first, we get a fun few days with Mum and Dad in Shanghai’s summer. It will be nice to see them again :)

YAY happy with this result, since fries are my #1 favourite food :D

You Are French Fries

You are friendly and easygoing. People can’t help but like you!
You are always welcome wherever you go, and people crave you more than they’d like to admit.

You are extremely fun loving. You try not to think about responsibilities whenever possible.
You are rich in personality and spirit. You have a lot to offer, but you never let it go to your head.

PS. Also wanted to show off my 2 new LJ icons that I adore :P

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These photos were actually taken on the day that we ate at Mythos. The weather was so brilliant and the sun came out in full-force, so we went a little snap happy :P But we all look so carefree and cheerful.. and the colours really pop under the beautiful sunshine, so I thought the pics turned out fantastic!

Chris and I walking into The Cooldocks

Cute water feature!

Dad and Mum :)

Me and the husband, laughing away

I like this pic cos it’s a good shot of my Balenciaga bag :P
Goes well with my calfskin leather boots IMHO!

One of my all-time fave pics of Chris and I. A very typical photo of us,
just wandering around and laughing at our own little private joke :)

We also took advantage of the lovely weather to stroll down the famous Bund area. It’s been totally rehauled and revamped because of the Expo. And man, they did a good job. It’s really wide and clean, so even though there were TONS of people there (helloooo China), no one pushed or shoved me, and the flow of people-traffic just worked. The government just did a great job with it, and in such a short time too, considering the huge amount of land that they pulled up and re-did. Really impressive!

At The Bund, along with 3529 billion other people

Overlooking the river, looking towards Pudong

The pretty Pearl tower

Heh heh

Chris grabs his ball

Painter working his magic on the sidewalk


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