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There is another celebration other than Hunter’s 3 month birthday……….


I used to look at women in senior positions and/or climbing the career ladder quit their jobs and end up looking messy and running after a toddler and think “What a fall from grace.” Now, I FULLY understand and support their decision.

When Hunter was born, everything to do with career and work went right out the window, and 100% of my focus was on Hunter. In the past few months, I can’t fathom being apart from him during the day. Miss out on all his milestones? My heart would break. Not being able to inhale his yummy baby smell 24/7? Out of the question.

After 7 years at eBay spanning across Australia and China, I felt my time was up and it was time to move on. I am, proudly, a stay-at-home mum. I used to think there was something a little sad, a little ‘I’ve given up’ about that title. Now, I relish in that status. Will I go back to work? Most likely, one day. But not yet.

And so, it’s onto the most challenging and most rewarding job in the world for me…. being a SAHM :)

Oh what good times we’ve had!

But now I wake up to something even BETTER every morning

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One of my ex-Australia-eBay-office colleagues sent me an email, telling me that my blog was #1 on discussed eBay blogs when he went to the link


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There’s a different kind of volunteering out there – that doesn’t involve animals, or disadvantaged people, or children. This kind uses your own business knowledge, to help inspire and encourage young people. And this is what eBay does – corporate volunteering.

I’m part of the Giving Works volunteer team at eBay, and whilst we do all the above kinds of volunteering, the “corporate volunteering” part is especially interesting to me. In this case, it involved inviting a few university students to our offices for a day, where they could ‘shadow’ eBay employees and chat with us about our work. In turn, we can share our experiences with them, our thoughts about business, and provide advice to them whereever we can.

In actual fact, it’s having fun talking to them :)

My session was over lunch time – excellent! That meant we had pizzas ordered in, and could have a casual chat as we stuffed our faces. For me, they were mostly interested in what I thought about cultural differences coming from Australia to Shanghai. And many asked if it was worth going overseas for education and/or working for a few years. It was a very open and interactive session, which is my kind of thing.

Had a good time. I’m proud eBay holds programs such as this and supports us doing this :)

The running joke was – we look nothing like the people in this pic,
as none of us wear suits. Haha!

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If there’s one thing that eBay China does well, it’s throwing a party. Man, these guys go INSANE! It absolutely trumps the eBay-thrown parties in any other countries – by far. China does it super-grand, super-organised, and super-awesome. Think a MASSIVE banquet dinner, an impressive performance and stage set-up, and incredible gifts/prizes.

This year was no difference. It was held in a huge banquet hall, with lots of games at the start to keep everyone occupied and mingling. One thing I failed to realise was that people dress up – men in suits, women in their finest cocktail dresses and beautiful hair and makeup. Me? I rocked up in my standard work clothes and no pretty makeup. D’oh! I think I missed out on the memo (well, it was an email written in Chinese, so that’s my defence!) about that “dress nicely” party ;)

There was a huge stage down the front, and it was basically like watching a concert or grand performance. We were treated to lots of skits and dancing, and a bunch of games and prize-drawings, etc. It was amazing that these were just regular people – our colleagues – up there on stage. They even had costumes and matching outfits and everything, incredible! In China, people take a lot of time to choreograph, to throw a grand party, and to impress. In Australia, our parties are just “Let’s have lunch then go to the pub for a drink” and that’s it ;) It feels so far away now….

The dinner itself was FANTASTIC. We actually didn’t have high hopes since it’s difficult to cater enmass for so many people, but the food blew us away. Delicious, tasty, and filling. Well, I guess 13 courses is pretty much guaranteed to be filling ;) I love how in China, you NEVER worry about going hungry when someone throws a party – the #1 priority is to ensure the guests are well-fed.

Best part? The 16GB white iPhone and 900元 travel card I got! That particular iPhone is the newest one out on the market and currently retails around US$1,000 on eBay I think… and the travel card comes in handy for taxis (when I’m not using my driver). YAY :D I’m in a bit of a pickle with the iPhone though…. as I (need to) use my BlackBerry for work, so I can’t switch to the iPhone! And all the people close to me (that I would actually give it to) already have an iPhone, so I’m not sure what to do with it now, LOL! I want to use and play around it though, I think iPhones are super cute :P Only reason I haven’t already bought one for myself is because I love my BlackBerry, which I consider far superior to the iPhone in terms of usefulness.

Was a fun night, and I think it’s amazing how eBay does all this for the employees. What a way to boost employee morale!

The eBay Annual Party

The sign-in table

Fishing game

Our directors, putting on a drum performance

Video of the drum performance – pretty cool

Some colleagues, who were the emcees of the night

Dance item by a bunch of guys

Another Michael Jackson-esque dance

This was some skit about 4 guys trying to win a woman’s heart, I think?

A colleague performs on an ancient Chinese instrument – wow

Another dance item

The huge banquet hall

A 13-course menu. Woohoo!!!

Our table

Hooray for fab eBay dinners :)

I got a 16GB white iPhone and a 900元 travel card. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We’re Hiring

I’m hiring 2 people for my team in Shanghai.

One is a senior marketing role that requires fluency in Chinese and English, and the other is for a more junior level for technical implementation of marketing initiatives. Both roles will cover Asia (China, Hong Kong, South East Asian countries, Japan) and the candidate should already be living in Shanghai and can start swiftly:

  1. Marketing Project Manager – Lead on Product Marketing for the region. Project manage all seller communications (eDMs) and onsite promotions, analyze eDM and onsite promotions in order to evaluate, optimise and recommend existing and potential opportunities.
  2. Marketing Technical Executive – Lead on the implementation, QA and send-outs of seller communications (eDMs) and onsite promotions.

Please drop me a line if you are, or if you know anyone that may be, interested.

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Delicious cupcakes from our agency. How cute are they?!?!

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Some pics (the ones at the top) that I stole off a colleague because his camera is amazing and takes better photos than mine..

McDonalds – the breakfasts of champions

Kid with his fish – too cute!


Awesome scenery

All misty and serene

Man and ducks chilling out

Me and my pomelo

Me with the Hong Kong girls


With my sugarcane juice – you can see it being freshly squeezed in the background!

Bought the DVD of the Impressions Light Show. Unfortunately, got ripped off.
It was just a 30min commentary of the director babbling away, not the actual show!! ;(

Pretty silk ballet flats that I bought


Girly, too :)

The little keychains I bought

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