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My girl friend and I got our lashes curled at Browhaus over the weekend. Exceedingly pleased with them!! It takes about an hour to do but the effect is immediately and you get permanently curled lashes for 1-3 months afterwards (depending on how much you rub your eyes etc).

Personally, I like waking up with nicely curled lashes, and no need to use an eyelash or mascara to get a subtly refined look. A cool little way to ‘open up the eyes’ at a very reasonable cost :)

Permanently curled lashes FTW!
(my lashes are as-is, without using an eyelash curler or mascara)

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Christian Dior’s new Sérum de Rouge

I’ve never been a lipstick kinda girl. I find they look quite dated on me, and make my lips go dry. Worst of all, sometimes it leaves this ‘ring’ around my lips as it fades, gross! So I tend to use lip stains instead, which have great staying power. But as they’re drying I need to use a lipbalm on top, so it’s a bit of a hassle. So I was on the looking for something that would hit the nail on the head.

Christian Dior’s new Sérum de Rouge is not really a lipstick, but not really a lipgloss. It’s actually a hybrid, called a very fancy-sounding Luminous Colour Lip Treatment. Meant to be a skincare product, it has 10x (!!!!) more skincare ingredients than their standard lipsticks, plus it even has SPF20. Some if the ingredients packed in include Vitamin A, Mango butter, Centella Asiatica Extract to stimulate collagen synthesis, Ruscogenine to stimulate microcirculation and promote oxygenation and Commiphora Extract to stimulate adipocytes for improved texture and volume. WHEW!

The feel of the lipstick case itself is quality. It’s not plastickly at all and I like the thin tube it comes in. A click of the base and the lipstick rises for you to swipe on. It has minimal scent and taste and is really creamy, melts in and doesn’t feel like it’s ‘sitting’ on top of your lips. It’s so lovely!! The staying power is awesome and it does NOT make my lips dry, instead, I find it really moisturizing without being oily. Love it and highly recommended :)

From the Christian Dior website: ‘Dior creates the first Sérum de Rouge, elixir of youth with exquisite radiance. A sublime alliance of skincare and color benefits, the serum texture literally melts into the lips for absolute comfort and unbelievable sensory pleasure at application. The formula, 10 times more concentrated in skincare ingredients (10 times more than our classical lip sticks), provides moisture, volume and smoothing benefits for your lips, immediately upon application, and day after day. The palette of elegant, vivid shades instantly illuminates the lips with youthfulness. A feminine high-precision pen design for impeccable treatment and color results.’


Fresh “Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment”

When I don’t want really obvious colour on my lips, and am just after a tinted lipbalm, Fresh “Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment” is an absolute STUNNER.

You can’t always judge a book by its cover, but maaaaaan this has got the most gorgeous packaging! A beautiful pearlescent baby pink metal tube that’s all sleek and sexy, and the cap slides over the top and screws on so it doesn’t fall off in your bag or pocket. It’s elegant and a pleasure to take out to apply.

I’m a bit of a tinted lipbalm nut and tend to buy just about every one I see (oops!). But this one really takes the cake because it ticks off almost every box that’s important to me. The texture is always the most important, and this one is exceedingly creamy and easy to swipe on. It buttery and waxy all at the same time, but doesn’t feel funny sitting on my lips. It sinks in well, has really good staying power, and keeps my lips moisturized. Best of all, it makes my lips have this ‘protected’ feeling.. errr.. hard to explain but I just adore the texture!

The colour is a subtle pink, very lightly visible on my lips which is nice when I’m after a more casual look. I can also just randomly swipe it without a mirror, and not look like a clown afterwards ;) And the scent? A beautiful light citrusy-sugar… more noticeable the first few times I used it but now I can barely detect it. I also love how it has SPF15 in it.

The ingredients in this little gem include sugar (skin soother), meadowfoam seed, grapeseed and blackcurrent oils, Vitamins A, C, E. I totally recommend it for those that are after a ‘no-makeup’ look that still looks nice, and really makes your lips feel awesome :)

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