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Hunter’s first home playdate in Singapore! It was at his little girl friend’s house; I was only there for the ride, really.

I was nervous and eager to see how he would react to seeing his first dog(s), upclose. Especially since Rosco the dog has a particularly LOUD bark! The look on Hunter’s face was priceless – this wide-eyed “Holy crap, what was that?!?!?” look, as he searched all round for the source of the ruckus ;) He took it like a champion, but did wail for a bit when Rosco barked right next to his ear behind him (as he got a rather nasty fright), but apart from that, he giggled and gurgled at the dogs :P

Doggy kisses

Dogs are highly amusing. Who knew?

The coy princess

Our lunch was a homecooked Yong Tow Foo (sp?). It was my first time eating this dish in my life, and I am a CONVERT!! In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I promptly told Chris about it, and we ordered it for the first time at the food court a couple of days later.

Hmmm how to describe it? It’s vegetarian, believe it or not. Basically tofu, tofu, and lots of tofu. Tofu of various kinds and descriptions, cooked in different ways, and served with various veggies and some noodles in a clear tasty broth. Oooooooh… it’s GOOD! OK it certainly doesn’t compare to the super-tasty Singaporean foods, but considering it’s healthy as can be, it’s very surprising that healthy food can be tasty. Me like.

Yong Tow Foo. My first time eating it, and it gets a thumbs up!

The babies played, slept, cried, ate. What else is new ;) The fab thing about home playdates is that the area is safe and clean for babies to lie down on. Plus, I had a great time trying everything out, heh! There are millions (literally) of baby stuff out there, you can spend a small fortune if you buy anything that catches your eye. The benefit of having friends with closely-aged children is that you get to check out and try a lot of stuff :)

Sitting like da boss in the Karibu, which has larger
leg-holes than the Bumbo, ideal for… ahem.. wider babies

Karibu VS Bumbo seats

Well hello there Missy

Trying out his new Pacimal, how cute is this concept?!

And trying out the Boppy breastfeeding pillow as a chair

And then checking out the Bjorn baby seat and lovin’ it!

Little Naomi claims back her throne ;)

But at the end of the day, his fave is still his personal, custom-built couch ;)

Zonked out and napping on the couch with his new Pacimal

Checking out the older guys already

Hullo pretty ladies

And I saved the best set of photos for the last ;) They are most LOL-able, and I swear I’m not biased!!! Any way, I will say loudly and clearly: THESE PHOTOS ARE NOT POSED. We simply whacked our kids in the seats, and their following actions and expressions were totally impromptu and done by them….. ;)

“HEY LOOK, it’s a girl”

“Can I stroke her?”


(Some pics stolen off !)

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