20 Jul

10+ years ago, Chris and I were living in college in Australia. Remember those days? I think some of you do :) (don’t we all feel so old now?!) Anyway, living there too was another couple that got together during those days and subsequently got married, just as we did. And even more co-incidently, the guy is from Australia and the girl is from Singapore!

They were really fortunate had had twin boys a year ago, and were celebrating their 1st birthday. Their twins fascinate me because when Hunter was born, I thought he looked so similar to them! I guess it’s the similar mix of genes or something.. but I reckon they have such similar skin and hair colouring, not to mention the same pillowy white arms and legs :P It’s fun seeing them now because it’s kind of like a window as to what Hunter will look and be like when he’s older!

Us with our college friends (who are now parents of the twin boys)

TWINS!! I think they have such similar build and colouring to Hunter

Father and son making strange faces

One of my fave outfits of his

And just a quick message from Hunter….

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