20 Jul

We give Hunter a pacifier to fall asleep and once he’s asleep, it’s fine if it falls out (ie. he continues sleeping). But if he’s still drowsy and it falls out, he’ll start calling out for it and fussing until we stuff it back in.

So I’ve been hoping and praying that soon, he’ll have enough hand-to-eye coordination to 1) find the dropped pacifier in his cot, and 2) stuff it back into his mouth.

I have no idea when they’re meant to “learn” this skill… but Hunter isn’t doing so well at it, *LOL*. He gets so overly excited at the thought of having the pacifier in his mouth that he gets really jerky and his arms flail all over the place, so he ends up unable to stuff it properly into his mouth! I know he’s managed to do it a couple of times by himself at night, but I reckon it’s more by fluke that him properly learning how to do it ;)

Any one with kids that can tell me at approx how many months old they can properly self-pacify themselves? :)

Pacifier FAIL ;)

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