19 Jul

Tried Hunter out on his first solids this week :) He’s still 99% breastfed but giving him 2 teaspoons of organic baby rice cereal in the evening to get him used to taking solids. You would think it’d be extremely exciting… but nope, he just took to the spoon and cereal (the texture of baby food) like he’d been doing it for ages! Just ate normally, didn’t really blink an eyelid, and it was all rather non-eventful. LOL. I guess I was hoping for some sort of fireworks and excitement! Maybe it’ll be more exciting (ie. seeing cute reactions from him) when we go onto different types of fruit/veggies/etc..

Breastmilk + cereal… not too appetizing looking ;)


Cute at the 7:10 mark :P

At the same time, we also started on his first sippy cup. I just filled it up with a bit of (cool boiled water) and he sits in a reclining position. It was also quite un-eventful!! The 1st time he was a bit confused with it, as he’s never held a bottle since I breastfeed directly. But after I put his hands on each handle and showed him how the spout goes into his mouth, he took to it easily and would eager stuff the spout into his mouth whenever I give him the cup now.

For me??

*stuffs into mouth*

Holding handles + spout in mouth = WIN!

His 2nd attempt at using a sippy cup

We decided on the Graco blossom 4-in-1 seating system as his high chair – a bit of a splurge but it was the best we could find. It had stellar reviews and was ranked #1 high chair by Babble. It looks like a throne for a baby, LOL! I was also after the Inglesina (may have been because they have a gorgeous turquoise colored one, hee) but Chris vetoed it as he preferred this Graco one.

This Graco high chair is super sturdy, and I love the way he sits comfortably in it, not to mention it’s easy for us to maneuver and use. It just feels really nice, and he’s really safe and secure in it. He really likes it too, which is the main thing :)

Graco blossom 4-in-1 seating system

The really nice thing about seeing your child sit up, drink from a cup/bottle and eat solids is that they suddenly seem like a big boy. It was like one minute he was lying down and just like a baby, and the next minute he’s sitting up and feeding himself his drinks like a little toddler. It’s just amazing how quickly babies learn and grow… and so wonderful to watch.

Oh these precious moments and memorable firsts, watching your child grow up…. :)

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