16 Jul

We went out on a little morning/day trip to the Singapore Botanical Gardens, Hunter’s first time there :) The Gardens are really gorgeous, and make for a lovely morning walk.. it’s not too hot either, but does get humid as we near midday. Tons of shade though, since there’s so much greenery around.. and it’s especially nice sitting in the pavilion overlooking Swan Lake and enjoying the breeze :)

To be honest though, Hunter spent 90% of the time asleep ;) Then when he woke up, he was amazed with all the sights and sounds and stared all round… then fell asleep again when we adjourned for lunch, haha! No stamina. Going to the Botanical Gardens makes such a nice family outing though.. we want to make a weekly trip out of it, errrr if we can get up in time.

At the Singapore Botanical Gardens

Pretty trees and greenery

Hard to believe this is in the middle of the city

Happy chappy

I loved these flowers when I was a kid

Gorgeous colours

In the Orchid Garden

Bright orange orchids

Happy as a clam in the pavilion overlooking Swan Lake


Completely fascinated with a pet parrot that someone had with them

A cheap & cheerful local lunch at Mr Prata

Highly amused with…… a water bottle! Who knew they were so hilarious?

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