14 Jul

Had a big mummy meet up with a bunch of yummy mummies in SG. It was actually much calmer than expected, considering we had 3 young babies there. Actually Hunter was the loudest because for some reason, he hated the place! Between the stuffiness/heat and the dim lighting, he was all cranky and cried. THE ENTIRE TIME. It was agony! Then, the moment we stepped outside, he stopped crying and was happy again. What the….. My ears were ringing from his crying and I nearly went insane with his fussing.. so just as well he calmed down before we all went shopping, heh ;)

Anyway, we ate at a “gourmet British pub” called The Queen & Mangosteen. And so I ordered, what else? the Fish and Chips!! How can I go to a Brit pub and not order fish & chips? ;) They were excellent. Lovely meaty fish encased in a thick but well-cooked batter. I adored the dip that it came with, and the dish is enough for a light lunch.

It’s a lovely pub but needs to seriously re-think their air conditioning. The heat in there is awful in certain spots, so everyone else at the table was fine, but I had full-blast of the hot air blowing in. It would otherwise have been a lovely relaxed lunch with the girls!

(Note: some pics stolen ruthlessly from the girls :P )

Stroller brigade! Hunter’s is the poor manual kind ;)

The Queen and Mangosteen, a gourmet British pub

My Pimms & Lemonade – delish

Potato & Leek soup, “not good”, apparently

Mini burgers that looked cute, but had no cheese!

My fish & chips. Excellent

This is what Hunter looked like the entire lunch

Cam-whoring in the baby change room

Complete LMAO!!! at little N’s expression… cannot.. stopppp.. laughing……

A more normal shot of everyone ;)

“Well HELLOOO there pretty girl”

“Tee hee hee!”

“Hullo ladies. Wanna see some of this? Do ya??”

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