12 Jul

Hunter met his Nanna (Chris’ mum) for the first time, ever! We went to the airport, and the look on his face and reaction was rather hilarious. His eyes opened wide and he was initially really overwhelmed/shocked with the sudden swoop of attention and kisses, and spent the next few mins studiously studying her face. And then it was all good and he was smiles & giggles and loving the attention ;)



Then it’s all smiles

Meeting Nanna for the first time in his life.. :)

We’ve spoon-fed him about 3 times so far.. basically whenever I remember and there’s enough time to do so at his evening feed (as more often than not, we’re in a mad rush to get home in time to put him down for bed). He’s taken to it pretty eagerly and opens and closes his mouth around the spoon fine, and swallows fine. We’re going to mix some of that baby rice cereal I bought into breastmilk next week to see how he takes to it. I think he’ll be alright, so am quite excited.. heh.

Open up!


Being spoon-fed (with breast milk only)

For dinner last night, we were treated to a luscious Beef & Guiness Pie that Chris and his mum whipped up. I’m quite specific on pies and really only like the ones at La Renaissance in Sydney, but this homemade version is EVEN BETTER I reckon. The beef was incredibly tender and the flavour was divine. I love the shortcrust pastry (was surprised by this, I thought I’d only like the puff pastry kind) and it was even yummier served with thick gravy and truffle mashed potatoes. Mmmm….. aaahhh….

Mother and son bonding over cooking. Hunter watching and learning ;)

Beef & Guiness Pie…. cooked from scratch

Served with a truffled mash potato and peas

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