07 Jul

So what is it with babies and technology? They find it irresistible!! Then again, can’t blame ’em, I find it irresistible too ;) It’s amazing at how, at just a few weeks old, they naturally turn towards to and stare at anything with a screen – computer, TV, phone, etc. Freaky.


2 lil boys, 1 iPhone

The other day, we were out having breakfast at Ghim Moh markets, thanks to ickleoriental‘s recommendation. I was wandering around when I noticed a big flurry of people rushing around and whipping out cameras. I couldn’t figure out what they were all looking at, and finally realised it was this slightly-built middle age man that was the center of attention.

As I was standing there, all interested looking, a guy (who spoke English really really well, so I was a bit amazed) asked me to take a photo next to that man. “Sure!” I said. Later I found out he was one one of the aids there, as I asked “So do you know him?” and he replied “Yep, all my life”. I asked if he was the man’s son, but apparently not!

Anyway, so who was that man? Tan Cheng Bok, apparently. Some sort of politician? Anyway, I was told that he is in the running for Prime Minister of Singapore so if he really does get it then I now have a photo with him, wahaha!

With politician Tan Cheng Bok

Threadless were having a sale and julyclover was kind enough to help me order and ship some tees. Bought a bunch for myself, and also some matchy-match baby onesies! I never thought I’d see the day when I’d actually want to wear matchy-match clothes with someone.. ;)

Mama dino and Baby dino ;)

Mega LOL @ Hunter’s dubious look

Brothers? ;)

Big boy and Lil boy

Giggling during tummy time

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