04 Jul

Since a bunch of mums and soon-to-be mums have been messaging/emailing me to write about Hunter’s daily routine, I thought I’d blog about it, ‘cos I also want it for my own reference in future when I read back on his baby years. By no means am I saying this is going to work for anyone else, it’s just what works for Hunter, and all babies are different! We haven’t really read any baby books (the 1 and only one we have and read is this one that my AU girl friend gave me), but we do a lot of online research and also try to be as “in tune” with him as possible to read his cues etc.

This is NOT a strict schedule. We’re not too fussed about insisting he does this-and-that at a specific time. We found we didn’t need to anyway, as since he was born he did stuff like clockwork, so it all fell into place. Anyway, so far so good – it works for us and Hunter is happy and healthy, so WHEW ;)

Wake up around 7:30AM. I usually try to extend it by turning on his musical mobile and pretending he doesn’t exist as I try to squeeze in a few more minutes of sleep (hee!). After around 15 mins, he starts cooing and talking to himself, so I can’t sleep anymore and lean over to say GOOD MORNING! Am greeted by a big happy smile and I am reminded all over again that we are so blessed to be parents. Bring him into bed for some cuddles and playtime and songs, then change his (soaked) diaper. Then at around 8:30AM it’s his Breakfast breastfeed. Then my Dad takes him out for a morning walk.

At around 9:30AM, my Dad and Hunter come back, and Hunter goes down for Nap #1 of 45 mins. When he wakes up, I change his diaper and we go out eating/shopping/meeting friends!

Lunchtime breastfeed at around 12:00PM and then has Nap #2 at around 12:30PM, 45 mins again. Afterwards it’s more shopping and wandering around Singapore until 3:00PM when he has his Afternoon Tea breastfeed. He then takes Nap #3 at around 4:30PM for – you guessed it – 45 mins! After that, we usually head back home by 6PM.

The evenings we are very strict with. We have a very specific and inflexible bedtime that we refuse to change. I think that’s a good thing, considering Hunter’s mornings/afternoons are always outside and random. Anyway, he has his Dinner breastfeed at 6:15PM and then Chris does his baby-massage straight afterwards. Then it’s bathtime, tummy time (to rid him of any extra energy and to tire him), then change into his pajamas. Then it’s Bedtime reading.

After his Bedtime reading, Hunter is given a quick cuddle and goodnight kiss, then placed into his cot awake but drowsy between 7:00 – 7:30PM. This is critical. Bedtime is every parent’s fear and obsession, ‘cos who doesn’t want their baby to sleep well and through the night?! We specifically make sure he’s in his cot and asleep at this time because we’ve read so much about this being the best time for a baby to sleep – both for their mental development and also to ensure they are well-rested enough to ‘sleep through the night’. And geez it WORKS! Ever since we started doing this when he was very young, he’s been a steady and solid sleeper, so we are quite obsessed with putting him down at this time now ;)

We also make sure we put him in his cot awake but drowsy, because I know if you put a baby into his cot when he’s already asleep, he will NOT sleep well and need you again when he wakes up. Ever since we started doing this trick when Hunter was still very young, he can self-soothe himself back to sleep whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night (whew). Of course, it must be said he is a noisy sleeper and also noisy as he soothes himself back to sleep.. so I STILL wake up sometimes when he’s doing it (doh!) but at least I can leave him be and he’ll fall asleep by himself.

I do his Dreamfeed just after 10:00PM, after my shower. He’s asleep the entire time so it’s easy as I just plonk him straight back into his cot and snuggle up into bed… zzzz…zzz…

That’s pretty much it :) It may not be “by the book” but we’re happy with it. I find it highly irritating when people come along and try to ‘advise’ us or urge us to change it etc, so I’m also not telling everyone this is the best approach. Maybe there’s an even better way for us to do things, but for now it’s all smooth clockwork for us so I daren’t change it :P

If only my lashes were as long!

Hullo cheeky boys

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