02 Jul


So Hunter doesn’t begin weaning until at least 6 months old.. which is in a couple of weeks. But I heard that exclusively breastfed babies often refuse the spoon and/or take ages to eat from a spoon because it’s just so so different to breastfeeding. That was news to me! So I thought we might as well get him used to what a spoon is and having it in it’s mouth…

I bought the Combi baby spoon and squeezed some breastmilk onto it (maybe 2 drops at a time), and stuck it in his mouth. Gave him the spoon with breastmilk about 5 times and he took to it OK (though his expressions were kinda hilarious) – I think it gave Chris and I a way bigger kick than it did to him ;) I figure we’ll do that every day or so to get him used to the whole idea.. so that in a couple a weeks we can transition to his Organic baby rice cereal (from Australia!) and hopefully he’ll handle that well. Errrr.. fingers crossed!

All cuddled up on Chris when he returned from his Seattle business trip

Splish splash on a hot Saturday!

Looking strangely like we’re about to go to the beach..
but we’re actually going for lunch with a friend and shopping ;)

Nomming on Italian food

Playdate & shopping with ickleoriental (pic stolen off her phone),
with impressive colour coordination of clothing!

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