25 Jun

Happy 5 month Birthday, Hunter!

Our little boy is 5 months old today. I barely remember when he was an unaware little baby that just lay there and didn’t do much. It’s incredible how quickly babies grow and learn new things – he is different every week! It’s all quite fascinating to watch :) He’s also now almost 20% (!!!!!!) of my own weight – kind of freaky to think I’ve given birth to that!


  • Eating – Still 100% breastfed. Waahoooo!! I read that the World Health Organization recommends exclusively breastfeeding until “at least 6 months”, so I’m determined to do that. To be honest, I enjoy it so much anyway and I feel blessed to have enough milk supply to do this, so I don’t want to rush in solid food just yet. He is becoming increasing curious when we eat though, and STARES at us putting food into our mouths. Wonder how long he’ll last before insisting he gets some too…

    Watching me eat

    He breastfeeds 5x a day, for an astonishing 3-5 minutes at each session. The first 3 minutes is proper feeding (or perhaps I should say gulping furiously), and the next 2 minutes is spent French kissing my nipple (!) and playing with my boob whilst I try to persuade him to eat more. Then after that, he usually emits an angry yell ‘cos he doesn’t fancy being forced to eat more, and then I give up! I ended up asking the doctor if it was OK to feed for such a tiny amount of time, and she said it’s fine since he’s very obviously big for his age. Whew. So I’ve stopped worrying now.

  • Sleeping – Hunter now sleeps from 7:30PM through ’til 7:30AM (yayyyyyy!) when he wakes up for a feed, and I also give him a dreamfeed before I go to bed. He’s rather noisy as he sleeps though, so it often wakes me up at night, arghh! He is not a quiet sleeper :( We’ve also stopped swaddling him entirely, so now he just sleeps on his side (with sleep positioners around him, as he flips around). During the day, he naps 3x a day, for about 45mins each time. Quite pathetic as I’d much rather longer naps (so I can get more stuff done), but he instantly wakes up on the dot after 45mins with huge bright eyes and gurgling/cooing away, and it’s impossible to get him to sleep more then!
  • Playing – The world is his playground! Or rather, Singapore is. Or rather, all of the malls here are ;) Continuing the trend from back when we were in Shanghai, Hunter and I have been going out every single day without fail. People think it’s amazing that I have the stamina to go out every day with a baby, but it’s not that impressive if you think about it – I do think babies fare much better when they’re out. When we’re home, I am constantly having to amuse Hunter, and my throat gets so sore after awhile from all the talking/singing! It’s mentally and physically quite draining. But when we’re out, he’ll be so fascinated with all the stuff around him that I can push him in his stroller and shop/do my own thing. It’s my easy way out of motherhood :P

    A rare moment where both of us are at home

    He’s been learning to sit up this month, and looking at him sitting up makes me realise how time has flown in the past 5 months. He’s become rather fascinated with his feet a few weeks ago, and will grab at/play with them. He pretty much grabs at anything within reaching distance and it instantly goes into his mouth for a good ‘ol chew ;)

    Propped up on his hands

    “RAWR!” says the little tiger boy

    “Look ma, no hands!”

    His coos/gurgles amped up quite a bit this month, and he particularly loves to talk to himself whenever he’s in the car. So strange!

    Hunter shooting the breeze

    Possibly the cutest thing that happened this month was when Chris was away on a business trip in Seattle. After about 2 days, Chris did a Skype video-call with us. When Hunter saw Chris’ face, he immediately stared at the screen and broke into a HUGE small! Then he lunged forward towards the screen and kept laughing and gurgling at Chris. It really surprised us, as it was such an obvious “I recognise you, and I love you” moment :)

    On Skype with Chris

    Happy 5th Month Birthday my precious one. You are so loved!

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