24 Jun

Chris is away in Seattle for 1.5 weeks.. the first time he’s gone on an international business trip since Hunter’s birth and BOY IT HURTS! He misses out on both Father’s Day and Hunter’s 5th month birthday tomorrow. :( I know Hunter especially misses the mad giggles and antics he gets up to with his Dad. Chris comes back (early) on a Monday morning, so we can’t wait :)

Anyway, it’s also a shame that Chris is away because Cookyn Inc threw a Wine and Cheese party, 2 things that Chris particularly loves. And boy, it was fun! We were treated to delicious wines (2 white, 2 red) and of course, lovely food that was thoughtfully paired with each wine. I seriously LOVED the food. Especially the dish with the fresh figs (pics below) – my first time eating fresh figs and now I see why my Mum loves ’em so much.. they’re tasty!

Their Wine & Cheese parties are a great idea for afternoon tea with friends. I reckon they’d make a fab Bachelorette party, or for a birthday celebration :)

The mecca of foodaholics beckons…

Our sons getting acquainted with each other (and Hunter being decidedly unfriendly!)

Mommies and babies :)

Feta and sundried tomato pesto crumble on crackers

Mozzarella bufala with fresh figs, parma ham, truffle oil and aged balsamic

Chorizo, Saucisson, Iberico ham, coral salad, plum
tomatoes salsa, preserved baby onions and Grissini crackers

Chef Mervyn puts the heat on

Parmiggiano, Brie de meaux, Savarin, Mimolette, Manchego

DIY angry birds cupcake, LOL!!!

OH, and of course all the food was paired with wine..

Patiently waiting for us whilst we wined and dined ;)

Future iPhone addicts

The beautiful garden

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