23 Jun

Sushi Tei
Unit 28, 1st Floor, Metro City
1111 Zhaojiabang Road
Shanghai, China


Jumping back again to our Shanghai days… (sorry for the randomness, just discovered some of these pics lurking around and so am throwing ’em up here).. we headed to good ‘ol Sushi Tei during our last week. We had quite the EPIC FEAST as we ordered a storm of dishes including baked cheesy scallops, grilled king prawns, sashimi, sizzling steak, crab, etc.

Sushi Tei consistently always has good service – be it in Australia, China or Singapore. They do good food at reasonable prices, and so remains as one of my favourite mid-range Japanese restaurants.


Flood #1 of the dishes

And then more came out.. mm…

Me completely ignoring the waitresses and more interested in the food :P

Hi hunny bunny (~3 months old here)

Demon eyes!

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