22 Jun

Botak Jones
Block 233 Bukit Batok
East Avenue 5


I’d heard that Botak Jones was famous for their fab Western food at awesome prices, since they’re located in hawker centres (ie. super cheap food eateries) around Singapore. I realised that one of their outlets is RIGHT near where we live! w00t!!! The concept of Botak Jones is simple – bringing really good food at reasonable prices.

And boy, do they do it well.

Despite being in a hawker centre, the service is incredible. Chris commented that their service is BETTER than service we’ve experienced in fine-dining restaurants, and it’s true! The staff are all friendly, helpful, and very eager to please. It’s a wonderful experience and so different to typical shitty service you often get. Case in point: I discovered my burger was a bit too raw for my liking, so I pointed this out to the staff. They immediately took it away and told me that they’d make me a fresh one. As I was waiting, they brought out a complimentary shitake mushroom soup! I mean, you don’t even get service like this in nice restaurants, and here we were in a hawker centre! Then, when the burger arrived, the waitress waited for me to check (it was done perfectly), and halfway through my meal, she came back to ask me if everything was OK.

Frankly, with good food, fab prices, and such lovely staff.. it’s kind of a no brainer that we’ll be back. In fact, we’ve already been there a couple of times in just the 2 weeks that we were in Singapore, LOL!

Yay for Father’s Day!

A present from Botak Jones

My favourite Dad-related quote

Dance dance dance

With the lil cutie pie

Norwegian grilled salmon – so lovely and tender, loved the garlicky sauce too

Cheeseburger – simple and delish

Shitake mushroom soup – lots of mushrooms, mmmm

Cajun chicken – moist and tender, and packed with flavour

NZ rib eye – super good, and amazing value

Thumbs up, dudes!

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