14 Jun

Because we are in a perpetual hot climate now that we’ve moved to Singapore, I can really only wear sandals, otherwise my feet get overheated. So I’m always on the lookout for cute, strappy sandals. My favourite are those with a small heel, but not kitten heel (because I can’t stand that style). It’s hard to find, because either you get sandals with a stiletto-type heel, or totally flat sandals that hurt my heels (why do they make sandals that are SO flat and thin/hard??).

And so I was delighted when I found these Balenciaga Nuage Gladiator Wedge Sandals. They have a LOW heel, and it’s a sturdy wedge heel so I don’t teeter around. Better still, it has a wrap-around ankle strap, so they don’t easily slip off. They’re breathable, the leather is super soft, I adore the colour, and I think the studs are badass ;)

Balenciaga Nuage Gladiator Wedge Sandals

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Posted by on 14 June 2011 (Tue) in Balenciaga, Fashion, Uncategorized



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