10 Jun

Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road

PRICE: $$$

It was the first time for all 4 of us that we were out with so many mummies & babies, so it was a pretty epic day! 4 mums, 4 babies. Lots of commotion, and LOTS of fun ;) Plus, it was 2 of the ladies’ FIRST time out by themselves with babies, so it was a memorable luncheon!

The place of choice was at Wild Honey, that serves all day breakfasts. They had to re-arrange their tables to help accommodate all of us and our massive strollers (I didn’t bring my Bugaboo and carried Hunter in the Ergo carrier instead, but there still wasn’t much space) and were ultra nice when I was holding a sleeping Hunter and brought me the desserts to select and let me pay at our table (normally you order/pay at the counter). I like attentive, nice service like that :)

Wild Honey’s interior isn’t like the usual Singaporean cafe scene. It actually reminded me of cafes in Melbourne. Cozy, with magazines around, a couch in the middle, and lots of ladies hanging out and eating/drinking. I hear they’re always busy as they’re one of the more popular cafes, but we got there before the lunch rush so all was good.

I had a tough time deciding what to get, since all the items actually seemed pretty similar to me, largely ‘cos it’s all breakfast ingredients. So I went with ‘s recommendation of the Tunisan dish, which was a skillet with soft tomatoes and peppers, eggs, and fantastic chorizo! I really liked the fluffy super-thick slices of bread it came with, though it should have come with lots of herb butter.

Unfortunately, their Brownie dessert fell flat. It was very badly over-baked and hard/tough as hell! Instead of being soft and moist, it was like a brick, and very dry. Cake mix in the supermarket makes way better brownies :( I was so disappointed as I was anticipating a deliciously moist chocolate brownie, and was so surprised it was way off the mark, as I’d expected a lovely cafe like this to have top-notch desserts.

We had a pretty wild time with our babies, and they were so cute together! Not that they interacted much, of course.. they mainly either ignored or stared at each other. Hah! Hunter fared so-so as lately he’s been having a weird time – about a week ago, he suddenly has these moments of supreme fussiness when we’re out, and also lost his laugh. Before, he used to smile and gurgle and coo and laugh at just about anything and everything… and him crying or fussing whilst we were out was unheard of. But in the past week, he’s suddenly gotten all serious and solemn! So weird. What happened to my constantly super happy baby?? Come back, please!

Wild Honey – check out their awesome iPad menus!

Me and my son :)

My meal, the Tunisan

Ultimate Breakfast

Some sorta wrap, forgot what the name was!

Chocolate brownie :(

The lil girl looks like a female version of Hunter, no?
And check out lil boy sitting like the big boss in his stroller, LOL!

Making friends :P

LOL @ both our bubs having odd expressions!

Hunter giving his famous DEMON EYE look

Female version of Hunter (born 1 week after him)

Chilling out next to me :)

Getting burped after his feed

Mates with ‘s boy! They were born just 2 days apart.
And yes, both are chunky monkeys!

Mummies who lunch :D

and I traipsed around afterwards and shopped til we dropped ;)

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