09 Jun

Vanilla Bar & Cafe
3 Boon Tat Street #01-01


Squirreled away in a little shophouse is , a cute and simple little cafe that really hits the spot. We arrived before lunch hour on a Monday, which was a good idea as the place really packed out with office workers by 12:30PM or so. It’s a narrow little cafe that only has a few tables (and 2 or 3 outdoor ones), yet manages to churn out quite an impressive array of food.

The prices are not cheap, but they are still pretty reasonable. Portions are a tad on the small side, so expect to order a starter/nibbles, main and a dessert in order to fill up. Don’t miss their milkshakes and coffees, which are great!

My favourite meal was, by far, the Garlic prawn pasta. Lovely slippery strands of spaghetti with springy prawns, and dusted with a generous scattering of fried garlic. And phew, they really do put a lot of garlic in there! But for garlic fans like Chris and I, it was awesome :) Chris absolutely loved his Pork belly don topped with soft boiled egg, which was comfort food at it’s best.

If we’re in the Chinatown area again, I’d be keen to stop by and have a coffee and snack. Thanks to their friendly service, we felt really comfortable and well-taken care of there, despite Hunter having a bit of a yell (he’s having an “off” week, been so grumpy, d’oh)!

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Cute paraphernalia on the shelves

Family pic :)

Practising his sitting-up

Oreo milkshake – luscious

Coffees – check out that foam!

Crispy baby mackeral ($8.90) – how FREAKY do they look?!
Was so scared of ’em, but they turned out to be v yummy.

Pumpkin croquette ($5.90) – decent, but I prefer the regular ones

Popcorn chicken ($5.90) – they looked nasty, but were awesome :)

Baked mentaiko crab cakes ($9.90) – they came in wee lil crab shells!!

Mini burger sampler ($8.90)

Fish & chips with goma dressing ($13.90)

Garlic prawn pasta ($12.90) – my fave dish

Pork belly don topped with soft boiled egg ($13.90) – Chris’ fave dish

Vanilla dirt cake – how cute is this?!?!

Our boys, just 3 weeks of age apart

Hunter’s expression = LMAO!!

Mummies and babies :)

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