07 Jun

Prive Bakery Cafe
2 Keppel Bay Vista
SG 098382
6776 0777

PRICE: $$$

My first Singapore food review since moving here, and how apt it is that it’s at a fantastic place where we could sit back and relax for ages. Yet, how ironic it is that it was a very un-Singaporean place.. as it was by the water and el fresco style. The pretty Keppel Bay area is very unlike the rest of Singapore.. with open spaces, less people, and yachts floating around on the water. It was also (fortunately) not too hot, so it was nice to sit outdoors.. though Hunter wasn’t entirely a fan of Singapore’s heat and humidity;)

We ate at Prive Bakery Cafe, a relaxed restaurant with lovely service. They were very obliging when we stayed there for hours, despite them having a full house. It’s a fantastic place for families too, since the kids can run around outdoors or be a bit noisy and it won’t drive other diners insane ;)

The menu is Western and each dish is pretty reasonably sized. I thoroughly enjoyed all the food, which was all simple dishes, but executed well. I would say their star dish is their Straight cut fries with truffle mayonnaise dip, which were outstanding and so we just HAD to order 2 :P Best drink was the Peanut butter and jelly smoothie, though everyone else voted the Expresso smoothie to be the best. All their smoothies are made with 3 (!!) scoops of ice cream and absolutely delicious :)

I gave up using my camera after awhile because ‘s awesome camera kicked my poor camera’s ass ;) Thus almost all the photos below are stolen from her, and now I have a serious case of camera envy!

View of the marina

Hello buddha belly!

Getting cuddles from Dad

My breastmilk gives babies knee fat ;)

Cuddles from

Alley oop!!

Hunter wouldn’t cooperate and face the camera, harumph

Straight cut fries with truffle mayonnaise dip ($10) – perfection.

Ultimate Breakfast ($18) – I didn’t try it but it looked good, though fairly basic

Eggs Benedict ($16) – Chris declared this as one of the best he’s had

Smoked duck salad ($15) – didn’t have any.. too uninteresting

Mushroom and parma ham linguini ($24.40) – ooooh, loved this!

Chili crab linguini ($25) – the others reckoned it was too sweet, but I loved it

Fluffy pancakes ($13) – delish. Indeed very fluffy, though would have loved
tons of butter to go with it!

Maltezers smoothie

Our outfits matched!

The boys refused to get closer to each other for this photo….

All 6 of us (though the 6th one is half-hidden) ;)

My favourite pic :)

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