04 Jun

Busy, busy, busy as a bee the past week that we’ve been in Singapore. Thankfully, Hunter is generally up for all our epic outings and kerfuffling around the place. He’s had a few fits here and there, but generally when he’s either bored or too hot (the weather here is brutal!). We’re quickly settling ourselves in and I have so little time to get on the computer now.. barely have time to surf and answer my emails, let alone blog! So here are more stolen photos from Chris’ brother’s awesome camera.. and this is my half-arsed attempt at a blog update ;)

I PROMISE I will update with a non-Hunter-centric post soon!!!


“I’m (almost) as big as grandpa!”

See the blue tub? It’s the bathtub I was bathed in… almost 30 years ago ;)

Personal four-hands massage

Lil cuddle bug

Delighted after his bath

Like grandpa, like grandson

Chris getting his priorities straight ;)

Playing with Nanna’s snail toy

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