01 Jun

First of all, THANKS HEAPS to those of you that recommended all those iPhone apps yesterday – you guys are brilliant! I’ll be downloading ’em and checking it all out for sure :) Idiot me actually nearly lost my brand new iPhone today.. was out shopping with a visiting girl friend and left it behind at one of the shops. Discovered it about 20 mins later and we rushed back, and thankfully it was still sitting there waiting for me! Thank goodness there were no kleptos around…

I’m relieved that since arriving in Singapore, Hunter’s night time sleeps have been really good (ie. solid) and he’s taken to our epic outings (we leave in the morning and come home for his bedtime) really well. WHEW!!! I guess he has no choice since we like to drag him all around town with us, rain hail or shine :P He actually enjoys being out more than he does staying home, I guess he takes after me. Except for today when we went out to ION Orchard and drove everyone insane at Marmalade Pantry with his incessant fussing/crying for about 1 hour (!!!). First time in his life he’s fussed outdoors like this, and figures it’s when I’m alone out with him (if Chris had been there I can hand him over, as Chris is infinitely more patient). I have no idea why he was like that. Bloody hell. But then he ended up conking off for a (random) nap and napped for almost 2 hours! Does anyone’s babies suddenly fuss when they’re out? And WHY do they do that? What do they want?? I really hope there’s no more repeat of today’s behaviour, I’m not prepared to deal with that out in public :X

One thing that I was a bit of a nervous wreck about was his Baptism ceremony, held a mere 24 hours (!!!) after we landed in Singapore. We braced for the worst – a screaming baby in the (quiet) Church. To my relief, he was awake and happy through the first-half of the service, and didn’t flinch when Pastor put water on his head.. then fell asleep for the second-half of the service. Thank you Lord! He was very nice to Hunter that day :) I’m very grateful, as I’d have had no idea what to do if we were standing up in front of everyone and Hunter was screaming his head off :X

His Baptism was particularly special to us as the Pastor that baptised him is the same one that baptised me and also married Chris and I :)

At church

Thank the Lord he was very cheery during the church service, and fell asleep mid-way!

What concentration

Up in front

Happily cuddled up on his Dad

Family pic

Being baptised

Opening Hunter’s gifts afterwards :)

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